Sex With My Hubby’s Friend Karthik

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It’s me the glorious Gayathri (Gayu in short) Again a 30 year old home maker. My Husband Karthik and his friend are the pivotal character of this story, Ram and Karthik is working as Area Sales Manager in a reputed insurance company and has to travel to meet their customers and promotions. I have a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a diploma in beautician’s course, and Karthik helped me set up my own beauty parlour at my home

5 years into marriage and we still have no issues and this is not an issue for us as we planned not to have an issue until we settle down well. Our sex life is healthy and active and now that Ram is also doing well professionally we may plan our kid this year. Wish me luck please.

Ram and Karthik studied together and after marriage when I had domestic troubles with my in laws we moved on to a rented place and the immediate availability of flat came from Karthik

He owned about 22 flats in this building and he was more than obliging to rent out one to his dear friend Ram. Karthik is single, but never knew he was also ready to mingle. Karthik got married around 4 years back to a bitch called Sunitha. You will know if you read further why I call her a bitch. They had a love marriage, but after 3 years into marriage they separated. Despite Karthik being very humble and loveable, his wife needed a divorce.

The case was in Family court and the court ordered a year’s separation for reconciliation.

Almost after about 10 months or so, Sunitha visited Karthik and invited him to her parental house. The occasion was the son’s birthday. We all felt that this could help them get back. Karthik was very happy and was trying his every trick on his sleeve to woo his wife back. He presented her with a diamond ring and a motorised toy scooter to his son.

After the guests have left, Sunitha said that she will join Karthik to his home. We were surprised when Sunitha came along with Karthik. He had brought a nice piece of case for us. They went into their flat and we went in for our share of enjoyment. Ram and I discussed that poor chap Karthik will at last get back to his wife and his sex life will become healthy as earlier.

Next morning after Ram left for his office as usual, I went to Karthik’s flat.

He was in his bedroom doing his bed. I started teasing him that since Sunitha had come after a long time, they would have had a nice night after all and that is why he is making the bed. But Karthik became sadder and said that Sunitha left the same night and she was here only to discuss about the case. She was here only for maintenance. She wanted money to be given every month and that was the reason

She invited Karthik for the birthday party to calm things down before demanding money. The bitch was in no way interested to continue with him. I felt very sorry and can feel the pain.

I asked can I talk to Sunitha, but he said there is no point as the councillors tried every bit to convince her for a re conciliation but failed Sunitha was being filled with filth by her parents against Karthik and they poisoned her mind enough.

Karthik also said that after the court’s verdict for separation, she will marry Arun, a distant relative and Sunitha asked Karthik for maintenance till the marriage. And she also demanded a fair share in property held by Karthik to be transferred on his minor son. That was the main reason for the bitch to come and also to invite Karthik for the party so that all relatives can convince him to part away with the property.

She also took a note from Karthik that he will not demand custody of the child even after she marries Arun. So saying Karthik burst out in tears. He was crying hysterically. I tried to console him, but he would not stop. He cried like a child. He held his arm across me and was trying to convince him. By mistake I placed his hands over my breasts. His fingers were on my shoulder, but his hand ran across my breast. Something in me started to ignite.

I was like enjoying his touch as this was a complete new feeling to me. Suddenly my landlord and my hubby’s best friend were looking more attractive than my own hubby. I do not know if I was getting attracted and wanted to give him all of me because of his current condition, it was magical and the raging inferno in me was reaching to untold heights. I slowly descended his arm over my breasts.

He still did not realize what is happening, but when I gave a small squeeze of his hands, he felt the soft touch of my boobs and immediately withdrew his hand. He was now shocked and you must have seen his face then. Gayu what are you doing? I said, man you deserve this; you had been away from this for over a year. But this is wrong and what will Ram say? He said. Why do you want Ram to know about this?

I somehow had been attracted to you since we moved in, but I also love Ram dearly. But today looking at you, my emotions got the better of me. And I again lifted his hand and placed only left boob. He drew again with equal speed. I felt ashamed, what a slut I had been, but before leaving I said, ‘Karthik, it’s now or never”. He kept silent and I turned around to walk back. I suddenly felt a pair of hands embracing me from back and he was kissing on my back neck.

