She Likes My Body

Hello All, This incident occurred over 4 months back, which has left quite a scintillating memory edged in my mind. Even the thought of it gets me excited and am sure Id be dripping pre-cum by the end of narration of this incident to u all.

Im a 26 yr. male from Pune, with an athletic body which is average muscular. I prefer to be lean with right muscles at the right place and am health conscious too. I love to swim and I do so 3 times a week to keep myself fit.

It was summer and I was quite regular with my swim routines since my apartment has a pool nearby. One of those days I decided to go home soon from my office. I have my own firm. However, once I reached home, I realized that I had forgotten the keys in the office itself.

I called up my office and asked them to send the office boy with the keys to me. But since he had gone to get some snacks the receptionist said that itd take at least 45 minutes. I cursed myself for being so absent minded and was strolling around my car in the parking.

Just then a lady in her mid 30s walked across and asked me if there was any problem. I told her what it was and she smiled at me and went out of the gate. She was back in 5 minutes and it seemed that shed been to a store to get some household stuff.

She approached me again and told me that shed seen me around quite a few times and invited me to have tea/ coffee at her place until the keys for my house came. I accepted the offer and proceeded with her.

As soon as I entered her apartment I was awed by the view there. The apartment had a huge window facing the swimming pool and the sight of clear bluish green water was totally mesmerizing. Also the reflections made by the sun added to the charm of the room.

I complimented on the amazing view they had and she just said thanks. We were chatting on general stuff while she went in the kitchen to prepare coffee for us, while I was sitting on the couch. The lady had worn a typical soft nylon saree with flowers printed on them and a red blouse.

In a few minutes she was back and I didnt notice it. I was looking at the swimming pool. She called out for me and I turned around.

The following was our conversation::

Lady: Nice view right? I always am watching the pool and people.

Me: Yes. Its very relaxing.

Lady: Ive seen u to be the most regular at the pool.

Me: Yes, I love swimming.

Lady: That’s really nice, and Ive seen u r very fit too..

Me: Thanks.

Lady: Ive told my husband so many times that he must get into shape, but hes too lazy to bother.

Me: Yes, fitness counts. After all, health is wealth.

Lady: Ive always wondered how hard your abdomen and body are..

I was silent.

Lady: If u dont mind can I see your toned body?

Me: I think youve seen it many times from here, considering the kind of view you have.

Lady: Yes, but itd be different and proper here. Besides, I used to be into sports too in my college days.

Saying this she went back into the kitchen. When she returned she had some biscuits in a plate. She kept the biscuits on the table and sat besides me on the couch.

Lady: So?

Me: So what?

Lady: R u going to show me or not?

Me: Weve hardly met, and I dont think Im going to take off my shirt.

Lady: Well in that case let me just touch and feel your abdomen.

Without waiting for my reply she leaned close and had her right hand and fingers across my shirt. I was sitting on her left. I was surprised and I sat up straight. Her hand was on my upper abdomen, as she felt my body. I didnt know how to react.

I just moved uneasily and she mustve thought that I was getting up. She put her left hand on my right thigh and said “Its ok.” Ive had my share of a great sex life with my gfs and some rare flings and its not like I am shy. But this was totally unexpected and so I was taken aback.

Her fingertips now slowly sneaked inside my shirt through the gap in the buttons and she was touching the left side of my wide chest. I was shocked when she leaned closer and her fingers touched my left nipple. Since she moved close, I could now feel her breasts pressed against my right arm. I must admit they were spongy and firm.

She was now flicking my nipple and said. “I wish my husband was as fit as u..”

Her left hand which was on my right thigh was now moving and rubbing my thigh, at times also squeezing it. I now closed my eyes and decided to enjoy. I let out a small moan when her hand started caressing my inner thigh.

Although my eyes were closed, I sensed that she had got up from the couch but her hands had not left my body. I kept my eyes closed while she unbuttoned my shirt completely. She spread my legs and was standing between my legs and i felt moistness on my upper chest.

She was kissing my bare chest now while her hands were clamping my perfect 32″ waist. She kept licking and kissing my chest and my abdomen while occasionally licking on my nipples. She finally sucked hard on my nipples while i had my head tossed back on the couch head rest and my mouth went dry.

She moved up and started kissing my neck. I opened my eyes and held her neck from behind and kissed her full on her lips I caressed her neck and licked her ears and smooched her again. My hands went to her waist and embraced her completely.

We were now smooching frantically and i must admit that she had amazingly tender lips on her fair complexioned face. I grabbed her ass and pulled her over me so that her legs were parted and she was sitting on me. She struggled with that since her petticoat came in the way of her parting her legs.

That was the first time I actually saw her below her neck. I realized that while my eyes were closed she had got out of her saree and was just in her blouse and petticoat. She looked good although there was some belly bumps. Somehow, I like women with little amount of fats here and there.

