Her Thoughts On A Bus

Throughout the morning I was keeping my eyes closed I was so close to him through my imagination. Mourning deep inside, that he was so far but then I had decided not to mourn much, as there was no point. I kept thinking, leaning on one side of the Bus. I had a long way to cover to the bus stop so I can reach city. I would have traveled for one hour and that one hour was real sweet you can always love me in your dreams.

I remember he had told me this long befor well, so I decide to take a trip rather than missing him. I had two beautiful girls holding me, for a moment one of them caressing my breast and the other savoring my thighs. He lay there far on the bed, smelling the sweet perfume on a feather. I was being prepared for him, travelling through spheres or sensuality dressed in a white transparent robe and in a red lingerie.

I was resting on a couch, waiting for my moment to come. I could see his erection through the only cloth he had on himself. He was patient, enough to wait until we are desperate for each other. I loved the way the two girls were treating me. First started applying warm Rose water on my toes, she was cleaning me slowly. It tickled, and I took my leg back. They both giggled and continued there work and slowly she slided my white robe and I was left exposed.

The other then applied a very soft cream, it smelled of Jasmine. I was bieng gently touched by these two lady and I liked it. The short girl then started moving toward my inner thighs; she gently soaked a piece of white cloth in Rose water and cleaned my every part. She was then wiping it with a white towel, as if it made me ready for the taller girl who would be massaging me next. He was far on the bed, watching me getting pampered.

He liked me getting pamperred, and usually used to get caretakers at home but today I was high and wanted him badly inside. They moved on to my upper body and layed me upside down, she then gently removed my Bra and worked on my back. I am not a lesbian but at certain times such a gently touch brings shivers to my body. It was too sensual for me now and I felt their hands covering my body as if I was given a dose of erotic potion.

Well, I was not sure of this and niether any Parlor girls treat a customer, they asked me to turn around and then began playing with my Breasts. By that time he got up and turned the lights off. I wasnt shy, rather I dint care once I was high. I kept lying down. It was then the smaller girl slipped my panties off. I silently protested in my thoughts, but gave up the very instance. I had thought he has a plan, and I gave up to his plan.

The shorter girl took my head in her lap and massaged my upper body, while the other was working on my thighs. I wanted her to come inside with her fingers, but shy and helpless I did not ask. To my surprise, he came next to me and did that. I moaned with pleasure and gave a loud cry. It was the best I could get wasted, spoil and pamperred so much, I never imagined lying there on the couch massaged all over, everywhere and specially him.

I wanted to be like this for a very very long time. I was twisting with joy and moaning for more. He then placed his lips on me and gave me a very long smootch. My complete body surrendred to his will, I had given up everything to him. He picked me up from the couch and got me on the bed. I was smelling of Rose and jasmin through out, the other two girls surrounded me, I was unaware of what was coming next.

The two then took my hands and took out something which I had no idea of. They handcuffed me on the bed. Already I needed no handcuffs, I couldnt move an inch, but then why he needed this I did not know. What came next were shower of kisses all over my body. He was way on top of me kissing me all around. The girls sat next to us watching us play.

They gently caressed my hairs once in a while as If I was undergoing a very special treatment and of course I was. The smaller one then slided down my thighs and placed her tongue on my V lips. God that was a electric shock. It tickled as well as it sent a shiver to my body, I couldnt carry much longer if she continued but she pierced her tongue deep inside me, and played with it like a professional.

Meanwhile I had this urge to suck him. I bit his Loli with my face, hinting that I wanted to eat, and he gave me his hardness to savor. I was bieng treated bothways. I came out, the short girl was great playing with her toungue inside me, and whith her fingers on the surface where its needs a perfect touch, she knew how to do it best. I moaned again and again, my moans were buried inside his Loli and after a while.

I dropped my face down wanting to rest and then I found him inside me, thrusting deep into me, the other two women catching hold of me and caressing my hands, face and hairs with utter care. My moans were acknowledged and answered by their sensuous movements; my body was vibrated by his thrusts and vigor.

I went on and on and finally I clinched the hands with such pressure that I could see red marks from my nails. I screamed badly poor girls, I thought. I felt I was wet. Thinking about all this had made me wet. I think I came out I just opened my eyes and was very close to my stop but I just dint wanted to get down, rather go back to them. But I had to, I grabbed my bag and waited for the next time we could meet.