I could also feel his dick piercing in my crack as both of us were in thin clothes. I was in my nighty and he was in his Dhoti ( what most south Indians wear ) His hands were now reaching to touch my globes, I didn’t know if it could contribute to global warming, but it was really making me hot. He was touching me from behind cupping my boobs. Don’t ask for the size, it would look very clichéd.

Because my boobs are as good as any man could desire. Having a 34 size boob is wonderful no doubt, but the boobs are a desire of lust and are most responsible for most of the fucks. I will not further talk about my boobs as I feel all boobs are beautiful. I now turned around and touched his meat rod. Immediately I thought I should bite it to pieces and eat it. I said Karthik; since we have almost planned to do this stuff let us do it now, but in my way.

He did not quite understand. I said I want to play love games and I want him to get blind folded. At first he protested saying that he wants to see my milk white body and enjoy it, but I made him accept my way and said that I will expose him myself at the appropriate time. I took a kerchief lying nearby and blind folded him. We then moved on to the bed. I wanted him to come over me in the missionary style.

So I lay flat on my back, lifted my nighty and removed my knickers in a jiffy. I asked him to come over me and I spread my legs. I asked not to touch me anywhere. Since he could not see, I guided him between my legs. He just had to lift his lungi up and masculine terror was there right in front of me. Well I did not feel the need the need to measure its length or width. It was man enough to fill a woman. This penis was as good as Ram’s.

I wonder if all sizes are same, but they both look equally good to me. Karthik’s was a little better looking as he had circumcised and his little dickhead was in full show. There was no unnecessary skin on top and later chewing and sucking it was fun. I could also see a hole on the penis very clearly and it looked real mean and about the fire its stuff on me. I was lying down and I slowly guided his missile into my pussy.

He slept on top of me with his insertion deep inside moving in and out. He wanted to touch and feel my boobs, but I did not allow because I did not want him to feel the heat and pleasure and cum soon. And this sex was after a year or so to him and I really wanted to enjoy his manhood. He was thrusting in forcefully and his tool was touching my pelvic muscles. I had an orgasm lubricating his tool and he came in and out more easily now.

After about 5 minutes he started shouting and moaning. I knew he is going to cum and I contracted my thigh muscles, held his tool hard in my vagina and pulled him more and more towards me and in no time he started firing, shooting loads and loads of cum. The firing looked UN ending and he kept on showering, it looked like he emptied a tank within me. This is exactly the reason for my love games.

I did not want to waste his cum / pre cum and I did not want to suck and waste the semen. I knew this guy is loaded and the stuff is accumulated for over a year and wanted the entire stuff deep inside me. This reminded me of Ram and our earlier days of marriage when Ram too would release a huge amount of his juices in me. This was pure bliss. Karthik got down and slept beside me.

He wanted to remove his blind fold, but I said my games are not yet over and there are more surprises. After about some time, I went on top of him facing his penis and slowly bringing my ass to his face. I asked him to eat me, but at first he refused as it was too slushy, but I had no inhibitions whatsoever and bent over him and took his soft tool to explore from the deep corners of my mouth. As I started sucking his penis, it was gaining momentum.

Karthik was getting restless and he also smelt my ass and vagina close to his face. He could not take the teasing any more. He pulled me back towards his face and started eating my pussy.

We were in position 69 and it was feeling so good. Ram and I do this regularly but to Karthik it was all new as he said that he had never done this with Sunitha, nor had the bitch ever blown him.

So this was all fun to him and started sucking very fast. He was eating his own semen mixed with mine. Both of us were nearing another orgasm and with loud moans both emptied in each other’s mouth. After this we started smelling bad and I said let’s have a wash. I removed his blind fold, but still he could not see me naked because as soon as I got down from him and from the bed, my nighty which was lifted up for action draped down covering me again. Karthik said,

Gayu, I need to see you, But I said, wait the game is not yet over and you have all the time left to see the beauty and the beast within. I used the common wash room and whereas he went into his washroom attached to the bedroom. After cleaning ourselves, we felt tired and hence helped ourselves to pakora and tea. But while sipping tea, his hands would not be in one place. He keeps touching my breasts constantly.

