Sex Under The Open Sky

Hi to all sex lovers. This is raj back here with a new experience. I got few queries about sex but incomplete, may be few are sacred to proceed further. Any ways as the ad of mountain due says, dar ka aaga jeet hai i just reframe it, dar ka aaga masti hai.

This is about my friend who had tried all new ways to impress a girl. Trust me for his love he made me run every day afternoon in midsummer 10km to do what, just go and stand on the main road of the street where the girl lived. I was a odd one out who never believed in love. I still believe it’s all about opposite sex attracting each other. As days passed on this girls sister started noticing us and out of the blue there was a new story which started between us. Her name is Sweta she was around 21 at that time and had the figure of a average Indian girl.

But yes the eyes were deep black and very attractive. I felt many times she spoke half of the matter through her eyes and the remaining would follow. We started meeting out and i just let my friend try his luck for his girl. I was thankful to him for this beauty. To describe the girl she was 5 feet and 6 inches tall later found out her figure 34 28 32. We used to talk all the nonsense in the world but no talk about sex. Once we friends arranged for a tour to the famous bandipur forest of karnataka it was a 3 days trip.

We were 16 people in total with a perfect ratio of 1:1. We had booked 4 rooms. We took a bus late night to mysore so that we could set for our destination next day early morning. We had board the bus from Bangalore sat in pairs. Three girls and three boys sat in pairs and they were busy kissing and touching each other. Sweta came and sat near me and just whispered does it feel so good to kiss looking at them. I told her try it and find out. She held my face and started smooching i was about to cup her boobs my luck turned round and she stopped i asked what happened she said you didn’t shave and your hair is poking my lips and we stopped.

We spent the night somehow and reached our destination enjoying the nature beauty all around saw a pack of deeps, few bisons, huge tuskers. As we reached the first thing i did was got a clean shave and late after breakfast we decide to take a nap for some time as we didn’t sleep last night. The place was very good with lot of birds around and lot of plantation. The owner was not running a big resort so he told if required we can use the terrace also where he had tamed few love birds and few finches. I went there and slept in the shade of the tree, Sweta followed me and without a word started sucking my lips.

This time it was long and good even i won by holding her boobs. It felt so good. After a passionate kiss for 2 or 3 min she released herself and fought with me for holding her boobs. She got angry and left. I was in no mood of going behind her and slept. It was around 7 and almost dark. The boy came and woke me up and told sir dinner is ready. I was surprised what dinner at 7 he revealed that my friends had asked for a quick dinner as they had booked for a night safari. After dinner we were put in two jeeps and take for a drive. Sweta was sitting next to me and i was holding her hand. This time she was normal and talking properly.

As we advanced into the forest it was quite dark and we saw few animals in the excitement she never realized my hands were rubbing on her boobs. After few min I told her my hands and rubbing on your private parts she just pulled my hand away and sat down. Few min later again the same thing i this time i told her. The touch has exited me a lot and i want to hold her boobs. For which she didn’t reply. I took the silence as her acceptance and I started squeezing her boobs.

She was moaning softly so no one heard it. This continued for some time. Mean while she somehow unhooked her bar and asked me to put my hand underneath. I was surprised on the brave move she hand i was holding her bare boobs and they were so soft. While i was enjoying her boobs she stopped me and put my finger on her nipple and asked me to press it. She was breathing heavily. I thought it is better to stop now as she was going to a point of no return. I told her the same and we stopped.

Once we reached the hotel back it was mid night and few of our friends were fast asleep and two pairs out of the three stuffed them self into one room and every one can guess what would have been going on there. I am a nature lover and decided to go back to the terrace. It was long time i had seen the start. Every one living in metros will accept with me that its tough to see stars in the sky because of pollution. As i was lying down and staring at the sky Sweta walked to me and sat next to me asking am i sleeping or can she talk.

We spoke for quite some time and just then i put my hand on her boobs held them hard and pulled her on to me and started kissing. She had not put on the bra so i immediately put my hand in and started pressing them and lifted her dress and started playing with her nipples first i slightly pampered them with my lips and slowly put them in my mouth and sucked them. I put on the mobile light to see her nipples and found that she had a beautiful beauty spot on her left boob it just added to her beauty. She was getting exited and then suddenly stopped and straight asked me one question. Am i the first girl that you are having sex with.

I didn’t hesitate and told her straight no. She told i was her first guy. She told me that she does not want to lose her virginity and still asked me to satisfy her. Trust me it was a tough thing for me because she is half naked sitting on me and asking me not to fuck her.  But said yes to her as i have told earlier also that sex is a art perform with pleasure and respect towards it and you can will be in heaven. But before accepting to her condition i told she will have to suck me completely to even satisfy me for which she agreed. We got involved back i was again sucking her nipples and she was in loss of her controls.

As she was sitting on me she was able to feel my hard rod on her pussy rubbing on to it. Just then i pulled her down and stripped her remaining clothes and started licking her pussy and her a beautiful smooch with her pussy lips. She was gasping for air and i just kept on and on she lifted and back in the air which a signal for her coming i moved my mouth away and slowly rubbed with my finger. She gave out a cry and climaxed.

Girls don’t miss understand me when i told i moved out my mouth just before she came because i never to the cum in my mouth and i believe its up to the person who is doing it so leave it. Then she turned to return me the favor she pulled my trouser down and started rubbing my penis on her lips and was trying to figure out how to do it. I could not explain it to her so decided to show her some photos pulled out my mobile downloaded some pictures and showed it to her. She got a hint and went back to job. As she was sucking my penis busily i pulled her on to my face and started sucking her pussy again.

It was a great pleasure for both of us. After about 15 min i came and she followed me. My dream just came half true. I wanted to have sex under the open sky in the moon light, which still remains a dream. We dressed up and slept in each other arms. We still have the relationship. She has promised me that she will allow me to fuck her after her first night. Waiting for the opportunity.

Hope you all sex lovers found my experience interesting. If any girl or aunty want to fulfill my desire or even if their desire. Or any queries about a unhappy sex life mail me i will be me more than happy to help. My email id is / / I am currently located in Hyderabad. So any girls or aunties here can meet me to fulfill their desire after we chat for some days and feel comfortable to catch up.