Modern Draupadi

By : Amus

Eb dasttan hai yeh which I am going to tell you which is very real in my life and nobody can reach me so I am telling as follow My name is sushma and 42yrs of age and very fair looking and 5ft 5inch tall and medium body and boobs are 36 and still firm and big with pinkish nipples. My husband is small businessman and running departmental store in town and having two child daughter and son and studying in schools.

I am a housewife and living normal with MIL and FIL both are in 70s .i am in very conservative family and my whole days goes in house chores and in support of study of my children and my husband leaves for shop at 9 am daily and come back at 10pm and most of the time it is our routine and on Sunday as shop is opened till 4pm so he comes home after that and usually he is having only one hobby to play cards with his three friends Kailas , Raman ,and Bittoo in evening at anyone’s place as all the friends live very nearby and

sometimes around 8pm we go out for dinner and my husband drink almost daily but in limit only two pegs before dinner and sometime insist me to taste it and I don’t like the taste and our sex life is now wonderful but before 5 years when I was 37 yrs old was boring and at that time we did sex twice or thrice a month and now we do it 10 times a month it is due to one incident changed the scène.

My husband is short tempered and sometime he hit me but otherwise he is good and simple towards me. Five years back my parents were going to Singapore for holiday and took my both kids along also and my husband and his friends made a program for musssorie without children and it was a unplanned program and a new experience for me and I was happy .

we reached there and in our group we all knew each other very well and many times we went out but in city only and it was our first time to go out of station and all other three ladies kamini, pallavi and pooja were good friend of mine and almost we were of same age and kamini was bit fat and all we were slim and attractive.

We stayed in one bungalow the owner was known to kailsh so it was given to us without any money and in this bungalow there were three rooms and one big hall so we settled in there and kaiash and kamini stayed in hall and we took one room each couple.

Second day of the tour was raining and after 4pm so we returned to bungalow from mall road and brought a lot of foods and drinks to enjoy at our place. As usual all the men started drink and play cards and they made very small pegs for the ladies.

On that day even TV was not working so we all ladies sitting there were sipping drink and gossiping and after one hour one of the men bittoo said let us enjoy cards with some stake and I propose who wins in the game can kiss my wife on lips and anybody looses against him so he will kiss his wife then raman said he is agreed and I saw the faces of their wives and they were shocked and soon became normal and pooja said if my husband is saying then I have no problem the match of sweep started between bittoo and raman and in 10 minutes raman won the game.

He immediately pulled pooja and kissed on her lips and pooja was shying and we enjoyed that movement and now the everybody started feeling romantic and sexy and my husband asked me should he participate in the game and by the gesture of eyes

I permitted him to keep myself on stake now I was feeling like a draupati and waiting who will come to claim my another 10 minutes my husband lost the game to bittoo and bittoo came near to me and hugged me very tightly and I objected and said only kiss is permitted as per the stake and he kissed my lips and very discreetly in last moment he pressed my left breast and went back to game

I was o n fire in my life he is the second man who touched me in this way and at that time I was feeling some kind of current is running in my spine and feeling when I was feeling in very early days of my marriage and my husband lost two times one for bittoo

And one for kailash and both kissed me passionately and my husband won game with kailash so he kissed kamini and felt happy and it took almost two hours and now we started our food and drink after dinner all were having drinks and Raman said now we do some more fun and play for breast kiss and nobody replied for 5 minutes and everybody knew accepting this would lead to swapping and orgy in the group

And nobody was in state to decide then bittoo said he is ready and asked pooja his wife about his consent infront of everybody and looking at pallavi whose husband given the idea of breast kissing and found that pallavi is not bothered and raman already said this with the consent of pallavi so she said ok she is ready and now kamini looked at her husband who was looking at her for her consent and my hubby was looking at me for the same and I refused for this game

My husband was bit annoyed but did not said anything so my husband said that all others are ready so they can play but others were adamant that everybody should play and bittoo asked me what is the problem and I said I don’t like this and I will not be happy if somebody touch my private parts and everybody was in sad mood.

Now kailash said to my husband he can join without me in the game and my husband agreed and first game was between my husband and Raman and my husband won and everybody now pursuing him to kiss the breast of pallavi and my husband went near pallavi and placed his hand on the breast of pallavi and pallavi said simply oooooooooooooeee and opened the front buttoned of his kurtee and pulled one breast out of it and faced my husband who without losing a second started sucking her nipple and I saw his erection was prominent in bermuda

After 2-3 minutes everybody clapped for this win and second game was between raman and kailash and kailash won the game and this time without hitch pallavi offered her second breast and he sucked it too well and now everybody getting excited and now the match started between bittoo and kailash and this game also kailash won the game and he went near the pooja and she wore the kurta without button so she has to pulled the kurta upto throat and pulled one breast from the bra and kailash sucked it and bittoo asked all the ladies to join in gown or nightsuite so it doesn’t bother to remove the tight fit clothes and in 15 minutes all three came in gown and beneath I can see they did not wear any bra and panty was there on all three ladies and really they were enjoying and laughing like they are playing some kind of very tuff game.

