Nailing Facebook Friend

Hello everybody, I am a regular reader of ISS and this is my first story so please ignore my mistakes. So first let me describe myself I am a Delhi ite 59 feet have a lean body (thanks to all the school sports), have dark brown hair and am 8 inches long.

So the story begins in the summer of 2009 when I had cleared my 12 board exams and was completely free after the entrance exams. That was when I spent most of my time on Facebook and I met this girl named Rashi. She was and still is really attractive with fair colour thick black hair and a great round and tight ass with a great figure of 32-28-34(though I came to know all this afterwards)

We started chatting almost every day soon after she accepted my request. It took me about two months to get her number as she was really not the kind of hook up girl. After that we used to regularly chat almost all day and night, slowly I started to push my boundaries and taking convos towards sex initially she used to stop replying or say stop now but after some weeks she stopped all this and became a little more open

And soon our sex chats began and started becoming more and more intense. One night after a superb sex talk she asked me if I was free the next day I told her. I was as I did not have any plans and what she said next blew my mind. My parents are going out tomorrow would you come over I am sick of these chats and talks want to get the real action these were exactly the words.

So the next day I went to her house bought a bouquet of roses and a bottle of Smirnoff as she opened the door she was looking The best I have ever known her (even today I tell her that she has never looked more beautiful than that day) she was wearing a red spaghetti and black shorts (which I again found out later as her spaghetti was covering the shorts completely)

Her hair were open, a tinge of blush on her cheeks and gloss on her lips. I gave her the bouquet and hugged her and with utmost innocence (though i didn’t need to show that) I caressed her back with my fingers. I was wearing a polo neck t-shirt so her lips were touching my neck and I could feel her hot breath on my neck. At that point I put my lips less than a centimetre away from her ear and whispered you look stunning and released her.

She smiled and whispered thank you and then we went to her drawing room which was really cozy and she gave me some water I took out the vodka and we started taking shots of it. After the fourth shot I could see her becoming merrier. We were sitting on a three seated sofa. I got up and switched on the music system to my delight the song the song was perfect for the occasion.

I asked her for a dance stretched my hand towards her she took it and got up. I put my hands around her waist she put hers around my shoulders we slowly moved to the music. I pulled her towards myself suddenly her breathing got heavier and i starter running my fingers through her hair, caressing her face feeling her lips she closed her eyes and pushed her fingers in my hair.

To make her feel better i decided to tease her so i brought my lips almost on her and suddenly turned her around put my cheeks next to hers my fingers on her belly and started grinding her ass. Now it was her turn to surprise me she turned around grabbed the neck of my T-Shirt and planted a kiss on my lips and i was blown away by the aggression of that kiss. She pushed me back to the wall which was about 5 feet away from the place we were.

Then i turned her around pushed her against the wall and lifted her she wrapped her legs around my waist and we were kissing like crazy. We kissed for 15 minutes first against the wall then I took her back to the sofa and we kissed there. My hands were exploring her body while we were kissing and her hands were all over me. I moved from her lips to her cheeks and her neck to her shoulders.

She took off my T-shirt and started kissing my chest and it felt so good she went down unbuttoned my jeans and put it down to my knees. In this time I took off her top (she was wearing no bra) she had so amazing boobs milk white and perfectly shaped I held them in my hands and gently started squeezing them and then pinching her nipples now she had started to moan and her ooohhz and aahh were turning me so on.

I started licking her nipples and also gently biting them. After some time she made me remove my undies and handled my dick with her hands. I have a 7.5 inch dick and it was her first time so she first started handling it giving me a hand job better than even myself (which made me doubt whether it was really her first time). Then she opened her mouth and took about a quarter in her mouth (mine is really thick)

Slowly as she got more and more used to it she took almost the whole of it. I was having a great time and now it was my time to return the pleasure. After I cum (I did not cum in her mouth) I grabbed her and took her to the bedroom and made her lie on the bed. I took off her shorts now she was lying on that red silk bed with a magnificent white seductive body and a black panty.

I took the remaining cloth on her body and spread her legs open to se a clean shaved pink pussy which was really wet I went close to it and smelled it. It was the best smell and sensation I have ever felt till date then I gave her a lick she shivered a little and her thighs came close to each other I started licking it used my fingers my tongue and within a minute she blew and I drank all her warm wet juices now was the time to put it in. I asked he shall I put it in and she said go on, I put my dick inside her but her pussy was really tight

I could only get my forepart in and that made her scream in pain but she kept on saying come on and I pushed it a little deeper and she was in the most enjoyable pain of her life (she later told me that) I then slowly started the cycle of digging and retracting she was grabbing my waist with her nails digging in my skin and after about 6 minutes I came. Since then we have had many sex sessions and we also have tried 52 positions of the Kama sutra but are in no relationship if you like the story and are aroused mail me on / / Thanks a lot for reading it