Meeting Old School Friend

Hi all, I am again Darshan Patel from Ahmedabad. I am working at a decent post with an MNC and I travel across Gujarat for my official purpose. I am 27 years old and love to keep myself fit. This incident which I am writing happened as unexpected ss all the things are fresh as ever in my memory I will be narrating the small-small things also. You can submit your views and feedbacks on / /

I often travel by air for few of my meetings and official functions on one such travel, inside airport I saw a girl whose face looked familiar. I just walked close to her and she gave a big smile full of surprise. She asked me if I am Darshan from Surat. (I have done my schooling from Surat) I said yes and recollected that she was Soumya (name changed) one of my friend’s sister.

She had actually grown-up and I still had 15 minutes for security check so we decided to have a cup of coffee. I learnt that my friend was settled in London and she after completing a course in Frankfinn, she had joined Air Deccan and since Air Deccan has been taken-over by Kingfisher she is now an employee of Kingfisher Red. I had to catch the flight and was running out of time, but also wanted to have long chats with her.

It was like meeting an old friend after around 8 years old and we both had changed a lot in our lives but the nostalgic affection was still there.We decided to meet-up again while I return during the entire trip I was thinking of her only. The way she had changed from a silent girl to an employee of kingfisher. The innocence was been replaced by beauty and the way she had got her grip on English language while moving back from Mumbai I called her and we decided to meet-up again.

I reached Ahmedabad at around 10:30 in the night. She was there to greet me and we went to the Airport coffee shop. We talked and laughed for hours, specially recalling our schooling incidences. Things went on, we learnt that we both do not have actual friends in Ahmedabad and were thus very excited to meet each other. We decided to keep meeting for outings, movies and maybe just meet for talking and and laughing.

We decided to have a night-out on driving on the coming Saturday. She told she had never been on long drive and must be great. I reached her flats on the decided day and she came down and we started off. I was wearing a jogging track and a t-shirt, where she was wearing a tight jeans and a waist length tight sleeveless top. I complimented her with a flirtatious comment. We drove for around 6 hours having tea and snacks in between with some old Hindi songs playing.

I had glimpse of her panty a few times and yes she was looking damn sexy. I forgot to tell you about her body and looks. She is a Parsi girl with milky white complexion with height of around 5’8 and awesome figure. If gauhar khan (the receptionist in Rocket Singh movie) gains around 5 odd kgs she will look like this girl. Truly I like her but not planning anything to do anything with her.

We were actually having good time when she said that she needs a loo and cannot hold much. It was around 2:00 am and I knew that we won’t get any place for her to pee. The only options we had was either the airport or her home. She was not carrying her I card so airport option was ruled-out and we drove back to her flats from where I had picked her. I told her that I would wait downstairs and she can freshen-up and come back.

She insisted me also to come and freshen-up as I too was driving since long. I took the invitation and went with her. She immediately rushed towards her bathroom while I glanced around her place. It was one small room with a bathroom attached. Even the cooking things were done in that room itself on a table. She had tied a rope across the room for drying her clothes where I could see her undergarments also.

Her all undergarments were white and normal. She had a decent size mattress on floor a small stool and an armchair. When she came out she said that she is feeling tired and would not like to continue the drive and would rather relax at home. I told her that I cannot go home as I have told my wife that I am going out of station and would be back by morning itself. I looked in the watch it was 2:45 and I cannot go home before 7:00 am. She replied that it’s perfectly ok and I can take rest at her place.

She asked me to freshen-up while she will arrange the bed and change. I freshened-up and came to see that she has changed into a cotton pink night suit ( pyjama and shirt). I also saw the presence of additional bra and panty on the bed which earlier was not there. I looked at them while she picked them up casually and told me to feel at home. She lied down on the mattress and I settled on the arm-chair.

She immediately told me to share the mattress as the chair won’t be comfortable for the whole night. We both lied down on our back facing the roof. The room was small; it was summers with a fan. I was not feeling sleepy but yes laying on my back was quite comfortable. She soon fell asleep lying sideways facing me and I also turned sideways facing her. I adored her beautiful face when her legs came up on my legs.

I kept my hand on her and went in to semi hugging position. She snuggled in and we were hugging each other. After sometime she snuggled more close to me and her face hardly an inch away from me. I planted a kiss on her cheek and her hand on back clinched my t-shirt. I: moved my lips to her lips and placed a small peck on her lips. She responded with her other hand grabbing my arm. She was getting the heat and I took her lower lip and starting kissing her slowly.

