First Encounter

By : Mr.Playboy9393

Hello Folks! I have been a regular reader of ISS and enjoy spending some time reading experiences of various people whether incest, group, desi, etc. After reading so many experiences I am here revealing my first ever encounter which I had with a friend of mine. Before I begin with main content I would like to tell you about me, I am now 23 and I am enjoying my sex life to fullest.

I had around 500+ sex encounters with approx 10-15 girls till now. I love experimenting new things. I love having sex when I am boosed. When I say I love experimenting new things they are not bounded with licking, sucking, anal sex, mouth fucking, moreover in whichever a girl or lady is comfortable in.

So without boring you further here I begin. It all happened when I was 19 years old, I used to like a girl named “Sania” since my school days and I never got a chance to tell her my feelings as I was afraid or you can say I was shy speaking with girls. Later in my college I again got a chance to interact with sania as she was in the same college and infact same stream, by that time I was frank with girls and used to speak with them comfortably. So being from the same stream we started interacting and sharing notes, this way we became good friends and used to talk on various topics.

Once when we were sitting in library I told sania that I love her since school days and never got courage to say it to you, she left from Library after listening this and she didnt spoke with me for couple of days. Seeing her absence I went at her place in evening around 6:00 PM and luckily got her lonely at home, she welcomed me in and asked for a tea or coffee, seeing her I was stunned as she was not interacting with me for couple of days and such a behavior was unexpected.

I then enquired why she was ignoring me and not talking to me, she then told me that she like my company a lot and was afraid that she may fall in love with me and that’s the reason she stopped talking with me since the day I told her that I love her. That was a positive sign for me and I don’t know what happened then, I took hold of her waist and pulled her near me and we got indulge in smooching after a long smooch of around 15-20 mins I confirmed when will her parents come?

And she intimated me that they are out of town today and won’t be back till midnight. It was a wow feeling hearing this. I then took her to bed and started kissing again, she was fast enough and directly put her hands in my jeans and started playing with my penis, we then started getting naked for better comfort.

It was amazing looking at her boobs as that was the first ever time I had seen a girl naked they would be around 32 with pink tits (guys you can imagine her fairness by tits), I got mad sucking them and didn’t left her boobs until they started paining which she intimated me (You can understand being virgin). Later when we got indulge in 69 positions we invented that we both were not shaved but who cares when you are in different world.

As I started sucking her gspot she spurted loads of cum and it all spread all over my face then I discovered what satisfaction it gives to girls. With the way she was sucking my cock I was about to cum and told she but she didn’t left my penis and I came in her mouth and that was a feeling which can’t be described in words.

Desires never end and after our foreplay session we went to take shower together and there we had our first ever fuck. The dilemma was I was not having condom and we were unaware of any other precautions which can be taken but I never wanted to leave a chance of experiencing my first sex ever hence I went down between legs of sania and started sucking her pussy which made her hot and she started breathing heavily.

She was so hot that she wanted me to insert penis in her pussy, I then asked her to turn around and bend so that I can enter her from back (I saw this in blue film) she went in kind of doggy style and I placed my penis on entrance of her pussy,

I pushed my dick in her pussy but it slipped again I put my cock on her pussy and pushed it harder, half cock went inside and pussy started bleeding, Sania was not aware of the bleeding and was crying in pain and ecstasy hence she asked me to enter my cock fully,

I was afraid a bit but entered my cock fully and after some strokes we were in heaven I was stroking her hard and washroom was full of our love making sounds I increased my speed with the sounds and within some time sania came I was still stroking her and I was about to come gave my penis in her mouth filled her mouth will all my cum,

She then cleaned my penis from her tongue and took all my cum in she then later told me it tastes good (sour taste). From that day on we started having sex twice or thrice daily. I will later tell you all other experiences and how I fucked Sania and her wild mom together whole night. For feedback please mail me at [email protected]