I said I’m tired and want to take rest. I wanted to know how he will proceed as after all this I don’t think he is going to remain silent. So I went and lay down on the bed on my back. He came and slept next to me with his leg across my legs and his hand well perched across my breasts, his tool was touching my hips. He slowly started touching and feeling my boobs. He lowered his hand and touched my pussy.

He then got up and said enough is enough I cannot control anymore and strip naked. He asked me to remove my dress as well and I politely refused. I said you can only see me naked partially and turned around, bend down on all fours and lifted my nighty partially exposing only my anus.

He was surprised because rather than showing all the great parts, I’m showing him only anus. I said this is part of another of my games.

I got down and went on my fours. My arse hole came into his full view and I asked him to finger fuck that hole. He was against anal fuck, but I asked him to get some oil and applied full oil on his dick. My rubbing oil did magical wonders and his dick regained its lost position. I then asked him to apply oil on my anus and in good measures. He did as advised and slowly entered me there.

This was something new to me as Ram never entered me there. He tried once or twice, but since the hole was too small and tight, his penis would be in severe pain due to foreskin. I knew Karthik can do it as his dick is circumcised. He started fucking me and said that he had never ever done this kind of sex with Sunitha ever in life and this was something new to him. Since the arse was well lubricated he moved in out with just a little difficulty.

Again after about 10 minutes, he ejaculated inside me. I had his juices in all the holes of my body, when I told him he started laughing. I was also getting tired and got to go home. Bath, clean and go I wanted to put my last plan into action. All this time he wanted to see me. But after a few minutes I said lets go to the washroom and this time we will wash in one bathroom.

I filled the tub with warm water and said,

Karthik, here is your cake, you can have your cake and eat it too, do whatever you want” He was thrilled and immediately pulled me out of my nighty. I was naked waist down as already my knickers were long removed. But my boobs were still covered. I entered the tub now filled with water and lie down. He got in as well and he was seeing my clean shaven, cute little pink pussy (he told me so) for the first time.

He saw my pussy. It looked clean after washing in tub water. He wanted me to stand so that he could see in completely. He took the clean washed pussy in his mouth and started licking it. He chews the lips very delicately at times and rough and tough at times. All the same I was enjoying very much. He then got up and removed my bra. For the first time in his life he is seeing his best friend’s wife completely naked.

He sulked them so hard that I let out a loud cry. He was pressing them and said that my boobs are the best boobs he has ever seen. (I hope, very lover says so when making love), but he said he meant it and I felt proud.

He was getting an arousal and started finger fucking me.He said that he wants to fuck me again, but this time looking at me and kissing me, feeling me and sucking me.

I said I’m all yours and do whatever you want without harming me. He made me lie in the tub and entered me there itself. The tub was surprisingly wide enough to accommodate us.

But otherwise too, both of us very lean and it was not very difficult. Within 15 minutes, he emptied again. We were done with this. The reason for my blind fold was, I wanted to take his full semen within me.

If he was not blindfolded, he would have seen my private parts and would have ejaculated earlier. To long last I blind folded him. Then I again wanted to have a decent amount of cum in my mouth and I also wanted to get sucked. If I had not blindfolded I he would have ejaculated quickly in my mouth.

I wanted him to last a little longer in my mouth also. Then I wanted him to last long in my anus, I cannot risk blindfolding this time as anus is very delicate and a wrong or forceful insertion can cause huge pain to me. And since he had not seen me for all the first three fucks, he got an erection again when he saw me totally naked and fucked me again.

Since this was the fourth time, he took a little longer and stayed a little longer inside me. After we were done, we promised each other that we shall never disclose this to any one and will always be a secret.

He loved my games too very much and said that he cannot stay away from sex anymore. I said don’t make it look obvious as it could spell danger to me. I am a home maker and then I will become responsible for being a home breaker too. I said whenever the opportunity permits I will let you enjoy me.

But Karthik said that he has tasted blood and could not control either he will woo back Sunitha or if not he will not press for re conciliation and will divorce her so that he can marry some other girl at the earliest. I was happy that somehow I am becoming responsible for setting up his home again. Am I truly not a home maker? Share me your experience and lemme know your reviews @ / /