Surprise Surprise

By : I_ranvir

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Hello all, This is Ranvir and want to share a true story with you all.I live in Delhi. I am having 1 fast friend’s. We shared joy, sadness and problems. We know everything about each other. We both are in same age. Now we both married. Before marriage we make a deal to marry in same year, so we did in 2010. We also made promise that after marriage we will go Bangkok with our partners for honeymoon.  We both look smart and like adventures.

By luck we found same kind of partners.As i told you my name is Ranvir and my wife name is Bhoomi. My friends name is Vicky and her wife name is Puja. Now please follow this real story in bangkok. We all reached Bangkok around 10:00 pm Friday. Girls looking quite tired, so we rush to our 2 bedroom apartment. We booked it for 5 nights. That apartment was awesome with our own spa and private pool.

All doing well in our professions we can afford it. Bhoomi was feeling headache so she went to bed. My friend and her wife in another room I was not feeling like sleep so I was watching T.V. in common room. After around 1 hour I also feel sleepy so I was heading to our room as I passing by my friend room I heard a soft voice of pleasure it was voice of Puja. I want to see but because of our friendship i refuse this and went to my bedroom for sleep.

Next morning I got up and went to common room. I was in my shorts and T-shirt. I was reading a local English newspaper. I heard a sound and so I turnaround and I saw puja in her night dress. she was in her pink satin night dress of knee length. She was looking so hot in dress.

Puja -Good morning.

Me Good morning.

Puja So hows bhoomi feeling now.

Me She is still sleeping and i think it is best to take full rest.

Puja- ya.

Me So where is my friend, seems like he did hard work.

Puja ha ha, he is sleeping now, why dont you ask him when he will be here.

Me sure I will ask him. But you also can tell me were you not doing any hard work.

Puja- Ha ha would you like to drink tea? (she ignore my question).

This is the first time we start chatting in fun way. Before that I never talk to her like this. She was preparing Tea in kitchen and I was pretending that I am reading paper but I was looking at her curves. She is very hot girl 5 feet 9 inches, not so fair but shinning skin. Nice pair of boobs. And a god made bumbs. But I dont want to cheat my friend so i dropped my wrong feelings and concentrating on news paper. My wife got up and joins me and in the mean time Vicky got up and joins us. We all have our breakfast.

Me- I asked puja, why Vicky is sleeping too long but she told me that why dont i ask Vicky so Vicy please explain (I smiled at puja).

Vicky- Ha ha Ya I was busy in some urgent work.

Bhoomi Oh ho So Puja was sleeping or join you in work.

Puja Ha ha. Vicky doesn’t want to do wok alone so I joined him.

Bhoomi and you my dear husband what you did.

Me- As you were tired, so I work alone ha ha ha everyone had a good laugh and we are opening with each other. We are discussing plan for today. Girls want to do shopping and we want to explore bangkok. But as always we made plan according to girls. But we both friends told them that we will plan bangkok night out.they agree on this.

Girls did shopping we did lunch and back to our apartment in evening. We both friends bought beer, wine and vodka. Vicky and I plan for clubbing for tonight. We did bit of rest in our bedroom and around 9 pm I asked all to get ready.

Bhoomi – So my lovely husband, what you want me to wear.

Me – I want you to see you in very sexy dress.

Bhoomi – we both girls bought a surprise for you both. So please go out.

Me – please tell me.

Bhoomi –No it is surprise.

Me – Ok But please do it soon. We are getting late.

I came out and went to common room and i saw Vicky was there. He told me that both girls make some kind of surprise. We both excited and waiting for them. I made four drinks of vodka with sprite. Puja and bhoomi told us that they are ready but swith off lights. Vicy switched off lights.

Bhoomi – Guys we are ready. Can you please switch on lights?

I switched on lights. And we were speechless. Bhoomi and Puja standing in front of us in same dress of same colour.