She stood and i pulled the string so her petticoat was down at her ankles. She jumped on me and I jerked. She said sorry for that. She now kneeled between my legs on the floor and started playing with my thighs. I reached in front and held her ripe firm breasts and was feeling them.

Lady: Do u know what I sincerely wish my husband had that u have??

Me: What?

Lady: Ive always fancied your package through your swimming shorts. It always looks so full and I love to see u come out of the water and walk around.

Saying this she gripped my already swollen organ through my trousers. She now slowly unbuckled my belt, then removed the button and zipper all the while looking in my eyes. I saw raw lust in her eyes. I grabbed her breasts harder and pulled her up to me to kiss her.

We were kissing passionately and she moved her hand below to caress my penis and testicles/ balls over my innerwear. I was already aroused and my erection had made the penis head to pop out through the elastic band of my innerwear.

I removed her blouse and unhooked her bra to find her already hard nipples staring at me. I licked around the areolas and kissed under her breasts, finally bringing my mouth on her nipple and sucking it earnestly.

Her hand was inside my innerwear by now and stroking and pulling my penis. I played and sucked along both her nipples and she was mad with desire. She held my knee tight between her legs and rubbed her panty clad pussy on it.

I understood her urgency and turned her around on the couch. I kissed her thighs and rubbed through her inner legs. Slowly licking through my tongue from her knee to her forbidden spot. I licked through the borders of her panty and gave several butterfly kisses until she held my head and pressed it tight against her crotch.

I grabbed the waist line and slid down her panty. I was kneeling on floor now near her hip. I parted her legs and started kissing the moist outer lips of her vagina. She moaned. I told her she was already dripping wet. She moaned further. I opened my mouth and darted my tongue straight into her love hole. She bucked harder when i rolled my tongue in the inner walls of her vagina.

I kept moving my tongue in and out and across the crack of her vagina. I flattened my tongue and licked to the beginning of her hooded clitoris. She jerked violently at it. I reached up and was feeling and gently pressing her breasts and flicking over nipples, while I kept licking her engorged clitoris.

It didnt take even 8 hard licks on her clit and she orgasm loudly. Her juices were slowly trickling out while she pulled my hair and pressed my face to her vagina.

I was not done yet. I let her relax for 2 minutes and then went near her face. She immediately got up looking at my semi erect penis. She kissed it and started playing with my balls. It had been weeks since I had had sex since my then girlfriend had gone to U.S., so my balls were definitely huge.

Also I dont masturbate ever since I have been regular at sex, or unless it is a mutual masturbation session where i can see the partner(woman/ girl) masturbating for me too..

Soon I was erect and in her face. Now i dont have a huge or massive penis. My penis is 6 and 1/2 inch long but the USP of my penis is that it is really very thick. Its as thick as 3 manly fingers together. She was excited looking at my now erect organ. She pushed back the foreskin and rolled her tongue over the reddish pink head of my penis.

She let her tongue play with the tip of the penis and in 1 swift motion swallowed it in her mouth. I was looking down at her while she sat on the expensive couch her husband mustve bought as she struggled to open her mouth wide to accommodate my thick cock in her mouth.

She couldnt gulp it down to the base of my cock. She pulled my penis out of her mouth and looked up at my face hungrily and said, “Its so fat and thick. I can only imagine how it would feel inside me…” She then took each of my hanging balls and sucked them while she stroked me with her hand.

She was masturbating me with 1 of my balls in her mouth when my cell phone rang. I ignored the call but had to receive it when it rang the second time. It was my office boy and he had reached my car with the keys to my house. I asked him to wait for 10 mins while I come.

He said, “Sir please come sooner since my son is hurt while playing on slide in school and I have to take him to a doctor.” I couldnt help but told her the scenario. She said, she would like to finish me off and started pumping my erect penis harder, while occasionally licking and sucking it.

I was about to cum due to the rapid strokes and the built up passion when I was in her mouth. I told her, “Im going to cum” She asked me to come on her breasts and her face. I was stroking hard now while she was playing with her nipples while fondling my balls with other hand.

I shot out a thick spray of cum as she asked for on her face.. But it actually went straight to her head and on her hair, with the second spurt falling on her right cheek just below her eye. I came in loads on her breasts then and emptied my cum on her.

The office boy gave another call and I decided it was time to move. We washed quickly in the bathroom and I got ready in a jiffy. As I was about to leave, she asked me for my phone number and I gave her my business card. She said shed call me later to finish off, since she was expecting her son from school soon in half an hour’s time.

That was my encounter around 4 months back and we did have another session but just once. Her husband was then transferred elsewhere, but we did have a good time together.

Kindly let me know how do u feel about my experience. Your comments and suggestions are sincerely valued. My mail ID is : / /

Any suggestions regarding changes required in my style of writing or any complaints are warmly welcomed. Take care.