My Friends Mom Gave Me Relationship Advice

so this is how it goes. i had not been talking to pranay because we had had a fight lately. he was not talking to me because he thought i went behind his back and talked some shit to his girlfriend. he thought i talked his girlfriend into breaking up with him. instead i had kissed his girlfriend and she really liked it. she wanted to leave him for me but she obviously did not tell pranay this. when i saw how he reacted with it i decided to leave her too because my friend was more important to me than a girl. i tried to apologize to him a lot of times but he just kept ignoring me. so i decided to encounter him with surprise at his place. i knew he would be home after his gym class at seven. so i reached his house by six thirty to see if i could talk his mom into helping me. coming to his mom; she was sexy lady of average height and average breasts. however she always carried herself elegantly and this turned me on. her husband was a really tall man and a strong one too. so getting caught while fucking her would be the last thing i want. luckily her husband was most of the time out of station and so was he at this moment.

I ringed the bell and she opened the door for me. she was fairly dressed but not slutty whatsoever. she had cream colored suit on she was without the stall. she quickly grabbed her stall and half covered her neck and welcomed me at the same time. she called me in and made me sit. she told me that she hadnt seen me in a long while. i told her it was because pranay and i were having a fight. she asked me to tell her what the fight was about but i told her that i should not be telling her this. she promised to keep it from pranay and never even hint to have known anything. then i told her that it was something i could not talk about in front of her. she told me that if it was about girlfriends then she was open to anything of any sort. she was the parent most kids would want to have. so i made her promise me that i told her the whole situation she would help me make up with pranay. she promised and i told her. she came a sat next to me on the sofa while listening to the whole thing. i did not notice somehow that she was sitting so close to me now that i could smell her perfume. she smelt awesome and i liked it. i paused in the middle of my story to take a whiff and then as if coming back to life, i carried on. i wished she had not noticed my sniffing but she did. she asked if i liked her cologne. i told her i like mild perfumes like the one she was wearing. she said she had bought it only a few days ago and this was the first time she tried it. she wondered how it would be and i told her it was perfect for her.

She smiled my way and then let me continue with the story. as i finished, the first question she asked was that i really had kissed her or not? i told her yes in a regretful note. then she asked me she liked me. i told her yes and i also told her that i like her too but i could not have her before pranay. she said that it was the stupidest thing she had ever heard. i was puzzled. she said that if i liked the girl then i should not have broken her heart even if i had to break friendship with her son. i was speechless. it was her son she was putting to grief while suggesting me this. she explained that she would help her son come around anyways but i could not make the girl fall again easily.

She did talk sense and i really had messed up. i simply asked her as to what to do now. she said i had to propose to the girl again with all my heart and with whatever i could get. i told her i would even get flowers this time, but i was still worried about pranay. she said in a tone as if not caring at all, that she would help pranay get around but at the moment she thought i needed her help most. i felt so too and was up for anything she said. she asked me to come to her bedroom because she wanted to lie down while talking. i figured she was tired and agreed. she got comfortable on the bed while i sat at the other corner. she asked me to get comfortable but i told her that i was fine. she tried to convince me to lie down but i did not. i asked her what i should do next. she said i needed t forget about the pranay situation first and then i needed to concentrate on the girl. she told me that it is not only flowers and chocolates that impress a girl. i asked her what was it instead? she said it was much more and then she winked at my penis. i knew hat she was hinting at and then i told her that tanya was not such a girl and would not agree to go all the way with me. she asked if i wanted to go all the way. i said i would love too and since tanya wont, i wouldnt get too.

She asked me if i had ever gone all the way before. i told her that the farthest i had reached was feeling up and smooching. she sighed and smiled at the same time. she said that i definitely needed experience in a funny tone. i chuckled too and told her that i needed someone to guide me. she told me that she could if she was my girlfriend but since she was not and since i wold not make her mine she couldnt do it for me. i should have figured then only that she was slily seducing me. i played around the words until the conversation became serious. she asked me what kind of women i liked and i told her that i secretly always like girls elder than me but i over all i look for a nice face. she told me that looking at a girls face only wouldnt tell me about her hotness. i asked her then what would? she did not waste a second and striped her kurta from the shoulders and asked me to tell her what i thought about her tits. she was wearing a pink bra which covered her nipples well but i could see her cleave. she had no shame whatsoever in showing me her tits. i was like wow. she said it was okay and she did want to educate me after all.

