Intimacy With My College Sweet Heart

By : Bananafarmer

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It all happens in that rainy day afternoon. I parked my car in that busy lane and trying to figure out that address. Unable to find out and frustration due to that untidy situation I glanced thru the passerby so that I can ask somebody about that address. Suddenly I struck by that cute looking face which also astonished on seeing me with water dripping from that bright face. When she came near me I struggled to spell words are even expressions.

Yes she is my college day sweet heart where I lost sleep during many nights. I uttered you. Maya are you staying here I am Jegan mmm (Names changed). She said yes I know a small sad feeling is in her eyes her body is shivering due to the drizzling due to which the clothes are also wet. To bail out the situation I asked her to join with me to have some coffee which she agreed after a little thought.

She is thinking and also glanced the passing buildings outside from the car suddenly she said we can go to my home I can’t come to coffee shop in this wet condition which I too agreed. I drive my car as per her direction and she asked me to park near a temple in that narrow residential lane. From there we walked to a near by apartment with a few sets of houses. I understood her caution so that no body should watch us that we are coming together from our vehicle.

While entering into her second floor flat I watched her attractive butts swaying in the sideways and her skin tight white chudithar pants is lingering thru her wet light green top with a lining of her panty straps and I slowly watched her boobs hmmm its more grown and full than during our college days while its very difficult to find those boobs at that time since it was fully packed inside her duppatta in those conservative college environment.

Though we are mutually attracted during those college times and our computer classes outside the college our love doesn’t worked out due to our own family situations. The compulsion to enter into a good job and to settle in life seldom gives time to think about marriage life. After that due to distance and busy schedules I entered into my own arranged marriage life with only occasional thoughts about Maya.

But I didn’t expect that I can find her in this situation since I recently got transferred near to my native place. The click sound of door opening gives a break to my thought process and I entered along with her into a small single bedroom apartment but well kept, clean and also with a sweet odor of the closed house.

She excused me after asking me to sit in the plastic chair in the living room and entered in the bed room with a slight confusion in her face weather to lock the door or not, then she closed slowly but not completely.

My cock now had an uneasy feeling due to wetness and the feeling to have a piss. I heard the sound of the bathroom door followed by the splashing of water. In a confused state I glanced the hall where a small stand for foot wears a flat television and a computer is kept along with a small dining table and also a shelf in the wall with lot of books and few dining table articles, all are neatly arranged.

But I am amused to see there is no sign of a man or children living up there. But there are many ladies foot wear which was definitely worn by some other women apart from Maya. Now she came out from the bedroom with a modest nighty and looks more fresh may be she has taken a quick bath.

Now she asked me do you want to change your clothes since you too wet which I agreed immediately. Because, more than that of wetness the sweat erupted due to humidity, is disturbing me more. So I entered inside the bedroom and she offered me a towel to take bath. She said you take bath and I will make the coffee ready.

Slowly I entered inside the bath room and the water splashing sound again from the tap is in competition with the sudden and roaring sound of heavy rain outside after I removed my dress that I am wearing I can’t find any place to hang it in the bathroom except that small hook where I put the towel.

Again I slowly opened the door and looked outside. But the bedroom is empty and only the sweet aroma of ginger tea is coming through the half opened door. I threw my dress in the bed and again went inside the bath room and started taking bath.

The foam from the pears soap slides my nude body smoothly and also soothing my thoughts about my college days. The thought about Maya made my cock to stiffen again. After wiping the water in my body with that towel I struggled to hide my erection concealed inside that small towel. When I opened the door and stood in the bed room and thought a while what I should wear she came inside the bedroom and first time smiled on seeing my confused state.

Without any second thought she took my wet clothes and spread it in a hanger to get dry under fan and offered me shorts and said that it was hers and this is the only thing here for a man to wear. Then she said I made tea because I know you like tea very much than coffee and it will be more appropriate in this climatic condition.

When she came with the tea I am struggling to sit in the cot with those tight shorts where my ass side is very tight and my cock is poking out and pushed by my balls too. With a naughty smile she offered tea and sit beside me in the cot. After a pause I said the tea is tasty and I smiled again and I slowly asked about her family.

After a thoughtful look towards the window she said that now she is staying along with her widow sister in this house which was an only asset left by her sister’s husband after he died due to alcoholism her mother in the native place also died due to sickness and it disturbed her father very much which is also due to the death of her son in law and now leading a quite and reserved life in an ashram in a remote place.

Now they shifted from their native place and she and her sister are working and taking care themselves and also to solve their financial burden created by sisters marriage.

Then she said I too can’t get married and her sister is also reluctant to have a second life due the disaster she faced during her first innings. Then she asked about mine and I said I am now well settled in my married and professional life with a small nuclear family. Her face become bright now and gazed at my naked body and muttered something. I asked her about it but she shook her head in the side ways and blushed.