She hugged me very tightly and started kissing me in the same slow way. Gradually the intensity increased and we kissed for around an hour rubbing each other’s back and being cozy. Suddenly her phone rang and she got up with a jerk. After she answered the call I asked what happened, she relied nothing it was from the office, as Airport works round the clock its normal, then she said sorry for what happened. I calmed her and said its ok.

She replied but you are married and it’s wrong on my part to enter in your life like that. I calmed her with a smile saying friend and spouse are 2 different relationships and none of them enter in each other’s life. She smiled back and again hugged me very tightly and we slept in the same position after this incident we became closer and started meeting on every week-off.

I would eat at her place and go out for movie and spend some good time. Then the time came and we broke the last formal boundaries amongst us. It was Saturday and I was coming back from GOA attending an office function. We have an evening movie with dinner in some restaurant this was our schedule for almost every meeting. Things took a different turn when my flight from Goa got delayed for 4 hours.

I consumed lot of alcohol at Goa airport and by the time I reached her place I was highly drunk and was around 9 pm. Though she was ready for the last show of 10:20 pm, looking at my condition she insisted to stay at home. Since next day was week-off we can plan outing on the next day after a small argument I agreed to her as I realized I was much out of control then I was thinking.

I was stammering while speaking I was smelling horrible of alchohol and was not even able to walk 10 steps properly. She helped me with my bag, shoes, wrist watch, wallet etc. I removed my t-shirt and cargo and headed for bathroom to freshen-up in my boxers. She told me to take bath while she will give me something comfortable to wear. I took a shower of cold water and came out with the towel around me. She gave a short and a t-shirt to wear but unfortunately the t-shirt was too tight for me.

I decided to be without a t-shirt and lied down on the mattress with only a short. Me being bare chested was quite common, but in shorts and that too without underwear was the first time. She switched-off the main light keeping night light on and sat beside me and started pressing my head. I immediately feel asleep and when my sleep broke because of the heat I saw that I was in some sweat and she fallen asleep sitting there besides me with the support of the wall and her palm still on my forehead.

I had gained some senses and felt bad about her. I noticed that she had got ready very nicely. Pearl necklace with matching earing, a long sleeveless white comfort fit top reaching her knees and a dark navy-blue leggings. I shook her up. I apologized for causing her so much of trouble and kissed the back of her palm. She gave a very light tap on my cheek and told not to be formal with a big yawn and stretched arms. I told her to change and sleep. She told me to turn my face other side while she gets comfortable.

I turned my face and could see the mess of my things in the room with the night lamp light. My bag, shoes, socks, t-shirt, cargo everything was lying there on the floor. Then her leggings dropped in front of me followed by her panty and bra for a second a thought ran through my mind will she be sleeping in seminude position? But suddenly realized that I was naked than her and we were close buddies knowing our limits. I heard her voice saying ok. I turned towards her and she had settled herself on sideways facing me.

She pulled my left arm placing her head on it, her arm on my waist and said good night. I also placed my other arm on her waist and bid good night. We were lying very close but not hugging each other. She soon fell asleep and her arm fell from my waist to the little place between us. I glances her from top to bottom and saw that her top is well placed just above her knees, with a model looking face printed on the entire top with navy blue buttons tugged till her neck.

It wasn’t a deep neck top but her position was showing a very small half an inch of cleavage. I un-buttoned her top as for the moment my cock was rock hard but this time being in shorts without underwear it made its presence felt on her stomach. Gradually we started smooch each other. I was under alcoholic influence and feeling very horny. I placed my hand on her butts this time and while sucking her lips started squeezing her butts.

She held me more tightly and increased the intensity of the kiss. She was now embracing my bare back. I moved my head down and kissed her cleavage. She caught my hair and clinched them tightly, my hands were feeling the smoothness of her bare back. She was now moaning very slowly. I slipped the top from her shoulder and cupped her nude breast and started fondling them. We were again lip kissing each other and she was squeezing my cock from above the shorts

I again moved down and took her one nipple in my mouth and pulled the removed the top of her body. She was shocked and her hand moved from my cock to my stomach and her nails dug in the skin on my stomach. I on her butts and held her butts, same time she slid her hand inside my shorts and cupped my balls. I moved to the other pink spot on her breast. Her nipples were tight and cold. I never enjoyed so much sucking nipples.

Now I brought my teeth in action and held her nipples with and bit her a bit. Her hands in the spur of the moment moved to my thigh and she gripped my so hard that her nails actually went into my skin. I slid her shorts up to her knees through my hand and then removed them using my leg. She had already pulled my shorts below my butts and the rest I did it with my own hand. Now I was totally nude and she was totally nude. I moved my leg between her legs.

