Bet Against Friend And His Wife

By : Subash123

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I am a Srilankan male.32 years of age this incident happened in few months ago I decided to tell this story for protect you married life few months ago I heard my mobile phone rang. I answered it was my best friend in my school going age he was my roommate of our hostel but we didnt meet each other after our school going age and this time he called me to inform his sons  birthday he invited me to participate his sons birth day party.

I accepted his invitation and decided to attend his son’s party because it was a good chance to renew out friendship according to my mind. I went his home in certain day and there were lots of people participated in to party few minutes later he introduced his friends and his son but not only his friends and his son but also his wife. I was surprised she was a most beautiful and hot lady I ever seen in my life.

After finished the party the all people went back to their homes.and my friend (Avishka) asked me to stay with them for a week and I also accepted it two days spent normally but we three closed each others we chated even so private things but third day was a best day of my life.

Me: Avishka and his wife (Himali) were chated while watching TV Avishkas son was sleeping our chat was going towards the naughty side by and by. Avishka remembered our past time.

Avishka- Kamal (my name), do you remember we masturbated in our hostel room looking at girls through the window.

Me- why not we done it? 3 to 4 times a day while studying for exam.

Himali- oh! What are you talking about? 3 to 4 times?

Avishka- yes darling

Himali-so it means were u naked in front of each others?

Me-yes Himali we are so close friend at that time.

Himali ye yes I know Avishka has told it Avishka and we compared our dicks one day did you remember?

Me- Yes(i said it shyly)

Himali- then? Who is bigger?

Avishka- ha ha I am the bigger I felt a shame and anger I said

Me-yes you were

Himali laughed loudly and said proudly.

Himali-yes aviskas dick is big from the reply of Himali, my dick erected its maximum and I felt braveness.and said i- Himali do you think the size of the dick is important to satisfaction of a woman?

Himali- yes I think so big dick can feel than a small dick Avishka laughed i-ok Avishka I bet now I am bigger than you Himali looked at me with surprised Avishka- do you want to compare again i-yes your wife will judge who is the bigger himali-no no I cant(laughing) Avishka-darling it’s ok we can do it please

Himali-ok but what is the present for the winner?

Avishka- I dont know do you have any idea?

I-yes, winner should fuck himali in front of the loser

Himali-oh my! Kamal what are you talking?

I-yes Himali I like to fuck you in front of avishka

Himali-no no I cant involve to this bet

Avishka-but you can’t win from this I am the bigger darling dont be afraid he cant win.

Himali ran to the room and avishka followed her 2 or 3 minutes later I went towards their room and peeped through the curtain I heard their conversation

Avishka-darling don’t be shy I will win definitely I know his size

Himali-but it is nearly 10 years ago but now he is a grown man.

Avishka-but I also a grown as him isnt it?

Himali-but darling it is a risk

Avishka-don’t be afraid believe me pls darling

Himali-ok I believe you

Avishka- thanks darling then give me a blowjob and make my dick bigger darling Himali took off his trouser and remove his underwear take his dick out I was surprised his dick hadnt grow for these 10 years much more but I think my one is grown than him I took my dick out from my trouser and compared our sizes from my eye measurements I felt so happiness I am much bigger than him nearly double than his erect one.

I went to the settee again and behave I don’t know anything few minutes later Himali and Avishka came and said we are ready to your bet himali sat on the chair and asked us to stand in front of and avishka standed infront of her with our grown bulges over our trousers Himali grabbed avishkas bulge over the trouser. Himali it is not fair if you grab his bulge you should grab my one also saying it I take Himalis other hand and placed it on my bulge.

I noticed when her hand touched my bulge her face became red and her eyes widened I noticed she was going to compare our dicks from touch unofficially and noticed she felt my dick is bigger than his husbands one her face became helpless Avishka ordered to remove his trouser and she he was with his underwear and I said to remove my trouser.she done it and she stared at my huge bulge over the underwear

And again her husbands little bulge I felt her helpless feelings and avishka also staring at my thing his face became red I ordered to remove avishkas underwear she done it and his dick sprang out it was fully erected and was nearly 6 inches then I said to remove my underwear she done it it sprang speeder than avishkas and it hitted on himalis face Himali astonished from it and said ohhh my!

Avishka was staring at my dick widened his mouth and eyes and said what a hell is this

My dick was 8 inchs but not fuly erected if it is fully erected it become 10 inch and very fatter than Avishkas dick I saw Avishka shaking his dick to grow more but it was his maximum size Himali was looking at avishkas face but finally looked towards my dick and Avishka stopped his act and his face became red with shame.

I-Himali tell me who is bigger?

Himali-you know it

I-no I dont know tell it from your words

Himali-sorry Avishka (lookin at Avishkas face) Kamals one is bigger than you Avishka looked away from shame I took Himalis hands and took one on Avishkas dick and other on my dick

I-you feel us then tell me are you now proud about your husbands dick? She looked away and said


Then with out space and time I hug her and carried her to her bed room. Avishka also came I said “now you are going to give my present”

Himali -no pls dont do it

I removed her saree, bra and panty quickly I was astonished from her 36 32 40 sizes body her ass was better than other features. I rolled her over the bed, her ass to ceiling and I lay on her back and messaged her breasts

Then again front side towards the ceiling and sucked her boobs and pussy and rub my hard big dick on her whole body then I felt she was in a mood to fuck and get inside my cock. I decided to fuck her ass first because I wanted to hurt her and I wanted to prove her i am better and so huger than her husband then again I rolled her ass towards the ceiling and rub my huge dick over her ass few times and enter slowly into her ass hole she shouted and moaned loudly ohhh Kaaamal pls please its hurting

I asked why darling avishka didnt fuck your ass? She said uuuhhh he fucks oooohhhhhhh but but not soooo deeplike this and not stretched this much”

I- oh it means my dick is going deeper and stretch your pussy himali-yaaaaaaaaaa my god i-deep mean I am so much longer than your husband and stretch means I am so fatter than him saying it i entered my whole dick into her ass hole she cried loudly and I started to move my dick in and out.To be continued..For feedback please mail me at / /