I asked her if pranay gets the same education too. i was feeling close to her and did not hesitate in asking this question. she asked me if i was jealous and i told her that i would have no reason to be. she said we could figure that out later. she asked me if i wanted to know how real breasts felt. i said i never touched bare breasts earlier. she unhooked her bra in the instant and came close to me and asked me to do what i wanted with them. i told her if she was sure with this. she said if i was scared then it was fine. i had almost blown my chances but then i gained my courage back and said no. i grabbed her breasts with my both hands and moved my hands around the curves. i touched my palm on her flesh and the feeling the struck me was divine. i really did not believe what i was doing. i was cuddling the breasts of my friends mother in hi house while he was at gym and his dad at work. i was really freaked out and so i removed my hands and told kalpana that i couldnt do it. she aid that no body would find out about this and she really wanted me to do it. i asked her the same question again,” does pranay get the same education.” this time i was jealous and more selfish i did not want to fuck a slut and i wanted to make sure that kalpana was not a slut. he said this was her first time a in a long while and pranay was kiddish in such matters. like i did not know it. so i grabbed her breasts again and this time with more confidence. i told her that i did not want her husband to find out about this and so she should not tell him.

She said her husband might look strong but was very sloppy when it came to sex and she could live like that. i asked her what made her think i would want her too. she told me she did not know that i wanted her but she still liked and did not want me to go. i knew she was being naive and she knew i would fall for a beauty like her. she asked me try sucking her breasts. i did so. i put her nipple in my mouth and gently sucked it. of course it did not milk. i did the same with the other breasts until both the nipples were fully erect. she had started moaning softly now. just then we heard a the door click shut. pranay was back home. i knew we were caught now but kalpana asked me to go with her on this one. i trusted her more than myself at the moment and i did not have any other choice either. she screamed to pranay and told him that he should get his drink from the fridge and do whatever he wanted but not disturb her. i asked her if this would keep him away from listening our voices. she told me that she knew her son. pranay went straight upstairs and into his room. w heard his door shut. she told me that he had skipped his drink and was up in his room listening to music or watching porn. she was the perfect mother. i wished she was my mom so that i could fuck anytime conveniently. however i decided to make the most out of the moment. i threw her below me and started kissing her lips. she was soft and juicy. she was eager and wild but passionate too. she did something damn crazy.

She put her tongue in my mouth and clashed against my tongue. i did not know what was going on but it felt nice. i learned then how to give and take a french-er. i did the same to her. we did this smooching for a really long time. it was around eight now and i had to get home because it was already dark. kalpana asked me to call my mom. she took the phone from me when i dialed. my mo picked up to hear a girls voice in my phone and got mad. she shouted what the hell was it. i knew she was gonna rip me when i went home. kalpana introduced herself and this released the tension. my mom apologized and asked what the matter was. kalpana told her that my bike had been punctured an nobody was home and so i had to be picked up.

My mom said that she could not do it either as dad was out of town and there was no vehicle at home. so kaplana told my mom that i could sleep with her, corrected to them, for the night. it was dark anyways and my mom agreed too, without suspecting a thing. i liked kaplana for her smartness. as soon as she put down the receiver i stood up on the bed and let my pants drop along with my underwear. so when kaplana turned around to face me, she faced my dick instead. she was amazed and wowed. i took of my shirt too and stood there. she removed her lower and her panties and too and stood in font of me. it was crazy. we were both standing on the bed and were completely naked. she was shorter than me and so i picked her up. she clung to me with her arms around my neck and legs tied at my waist. it was the kinkiest make out of my life. we sucked tongues and lips. i could smell her lip gloss. i specially sucked her lower lip and licked it.

