Sex With Chat Friend

By : Sapno_ki_rani

Hi, I am Anjali in USA and I am married. My husband is not active on bed like I would like him to be. We go on weeks without having sex and really frustrate me. I beg him sometimes to do it but he doesn’t react or responds. Last year I went to my parents place in summer and I was getting bored there so I started chatting and came across a Punjabi guy in NY.

We chatted and I was casual because I was not really looking for sex but just regular time pass but I guess due to my frustration I decided to meet him and he got me a ticket to come to NY for a day. I could not be away for long so had to be back same day. I told him that I might back out and not do anything and he said its okay. Anyways, the day came and I was really scared because I never met anyone from internet and this “one night” affair is new thing for me.

He came at the airport and picked me up in his car. I was really quiet and shy. He asked if I want to eat anything but I was too scared and nervous to eat. We drove to hotel and he went in to get the room and then I followed afterwards. We got in room and there were mirrors everywhere. On the side of the bed, across the bed, even on top of the bed. He switched on TV and I sat at the edge of the bed away from him, he asked me to move close to head board next to him.

I sat next to him and he put his arm on my shoulder. Slowly he got me to come closer and then started moving my hair away and started kissing me and we both started kissing one another and it was getting hot but it was bit awkward kissing sitting side by side, so he picked me up and made me sit on top of him and removed my top.

He was turned on by seeing me in red bra. I removed his tee as well, he had very broad chest and his hair was very well trimmed. He started kissing me on my neck and chest and about to take off my bra and I stopped him and said I want my massage (I told him b4 that I wanted a massage so he brought oil and condoms).

I lay on the bed and he took of my tights and moved my hair to side and I said not to get my bra stained so he unhooked it and removed it completely, I felt bit shy but I didn’t stop him.

He poured oil all over my back and started rubbing it with his hands, his hands were so strong I got turned on right away and started responding. My stress and pain was gone and I was responding to his hand movements. He started pressing my boobs a bit and then we moved to my hips and waist and then removed my tights and panty at once and his shorts and underwear.

He sat on my thighs and started pouring oil on my butt. He was kneading them and spreading them apart and then started touching my vagina and spreading them and I was going crazy. He started rubbing my thighs, my calves and my feet and then flipped me over. He started rubbing my stomach and boobs and started sucking me wildly. I get super horny when my boobs are being sucked or played with. He then went down to my vagina after kissing my stomach and waist.

I could see him in the mirror above and I was able to feel his tongue hitting my clit. I was going so wild and told him to do it. He put on his condom and tried to enter me in missionary pose but it was too difficult for him because my hole was too tight. He stopped and said its too tight, am I virgin? I looked at him really sad and said no I told you I am married. He said “baby, bohat tight ho”

He tried pushing it more but I was screaming in pain and he said “aise nahi jayega, tumhe lagega…” and made me sit on top of him. I tried slowly and slowly and sat on him moving front and back and up and down, screaming in pain as I get more and more in. Once I got it in I was so horny that I was moving up and down and he was holding me by my waist and started fucking me from the bottom and soon I climaxed.

I then gave him hand job till he climaxed. He went and cleaned up and I was feeling like my vagina is on fire. He came back to bed and we started kissing and I got turned on again and I wore his tee and started giving him massage. I then started giving him a blow job and he was so hard at the end. He then started fucking me and I was screaming and he switched me to doggy style and I was able to see him in the mirror so I was enjoying.

We climaxed and he went and cleaned it and came and said that we should head out soon. I asked him to come to bed and said ek aur baar he said to give him 15 minutes. I lay next to him and started kissing him and he was playing with my boobs and he got ready quickly. I asked him to do me from the edge of the bed. He went on the floor and I laid at the edge with my legs spread in air, he got his condom on and then entered me and held my legs on his shoulder.

I was screaming like anything because it was giving me ultimate pleasure. I was holding onto the bedsheed and screaming him to fuck me harder. He grabbed me and held me in his arms. He was standing and he held me and I was clutched to him my by legs and he gave me few strokes that way. This was new position for me and I only imagined it before so I was surprised how strong he was.

Then he made me stand and push me against the mirror and entered me from the back while we both stood.

After a bit he moved me on the bed and I was lying on my stomach and he entered while we were laying straight.

It was amazing and different and because he was big, I was able to feel him and he was going wild on top of me. Soon he climaxed and then went to clean up and I got dressed. He dropped me off airport and we said our goodbyes. We haven’t met again but I miss him. Let me know how you liked the story. This was 100% true and not fantasy of any kind :) Hope you guys liked it and do comment so I know.