It was a black halter neck mini skirt above their knees. Both looking dam hot and standing in position like models. We can see their boobs from side of dress. Both turnaround and did little cat walk. Their bums looks so hot and. I and Vicky see each other and reached to them and I took bhoomi in my arms and placed a kiss on her lips. Vicky also gives a deep kiss to Puja.

Puja – So you like our dress?

Vicky you girls looking awesome hot

Bhoomi – And you what you wanna say.

Me – I am speechless. You both look hot and sexy and I am thinking to delay this program and want to have some fun with you bhoomi.

Bhoomi— No no no we all have a long night. And few more surprises for you both. Don’t worry. Ha ha ha.

All laugh and we sit in common room. We did two round of vodka. Puja was sitting with Vicky and Vicky was playing with her neck. Bhoomi was on my laps and drinking vodka in my glass.

Bhoomi – Guys lets go. We have lot of things to do.

Vicky — What are they? Ha ha

Bhoomi – We can’t tell you now.

Puja — Ya but we promise that you love those surprises.

Me – Okies lets go.

We reached a night club and we did dancing and drink shots. Both girls are very good in dancing Alcohol start showing effect on girls and they are looking quite happy. I asked them to move to new club. They all agree. We entered a club and this club was a gentlemen’s club where girls are doing pole dancing and topless waitress serving alcohols. We four took a sofa seat and watching the show.

We all enjoying pole dancing and I saw both girls are enjoying it topless waitress come and ask for drink. Her tits are big and looking very tight. Vicky and me both stared her boobs and ordered our drinks.

Puja – why are you so surprised, don’t you see these before.

Vicky – sorry dear but this was quite open for me so i was in little shock. And yes i saw better than this. Ha ha ha

Puja – Where?

Vicky of yours my love. Ha ha ha.

Puja — shut up you idiot. Ha ha ha

Bhoomi – And you what you were looking in waitress.

Me – I was comparing with you and i found that you have better than her. Ha ha ha.

Bhoomi – You both are just shameless.

Me – we are adult and on our honeymoon so don’t talk about shame. Just enjoy.

Girls went to rest room and me and Vicky start talking about waitress. Both girls came and asked if we can leave now. We came home around 2 pm. We all quite happy and nobody want to sleep

Girls suddenly announce that they want to go in spa. And they said this is our second surprise. We both like this idea girls asked us to stay in common room and come when they will ask. We said ok happily.

Puja – you guys now come here and please bring 4 wine glasses.

We reached in our private pool area and saw that there is very dim light of candles near spa and girls are in their bathrobes.

Bhoomi – Guys please feel free to enter in this big spa. We will join you in few mins.

I and Vicky were speechless and we removed our cloths and we are in our undies. B

oth girls and looking at our shorts quite hungrily. They smiled at each other and make four glasses of wine.

Me- Why are you making this very long come on girls come and join us.

Puja – Ha ha ha. Don’t worry we will not teaching you more.

Puja and Bhoomi start removing their bathrobes.

Our mouths are wide open. Both removed their bathrobes and they are in bikini. Same colour, same bikini. Very shot bikini hardly covering their boobs and bombs. We both are mad now. And can’t speak.

Bhoomi – Don’t stare us like you stare that waitress. We are your wives not waitress.

Vicky – Who want to think about that waitress, you both looking daam hot and sexy. Please come and join us in spa.

Puja – sue we will but you have to beg me first. Ha ha ha.

Vicky – yes I am begging you please join me my dear love, you are so hot and sexy. That waitress was nothing in front of you.

Bhoomi – that’s good. Ok now its your turn my dear husband.

Me – I am also telling same. You are so beautiful and she is not comparable with you.

Puja and bhoomi took their wine classes and join us in spa. As soon as they entered we did a great lip lock to our partners. Then we did cheers and start drinking. My legs are touching puja’s leg and bhoomi was in my laps. She was smooching me.

We finshed our wine bottle and start chatting.

Bhoomi – So Vicky what you think, you guys can’t compare us with that waitress.

Vicky – Ya you right you both more sexy then her.