When I slowly held her hand above her palm she said you still look very beautiful and I admired your face in college and now admiring your more manly look and hairy chest since I am seeing you like this first time. Then asked why you are keeping quite. I said I am dumb folded on seeing my sweet heart and cute baby here suddenly. She laughed and asked how is the tea and snack and for which I said I finished everything.

After we paused for few moments I asked her did u love me for which we she nodded affirmatively. Then I confronted her then why you avoided me when I tried to contact her again after I well settled in my job. For that she had a deep breath and said it’s because due to the complication aroused over her sister’s marriage. Then tears appeared from those dark eyes and I slowly touched her shoulder.

Now she started to sob and said don’t leave me alone for which I slowly embraced her and stroked her back. A few minutes later her crying stops and her hands touched thru my hairs. My cheeks caressed her ear lobes and the feeling of her soft bosom made my body to become hot and my cock get tightened inside the shorts. Now she gets apart and wiped her face. But I tried to grab her hands so that to hold her body again.

But she moved aside and went out and came again with a water bottle after drinking some water and offered me too. I drank a few gulps and caught her staring my hardened cock which is popping thru the tiny shorts. She blushed now and I said it’s not fair. She looked me in a questioning manner and I said I here dressed like a porn star and you wearing a fully covered cloths. For that she gave a foolish smile and lowered her head.

But I slowly grabbed her hand and again embraced her tightly and slowly we tilted in the bed. The hot breath made our face more hot and slowly I kissed in her closed eye lids and then in their cheeks and in her neck. Now her breath become faster and our hand grips get tightened. Now I slowly rubbed her lips with mine and started to suck those juicy lips slowly. Now she started to respond and our smooching session becomes violent.

Yeah this is my first night (evening) with my sweet heart now I slowly raised her nighty upwards and pressed her butt. Now She made me to lay in my back and her hands in my head and another one exploring my chest she started to kiss all over in my face and started to explore inside my mouth which continued for another 5 minutes. Now I caressed her firm boobs thru her nighty and another hand stroked her naked thighs.

She moaned in pleasure and her hands automatically stroked my stiffened cock thru the shorts. Now I unbuttoned the front of her nighty and felt the empty flesh without any bra. Her nipple becomes erect after a few moments of foreplay and she held her legs very tightly. She was breathing now heavily and I removed her nighty completely. When I started to feel her wet white panty in her crotch area she become more ecstatic and started to roam above by body like tigress.

She removed my shorts with her teeth and hands and my throbbing cock was now set free and without any second thoughts she took the entire cock inside her mouth. She chewed it like a lollypop and sucked it like a cone ice-cream. Now I felt a divine feeling thru the entire body of mine and dragged her ass towards me started to rub my face above her wet pussy over her panty.

Then I removed her panty and started to vigorously lick her wet and sweet pussy with half grown hairs. The juice is oozing from it and spread all over my face. Now I put my tongue inside her deeply over her clit and cunt. Now her pace of cock sucking increases violently and we both can’t bear the pressure. Now I held her body and turned her down so that she can lie in her back and sucked her boobs and also pressing another one.

Now her hand automatically held my cock and rubbed it over her pussy. Now I started pressing my cock over her pussy and she slowly guided it over her hole which was very tight but also smooth and wet. An expression of pain appeared in her face but I started sucking her lips and slide my cock more. Now the insertion ended when it went inside completely and I started making strokes slowly.

As an experienced hand I made it little easily but a complete sense of pleasure which I never felt before. Now the sexercise was done in a sweet rhythm and only sound of the creeks of cot and our own ahhh and hmmmm sounds. Now the frequency got increased and her legs rolled over by back and she held my body tightly over hers. I continue sucking her lips and nipples and her expression becomes intense and her wide open mouth emitted odd sounds.

Now we indulged each other eagerly towards thunderous a climax experienced simultaneously by both of us with intimate embrace and enormous pleasure. The pressure slowly subsidies and the juices flowed from either side mixed with each other along with her blood. Yes I broken her seal and this was her first night with first man in her life. Now I rested my body above her for few more minutes with my cock still coupled inside her.

After that we washed ourselves and dried our body. Then we slept together in the cot in a tight embrace after viewing the sunset. Slowly dark spreads over that room and we too went into sleep with complete satisfaction. But we are totally unaware what s happening outside when the main door was opened with a spare key and the sudden flickering of the tube light inside the hall and bedroom. Only after the screaming of her sister after seeing our state where her sweet and cute sister was caught in a compromised position with a stranger we understood our awkward situation continued in Part-2 Bye! / /