My Stepson Stud, Amit

I married Om for her money. In fact, I am a whore, a fucking whore who cant live without enough money and enough cock. Om Parkash is a 65 years old widower who has more money than he needs. Marrying him brought me money. But where should I get cock from? He could not raise his limp cock even on teh first nght of our marriage. I crsed myself for missing my real fucklife. But on the very third day, a young man of 30 came to our house. He broght light in my otherwise dull fuck-life. He was Amit, Oms son and my step-son.

He looked at my 36 DD cups and long legs. I was wearing a see-through blouse and cooton shorts which showed my ample ass to my benifit. I swear he was itching to touch my ass. But he said, Where is Dad?” I looked at the bulge in his jeans hungrily, man, I could suck that hardness liek a cock hungry bitch! “Who is Dad? You dont mean Om, do you?” He smiled at me,” And who may you be? Dont tell me Dad has married again. How can dad get so lucky to marry a gorgeous chick like you?” I smiled back at him,” Yes I am your step-mom, Aruna. You may call me mom, but I would prefer you call me Aruna. Your bulge is making my mouth drool. Your dad is nothing worth marrying except for his purse. He is gone to Mumbai and shall be back in three days.

Amit came forward to hug me,” Thats ok, you can give me company till dad returns.” I smiled back, May be even after he returns. Your looks tell me you like what you see. As your mom, I promise not to disappoint you, Amit.” I pressed my crotch into his bulging cock as I rubbed my cunt against him. God, I love young cock! ” You are a hot chick, Aruna, I think, I will have to do something to keep you from running away from dad, God your tits are big! I have fucked my step oms but you are the hottest of them all, come on let me show you what you have missed in dads bed. You look like a hot whore!”

I did not have to answer tyhe silly question. Instaed, I leaned over and grabbed hold of his cock and started to stroke it from over his jeans and rub his balls too. It came to life almost immediately. ” Mom,…..Aruna, lets go to dads bed….undress for me, fast….I am horny for you. I want you to suck my cock like a whore! Fast!” I unzipped his pants without further instructions. My son had a huge 9 inch meat and fat. I started to lick all over the head and up and down the shaft as it grew to full hardness. I took it in my mouth and began a slow up and down sucking motion. Amit started to move his hips in a fucking motion as he felt his cock being sucked by his whore step mother.

“Mmmhmm.” I moaned around his cock. My cunt was getting wetter by the second and I needed my step sons cock in my whore cunt, but I kept sucking. I was sucking his cock and stroking up and down with my hand at the same time.

“Oh, Mom……Ohhh Aruna….you fucking slut, suck my cock.” He moaned, “Youre such a good cock sucking whore.”

It only made me hornier. But, as much as I loved sucking his cock, I needed it in my cunt. I stopped sucking and he took my hand in his and we ended up in bed. We lay facing ecah other. Amit, began undressing me while I pulle dhis pants down. Naked he bent down to kiss my cunt. I had shaven it in the morning. He slapped my puffy cunt lips. I moved up and threw a leg over him, straddling his waist. I reached between my legs and grabbed his cock. I leaned forward and started kissing him while at the same time running the head of his cock up and down between my cunt lips. “Dont you want to get your hard cock up Moms pussy? Tell me madarchod,(motherfucker) mom wants to hear you” I asked him teasingly, reminding him of the fact that I was his dads wife.

“Oh fuck you, Aruna, yes, rub my LUND on your CHUT. I am a madarchod, only because my whore mothers let me fuck them. Dont you want your sons cock in your burning hot pussy? Dont you want to make me madarchod?”, he asked as he grabbed my tits and started to squeeze them.

I continued to run his cock head between my cunt lips, teasing him, and said, “Feel Moms cunt. Moms cunt is ready for her sons cock. Dont you want Mom to slide her wet, horny cunt all the way down on your cock, Amit?” I teased.

“Yes I do.” He moaned. “ARUNA, you are a whore, a slut, I think you want my cock as bad as I want your cunt. Dont you whore?”

“Oh Amit, I need your LUND, as bad as you need my mother CHUT,” I groaned.

“Then come on whore,” he said, still squeezing my tits and pulling my rock hard nipples, “fuck me. Fuck your son like the cock whore you are. Make me MADARCHOD, A MOTHERFUCKING BASTARD!!!”

“Oh fuck me Amit, push your LUND slow and deep in my CHUT.” I moaned as I slid my cunt all the way down his hard cock. He moaned as his rod entered my hot pussy. He grabbed my ass firmly. I started to fuck him slowly. Sliding my cunt up and down, rocking back and forth. It felt so fucking good. My pussy was on fire. I slid all the way up his cock and then all the way back down. I then sat straight up with his cock buried deep in my cunt as far as it could go. I started to jerk my hips back and forth, fucking his cock hard. This always makes me cum. “Oooohhh, fuck me, Amit, CHOD apni maa ko (fuck your mother)” I yelled, as I fucked him.