Puja – what you find sexy in her?

Vicy Her boobs are open and thats why she is looking so hot.

Me – The real comparison will be when we will see you both like that.

Bhoomi – you already see these, don’t you?

Me — Ya I saw your boobs.For me your boobs is better and for Vicky puja’s boobs better. But we can compare with that waitress if I compare puja’s boobs with waitress and Vicky compares yours. A little silance then

Puja — Ok I am ready to show mine if Vicky is ok with that.

Bhoomi – And I am ok to show to Vicky if that’s ok with you.

Me – As me and Vicky open. I am ok with that.

Vicky I am also ok with this ( she started looking Bhoomi’s boobs.)

Me – ok then please change your position. So we can compare.

Now puja is near me and my wife near Vicky.

Me – Girls please remove your top part of bikini.

Puja and bhoomi smiled at each other and start removing. As they removed their top part we both forgot everything. Puja tits like big tight melons.

And having little pink nipple like a cheery on cream. Vicky was buys with looking at bhoomi’s boobs.her boobs are not that big but in proper shape and big hard nipples. We four filled with lust.

Bhoomi if you want to touch then then you can touch. I am sure Ravir don’t mind. Would you?

Me – I don’t mind as long as Vicky don’t mind me to feel Puja’s tits.

Puja – I am sure he won’t mind. Please go ahead.

Vicy – Ya please go ahead.

Puja smiled at me and sit on my lap and grab right tits in her hand and pointing towards my mouth. She whispered in my ear.

Puja – I know you want to taste these. Don’t you.

Me – Yes I am dying for these.

I took puja’s right boobs in my mouth and start sucking. Vicky was also pressing bhoomi’s boobs. Bhoomi was in heaven.

Bhoomi ohhh yaa. Please Vicky press them gently. Your hand is quite tough.

Vicky – please let me press it hard bhoomi because your tits are in perfect size and need a tough massage.

Bhoomi – ok then please go ahead and press them like you press mango and drink all juice.

Vicy – ya first I will press your ripe mango and then I will drink.

I was busy with puja’s tits. She was quite hot and she make me hotter by whispering in my ears.

Puja – you you like melons?

Me – yes your boobs are like melons and I want to press these really hard and want to hide my face in these.

Puja – who stopped you, with vicky’s permission its all yours. I love them press hard. Please do it with great force. Please pinch my nipple with your teeth and eat like animal.

Me – sure I will presss them and next morning you will see my fingerprints on these.

Puja was sitting on my laps so my dick was touching her bums.

Puja – your rod is very hot. It is touching my ass.

Me – you make it really hard. I want to remain like this all my life.

Puja – You can enjoy me as much as you like. I am yours. What is your rod size?

Me – I will tell you but you have to tell its real name in Hindi.

Puja – it start with L and finish with D.

Me – you know it, please say it.

Puja – For you only. Please tell me your lund size.

Me – ohh my god. Puja my lund size is 8 inch.

Puja—ohhh ya I am feeling it.

Puja start smooching me. Vicky and Bhoomi was busy in their act. They also stepped ahead.

Vicky – Bhoomi you are so hot. Your tits are like best.

Bhoomi Better than Puja?

Vicky – Yes I must say this. But don’t tell puja.

Bhoomi – sure I will not tell her, if you tell me one thing.

Vicky – What

Bhoomi – How big is your dick?

Vicky – its 7.5 inches but very fat.

Bhoomi – Fat? How?

Vicky – I don’t know but its base is quite fat, I am sure you will love it , if you want to take it.

Bhoomi – Ya I like to take it. Can i feel it now.

Vicy – ok come over my laps and sit on my dick.

Bhooomi changed her position and looked at me, she smiled at me and I smiled at her when I was busy with pressing puja’s boobs.

Me – Hey puja, you are siting on my laps can i open knot of your lower panty.

Puja – sure I also want to feel your 9 inch lund to be continued girls if you like this story then please email me at / /