I was sitting on the sofa and pooja came near me asked sushma arre yaar yeh maja phir nahin milegaha aaja enjoy kar I said yaar mujhe sharm aati hai and pooja said kaisi sharm sub to dheere dheere khul rahen hai and I was confused what should I do and truly I was very excited and wanted to participate in the game but I said nothing and game was going on and around 11 o’clock pooja again asked me and by that time no lady was there who was not sucked by two or more times and I said ok

She announced very loudly suno suno sushma is now ready to enjoy and everybody was happy and bittoo said ok now till further three game who will win will suck my breast only because I joined very late and pallavi said no jabardasti and at that time

I thought pallavi is friend or enemy but everybody said bittoo is right and all the three ladies already showed their upper part to everybody and I was the last to expose so the first game was very intense and now everybody wanted in the first game then decided place a card to everyone who get the bigger patta will play first second and so on. In first game bittoo and raman got the chance and I knew that bittoo is very eager to win this game so he can touch and feel me first and he was eying on me from the beginning and bad luck raman won the game and he came near me and touched my boobs

He himself lifted my kurta and untied the bra strap from my back and pulled my both breast out and I told you earlier that my nipples are very cute and when he saw it he was shocked with excitement and looking at my very fair ski née and creamy breast and pink nipples and he started sucking it madly and everybody was looking at my breast and I saw their faces and found that now nobody will leave me

And my husband looked bit disturbed but kept smiling and Raman was sucking very everybody started hooting Raman time is up leave sushma but he was like mad sucking and my pleasure was on seventh sky.Raman left my boobs after almost 5 minutes and next game was set between bitto and kailash and finally bittoo won the game and he growled like a dog after winning and came near me and lifted my kurta and

My bra was already open so he squeezed on breast with one hand and taken second in mouth and I was surprised he was a good sucker and sucked only with lips toungue and did not touch his teeth and at that time I had my first orgasm .Bittoo was over excited by this time and asked to increase the stake on body of ladies and now everybody knew that now only felatio and intercourse are remaining and with this only full fledge sex will be there no card game

Looking at me Kailash said let us not waste time and in first round we get partner by the choice of card and husband and wife will not make couple and after that everyone will enjoy with two partners either he is husband or she is a wife means everybody will have sex with two partner after first round and now it was no comeback and this play was played to that extent so nobody could object rather everybody liked it and anticipated this and for me it was like never before feeling inside I have a series of volcano and thinking my god sex for so many hour and so exciting.

What they did they selected four aces and four queen from the deck of the cards and queen distributed among ladies one by one and aces distributed to men and match will be the pair for first round and time was settled for first sex play 45 minutes and after that will be decided to play second round with different partners and result came like this

Pallavi matched with bittoo and kamini with my husband/ pooja with raman and I was selected for kailash in card result and kailash looked so happy to have me first and I saw bittoo from the corner of the eye and he was not so happy but nobody can do any thing so it was decided rooms belonged to ladies will share the same room and partners will go in the room and so I was lucky that I was not allotted hall otherwise everybody can come watch me so in hall my husband and kamini will enjoy and slightly

I wave towards my husband and me and kailash come with me in the room and I requested kailash that he should take quick bath to make me comfortable and he said ok and went in the bathroom and in the meantime I collected my nighty gown from the suitcase and put the cold cream in the drawer if needed and in 5 minutes kailash came wrapping towel around his waist and I saw him he was tall and healthy and having thick hair on chest and slightly tummy out and strong and came and tried to embrace me and

I said please let me take bath also and he asked can he join and I said not now and I went in the bathroom and clean my self as I was very wet in my vagina and applied very sexy scent in the armpit .kailash knocked the door and said sushma already 15 minutes gone in cleaning we have only 30 minutes and I forgot that really it is time bound game so I hurried and came in the room only wrapping towel to avoid time in removing clothes and kailash was very excited to see me so

Bold and he immediately without losing time he pulled my towel and i screamed no please first switch off the light but he made ,e nude and saw me and said my god you are so beautiful but I switch off the light and leave nightlamp on kailash started kissing me on my lips and very soon he came on my breast and pressing and licking and I was on fire like tones of coal is burning inside me and kailsh was expert and he knew where and how do job so

I can enjoy and in 10 minutes he was licking my pussy and enjoying immensely and he told me at that time he never like lick the pussy of his wife by will and he tried two three times not enjoyed but this time it was like a heavenly taste and he said he wants to see my pussy in light and I said stupid you will lose time and will go without fuck and he relised that we were left 0nly 15m minutes and he asked me to take him in my mouth and willingly

I sucked his penis and as soon as I put my tip on the peephole of his penis he said now he won’t be able to hold more and he came upon me and inserted his penis in me and I was so excited that I asked him to suck the nipples simultaneously and in 2-3 minutes we had a shattering climax and I could fell his semen inside me with good quantity and he laid on me further 5 minutes and by that alarm went on in the hall and it was fixed in mobile of kamini so it was decided after alarm everybody will out in

5 minutes otherwise he will not entitled to play next round so me and kailash came just putting clothes and without cleaning ourselves as time was up and I saw everybody was in the hall and compalining about the time less allotted for the play and pooja said next time she needs almost one and a half hour and everybody laughed and all went in bathroom to get ready for next round .

Rest of the story I will tell in my next don’t worry i will tell you about the all play we played on that night till then bye. For feedback mail me at [email protected]