“Yeah, Aruna, sali raand(whore). Fuck my cock. Fuck it hard.” He said as he put his thumb on my clit so that it would rub against it as I fucked his cock. I started to cum almost instantly.

“Oh fuck me you bastard, ohhh motherfucker….fuck me, youre making your Mom cum!” I yelled. “OOOOOoooohhhh, fuck your whore mother. Your whores cumming on your cock Beta(son). Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh.”

“Yes maa, fuck me you bitch, cum on my cock you fucking whore!” my step son yelled. And cummed. Both of our crotches were wet with my juices and I could hear his cock slurping inside my cunt. As I came down from my cum, I collapsed onto his chest, breathing hard, his cock still hard as a rock in my pussy.

“Amit, my son, I love your cock.” I said.

“You love any cock Mom. I could see in your eyes that you are a whore and a whore loves cock. It doesnt matter if it is her sons or fathers!” He replied, starting to stroke my ass.

“Thats true. I really like cock, lund and Im so glad that you dont mind that your mother is a cock-slut.” I said. “Im just so happy now that you have finally known me in truth. Yes I am a whore who wants to get fucked. I just want to get fucked all the time and I really dont care who fucks me.”

His hands were still roaming over my ass and he was running his fingers over my asshole and down to my cunt. He got a finger all wet from our juices and slid a finger in my ass. “Mom, this is where I want to get my cock now! Are you willing to let me fuck your ass?”

“Mmmm, you want to fuck Moms ass now?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” he said, “I cant wait to bury my cock up your ass Aruna.” I knew I loved getting fucked in my ass. He shoved his finger all the way in my ass and it felt good with his cock still in my cunt. “How do you want to do me?” I asked.

“I want you on your hands and knees like a whore.” He said.

“Mmmm, I love getting fucked from behind.” I said as I slid off his cock and knelt in front of Amit.

He got behind me.

“Use some cream. Your cock is so big,my ass will be sore from ass fucking. Get your cock lubricated by using it up in my cunt first Beta.” I told him.

He slid his cock in my cunt and started to fuck me a little bit. Then he applied cold cream on my asshole and pushed his finger into my ass. Getting his cock all wet with my cum from my cunt, he positioned the head of his cock at my ass.

I felt him start to put pressure on my ass as he pushed in. Slowly I started to loosen my ass muscle and the head of his cock went into my ass.

I had been fucked in the ass many times. It felt good. It didnt really hurt; it was just a lot of pressure. He started to push into my ass. It didnt feel bad at all. He was very gentle and went slowly until I finally felt his hips against my ass and knew he had his entire cock up my ass as he let out a groan.

“God Mom, you are divine!!! I love your ass, It grps my cock tightly”, he said, “Ive never felt anything so tight in my life. Does it feel okay?”

“Yes Beta, it feels fine. Now start fucking your mother nice and slow.” I told him.

He slowly pulled his cock nearly all the way out and then slowly back in. I reached between my legs and started to rub my clit. “Fuck me faster you motherfucker, give me your cock, fuck my ass hard!” I said.

He picked up the pace and fucked my ass faster. “God Mom, this feels good.” He moaned.

Now I was telling myself that I was truly a slut. There I was naked, my ass up in the air, my own step sons cock sliding in and out of my ass and I fucking loved it.

He had started to fuck me even harder. “Oh fuck Aruna, thats good, your tight ass is soooo nice. Has dad fucked you in the ass?” He said as he slapped my ass. “Your dad has not fucked my cunt, he has a limp cock. He just wants to see me naked. But you like pushing your cock up your moms ass. I love it, son, fuck me”

He was really fucking my ass good now and it felt great. Every now and then he would slap my ass. I was getting really close to cumming again.

“I am cumming, son, fuck me harder,” I screamed, “use Moms ass to empty your balls. Aruna wants cum up her ass.”

” Id started to cum and was moaning like the whore I was, your maa is cumming. FUCK ME. FUCK MY ASS! RAM YOUR COCK IN MY ASS.”

“”AHHHHHHHHH FUCK,” he cried out. “Mom , you are my whore. Let me shoot my cum in your ass!” He shot cum straight into my ass. His cum leaked from my asshole and dripped down my thighs as he went on fcuking me. Finally, we both collapsed on the bed and breathing hard when he said, “God mom, I think that was the hardest Ive ever cum in my life.”

“Mmmmm, did you like moms ass beta?” I asked.

“I sure did” he replied, “Ive never been in such a tight hole.”