My knees touched her pussy which shockingly was neatly shaved (it felt as if waxed). With the touch she held my knee tightly between her legs. Now we were kissing each other hard. I was rubbing her pussy with my knee, playing with her right nipple with my left hand and holding her head with other hand. Her right hand was squeezing my cock (which I wanted her to shag) and her left hand scratching my back making nail marks.

Son she came with a loud moan and her legs so tight around my leg as if trying to crush. I kept rubbing and she kept on shivering with moans. She came and came and came a lot. Now with her moans slowing down tears was starting to roll. I hugged her tightly and she also did the same. We remained in same position for quite some time, maybe 10 minutes or so until she fell asleep again. I slowly got up moved to the bathroom, lit a cigarette and started shagging.

I also came and relaxed. I went back to the room and found her sleeping in the same position as I left her in. She was really in some great good sleep. I looked in the watch, it was around 4 am and the temperature had gone down a bit to make weather pleasant. I led beside her and went to sleep, both naked. I woke out of my sleep but my eyes were shut. I was still naked and exposed to her. I was also having a morning boner.

I opened my eyes to the daylight and to my surprise she was also nude as my eyes opened she placed her hand on my chest ( I was lying straight on my back ). I uttered the word, shit! She planted a kiss, a peck on my lips and said please aisa mat kaho. I am not feeling bad about it, neither should you. Appne kuchh bhi forcefully nahi kiya. I was an active participant in this. Rather I am feeling bad because I got relieved but you had to sleep like that.

Saying this she held my erect cock from the bottom along with my balls cupped (I could not tell her that I had shagged off in the night.) Contrary I replied you don’t need to do it to equal the scores. She immediately hugged me and said darshan aap bahut ache hai. I will never get a friend like you. I want to do it with you and feel you in and out while saying in and out she placed my hand on her pussy.

This was the first time I was touching her pussy with my hands. I said this is not right, you are a virgin. She replied that virginity will be lost some day and whether I lose it to you or my husband does not matter. What matters is I lose it to the one I love and want to. You are my best friend and I want to lose it to you. I looked in her eyes and hugged her and started the most awesome smooch.

Feeling each other’s bare backs I turned her around with her back towards me and started kissing her neck. Slowly I moved down to her back kissing by the spine and moved towards her butts. Planting few kisses on her butt I turned her towards me and started kissing her breast and nipple while fondling the other one. Her hands were on my butts and caressing them.

I moved myself between her legs and started kissing all over her in that position. We were hugging each other and kissing each other here and there. I rolled her up with me lying on my back and she over me chest to chest. Now she started kissing me on my neck going to my chest, licking nipples and stomach and reached my uncovered bare cock. She took the tip in her mouth and rolled her tongue all over the tip inside her moth.

She wasn’t sucking it hard but with love and reaching her tongue every part of my cock. While sucking me she was rubbing her pussy with very slow speed. Then she came and sat exactly near my erect cock. I knew she was now ready to break the taboo of friends and sex. She kept the tip of the cock on the pussy opening and pressed her body a little. It was wet and the tip of the cock slided in and the pain was felt. She skipped a heartbeat and her voice choked with the pain.

I folded my legs to support her back and pulled her upper body towards me. I slowly whispered if she wanted to stop it but she wanted more. I again hugged her tightly and she bit the pillow with her mouth and with one push moved the pussy completely covering the cock. She started crying like a kid, suppressing the noise with the pillow and I could feel the flow of tears on my shoulder. She remained in that position for couple of minutes and then started moving up and down slowly within few minutes

The pain was replaced with pleasure. I again rolled around and getting ourselves in the missionary position. It was her first time and I have a comparatively big cock of 9 inches. I was moving in and out of her in very rhythm. I kissed her eyes and licked the tears from them. Her legs were wrapped around me and her hands were moving all over my back from neck to butts with the rhythm.

I was kissing her neck, her cheeks, her breasts and nipples her tight pussy, milk complexion, warm movements and plethora of kissing made the cum building in me. I told her I am about to withdraw as I am about to release the cum. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to feel it in herself. I would have not agreed this for anyone except my wife but I could say no to the emotional waves moving with-in us.

I discharged it in her by pushing my cock in the deepest possible extent. We both were quite happy. I lay besides her and lit my cigarette. She told it was awesome but she wanted more. We planned a 3 days trip to Diu leaving Monday itself. Diu was unimaginably nice including her shopping for the offshore. I would be submitting the Diu experience soon I would appreciate your feedback on my mail / /