Helping My Friend

By : Archana_1975

It’s quite but natural that women in India are more conservative than other countries although we all speak about men and women are equal and so on but it’s only good for lecture and hearing but rarely some follow anyways. Story I am narrating below is of a friend whom I met over mail and we sort of exchanged lot of mails and became good friends and somewhat our ideas and interest matched.

I have taken her permission to upload this story although she has left India now, just a brief about her. She is a house wife from Bangalore aged about 36 but looks 30 and after reading my earlier post confessed to me over mail that she liked it a lot and bla bla bla so on when we became friends she asked me if I was ok to meet her for a coffee as I did not want to take chance (Most of the guys portrays as girls and have asked for my number and have also asked me for Fucking them which is absolutely No)

I ensured that she is a True Lady and genuinely wanted to meet after all back ground check as planned we meet over coffee in Jayanagar coffee day we shared lot of things as in area of interest, what do I do and so on and so forth say after about an hour or so when we were comfortable with each other she said it was almost 2 years or so that she has had any thing called intercourse as her husband met with an accident and from then on he had become impotent and at the same time she did not want to cheat on him she was only looking for confidential sex pleasure and purely no strings attached if it was ok to meet my BF (Mohan).

She did not say it straight but I could guess thru her words. I immediately agreed to it as I felt no lady should be deprived of sex pleasure if she is in really needed of it.

I told her I will speak to Mohan and come back to you and in case if he deny I wouldn’t have any one else to refer (In other words I am not a pimp to supply males) then we settled the bill and left from there on my way back I was thinking how do I convince mohan on this and I thought that night I will tell him once he is on bed with me

I spoke to mohan and convinced mohan to meet her and being with her is purely his decision and I have no force from my end what so ever and following day I spoke to this lady and told her for which she said she was very happy and glad to meet him but she was not very open about it me being there when they meet understanding the intensity of help and situation I did not pursue either.

I told her that you please set up a small dinner / lunch at home when no one’s around (As in like husband) and I also told her to arrange for some liquor for which she said that’s not an issue at all since her husband drinks

She need not worry about it and she was occasional smoker in college days and had given up after marriage and so it wouldn’t be a problem. As planned we met at her place for dinner and she had cooked it all by herself and there was some Bacardi white Rum also so mohan sort of rejoiced over the food and once the food was done we had desert during all this course of time she never behaved as if she is a slut or she was wanting to get fucked by Mohan

She was fantastic host and a perfect lady cum housewife.  I got a call genuinely from a client from (UK) and they said they wanted the proposal since directors have called for a meeting the following day in the first hour and I had to rush so I excused myself and left the place taking Mohan’s car.

Mohan: After the departure of Archana I sat on the couch and watching some Hindi movie and after a while say about 10 min or so I heard a sound of glass break I asked if everything was alright and she said it’s ok

I rushed to kitchen to see by myself when I saw she had dropped the ice cream jar on the floor and she had a cut on her toe and leg (2 inches above ankle) it was bleeding I asked her where is the first aid kit for which she said it’s in her bedroom and she guided me in there I was trying to clean blood flowing out of her leg at last she sat on the chair and she gave me the first aid kit I could clean her toe and sort of apply some medicine and control the blood but not the one above

It was continuously bleeding and her salwar pants was all with blood she asked if it was ok for her to get it off so I can clean the cut mark and apply some bandage to it I in the spurt of moment of wanting to do first aid I said please go ahead she was completely off with her salwar pants and for the situation it was salwar which has slit up to waist and she was wearing those tight pants once it was off I could see her black lace panty and it was netted right at the pussy front

I could see it was wet and I felt she must have been wet for last 2 hours.

I could sort of see the wetness by her thighs but my hand was doing its work and eyes were on pussy. I took her to the bed and made her lye on the bed and all this happening when I am slightly influenced by alcohol and she is naked below with her salwar top and I sat by her side sort of holding her and she could see that my cock has made a tent in my jeans and she said I can use the rest room to ease myself and I badly wanted to pee, while I was done by toilet and returned I saw her lying in the bed only with bra and panty

I could not control and all my empathy for her pain and wound was vanished I went to her slowly and kissed on her forehead and smooched her for 5 – 7 min or so and slowly kissed her breast and teased her and she herself removed her boobs from bra and fed me with her nipples and I was kissing and sucking them like a kid when in one hand she has pressing my head towards her breast the other one was trying to get my cock in her hand in tune to support her I got up and removed my jeans and t shirt and got completely nude she as more than happy to see me and she sat on her back and immediately tried to suck my cock and while this was happening I was trying to squeeze her breast and while it was decent 10 min

I got up on the mattress and helped her remove the panty and it was clean shaved and I licked it and she confessed that no one has licked her till date and we did 69 for a brief while by then she could not control any further she wanted me to enter her and give her the pleasure I entered her with a little thrust as she experienced some pain in penetration and slowing her pussy became accommodative of my cock

And we did it for say 30 min or so and then I was to ejaculate when she said she wants it on her face and breast. I came in her face and breast since she has not tasted it before she sort of tried tasting it and did not like it then we cleaned ourselves and hit the bed and it was close to 2:30 am and I called up Archana and told her not to pick me up so late I can take a taxi and come for which suja said her husband is back only on Monday and  I can stay and sleep here tonight and so did I and in the morning after coffee and breakfast I had another round of intercourse with her but this time we tried doggy and satisfied her.

I left her house by 11 in the morning and directly went home and crashed. After a brief period we heard that her husband is moving to Vietnam for a short term assignment and she was to join him in less than 10 – 15 days and on 9th June they left Bangalore.

Her name is Suja age36 housewife from Bangalore husband working in NGO (She looks live Tamil actor Revati) Guys please don’t ask me for a date or fucking. I am happy with Mohan and currently traveling too anyone interested, girls and guys you can always mail me on / /