She was enjoying it. i was getting tired and so i let her down. i was on top of her and we were kissing. i moved down towards her breasts. i kissed her neck on the way. i sucked her breasts had his time till she almost screamed in pain. i licked her naval which was deep set and darker than the rest. i fingered her naval and fucked it with the tip of my dick. a naval is always the sexiest part about a girl. i licked her pussy and ate it. i had watched porn movies but this was real. i was really doing it to a woman and no other hat my friends mom. she was enjoying it. she was moaning louder and louder. i tried to insert my tongue deep into her but her muscled tightened around it and that hurt. i pulled out some how and told her what had just happened. she laughed loudly but the laugh changed to moaning when i started licking again. now i was gonna experience my first female orgasm across my face. she came in spurts and came long. i figured she had not been fucked in a while. it was good for me. i lied beside her after that. she regained her breadth and i stayed by her side and tried to absorb the serenity of what i just been through. but it was not over there. she got on top of me now and i did not notice before she had my penis in her mouth. this is the must erotic part for men. i did not understand why until then. i was not much experienced with this sort of thing and so whatever she did was awesome to me. i came soon enough. she gulped it and all the shots. i knew i could not kiss her until she had brushed now. i told her i wanted to have sex with her if she did not mind going that far. she told me that she remembered how i had never gone all the way before. she said she wanted my first fuck to be as wonderful as i had always imagined. she got on top of me.

I paused her and asked if she had a condom. she said we wouldnt need it. i told her that i did not have control on myself and could come anytime. she said she would have it all figured out the next day but right now she wanted me in. i could not have declined the invitation. so i took upon the chance to fuck this beautiful lady on top of my dick. she practically rode me like a horse. i came within minutes of starting she was put off with this and i was disappointed too. after all we had only just started. she began to get off but i stopped her. i told her i would not come for long now as i had already done twice and so she should continue. she did. and i swear i lasted an hour after that. even she got low and so i managed to hold my load. i got on top of her now and grabbed a few pillows for support. i did not want to hurt with my weight so i took extra care of keeping off her. she realized that i was struggling made me lie beside her and then fuck. i did so for a while but it got uneasy and so she asked me to fuck her from behind. i could understand she was asking for a doggy style as they call it. she was on all fours and me behind her.

I grabbed her ass made my to her pussy and started pumping her. she had a lot of stamina. i kept the pace fast for a while but the slowed down to almost managing. her pussy was red and the lips were swollen. i guessed this was the signal for us to stop. she asked me to carry on but i told her that she had done enough and so had i. i lay beside her now. we did not touch each other anymore and did not talk either. i told her that after all i was not gonna make us with pranay; how bad could it get; i kissed his girlfriend and now fucked his mom. i chuckled on this one and so did she. she also said that now i wont have to ask tanya out. i asked if she would do it again with me. she said i should leave making plans for our rendezvous to her. i told her that i could not share her with any other man. she thought about it for a while and told me that she would no longer fuck her hubby as long as i promised to fuck her whenever she wanted. i agreed to it in an instant. after this i stood on my knees beside her and started wanking. she tried to give a hand but i did not let her. i did it really fast and came. i released my load on her stomach and then fell on the bed. she got up to lock the door and turn off the lights. she wiped herself on the way back and brought the towel to wipe me too. i was almost asleep then. she cleaned my dick and wiped the sweat around my back.

I slept like a a baby after that in he arms. we did fuck after that. she fucked her husband too despite the promise and i refused a few times too. i grew up to what i am ow. i am married and have a kid but then so does kaplana. i do out for business purpose to Mumbai and kalpana to meet her parents. she comes to sleep in my hotel room and we carry out our fantasies. while in the same town too we meet in restaurants and cafes, we fuck in the bathroom stalls. we kiss in the open beside the lake. i take her to cheap motels and fuck her there. we use our places and our cars when necessary and free. in all we are successful affair and wonderful sex buddies.