Kavita With Stranger In Train

I am a Kavita (name Changed) 36-28-40 married 38 years old working woman stay in Katihar. I am a government teacher and my husband is also a government employee working in Delhi. We are basically from Katihar and I stay here with my 11 year old daughter who also studies in the same school where I teach.

This winter vacation my husband asked us to come to Delhi so we can plan some trip to south India. I and my daughter were too happy. We tried in many trains for reservation but unfortunately there was too much rush and finally we got only one seat in 1st AC in Guwahati New Delhi Rajdhani express which arrives at about 4PM in Katihar every Tuesday.

We boarded the 1st AC compartment. My seat was in a cabin where there are only two berths. We had to adjust on upper berth because the lower one was booked by someone who was to board the train from Barauni.

In Barauni at about 7 in the evening a young man of some 25-26 year boarded the train and came to our cabin. He was an executive in a MNC in Delhi which we came to know later. Initially we were not very comfortable but he was very friendly and started talking to my daughter on various school activities. I was lying on upper berth reading a book.

After dinner at about 10 PM when Patna passed, we climbed on our berth. Me and my daughter were tired and feeling too much of sleepy. We immediately went to sleep. The man below was reading a book switching the night reading light on.

In the mid night I woke up because I felt some touching in my buttocks. I kept quiet and tried to understand what was happening. The cabin was in pitch dark as all lights were off and also may be the train was passing through any dense forest area. Later the touching became more prominent and it turned to slow squeezing.. I tried to through the hand touching me but at same time I was keeping quite because I thought my daughter make wakeup. This gave more confidence to the person and he now with both hand started squeezing my both buttocks. I got up and asked the person in whispering tone to stop this nonsense or I will report this to the coach attendant but he said “ ohhh.. madam there is no use.. the attendant may be sleeping in other compartment, ssshhhh.. why don’t you enjoy this moment.. you are very sexy and your figure is really gorgeous… I am mad for this protruded buttock.. Let me enjoy with this …. Gaand… and you to enjoy the extra marital sex there is no harm in this”. I got down from the berth and tried to open the door but I was not able to see anything. Immediately this guy caught me tightly and started smooching where ever his lips landed on my body. I wanted to make no noise fearing may daughter will come to know everything. She was grown up enough to judge what was happening.

I kept on straggling without making loud noise. But he was strong and was doing whatever he wanted. He dropped me on the floor and climbed on me. I asked him or rather requested him to leave me and not to spoil me. He said “Madam.. I went mad since when I saw you. You are really very sexy. I have never seen a woman like you. Your figure is really so nice and sexy that no one will leave if he gets such chance like this. Please cooperate and let me enjoy every part of your this body. No one will know what happen between us. And I also assure that you will not be pregnant by the way I will fuck you today. I was having no choice but still protesting to get free but he was now trying to lift my saree and inserted his hand and hit the most vital point ahhhh… noooo… please… ahhh.. he started fingering my cunt at the same time started shucking my lips.. I was also getting aroused by this and my struggling hand were now trying to hold him.. he understood the reaction and now started very speedy finger fucking me.. Then suddenly he left me and removed his cloth and again pulled me from the floor and asked me suck his cock.

This is first time I felt his cock.. oh.. my ..god.. It was a rigid fat monster I first hesitated because I never did this before however I saw this in a blue film in one of my female collogues home. I opened my mouth and took it in.. he holding my head from rear started jerking in my mouth.. “ohhhh…. Madam…. Aaahhhh… so nice… shuck me baby… shuck me..”. He kept doing this for three to four minute and then pushed me back to the floor and starched my legs apart and placed his cock at my pussy opening and gave a strong jerk. Ahhhh…. Uuuiii…maaaa… I cried out in pain and could not control my cry.. but he immediately bend forward and placed his lips on mine to muffle all sound inside.. Same time he started giving speedy merciless strokes and started fucking me.

After some time the pain vanished and I started enjoying the act.. I wrapped my both hand on him and started slowly moaning. He was continuously fucking me but in next ten minute I was finished and started requesting him to finish this fast.. but he was dumb and duff. Now it started to be painful for me and I started slowly crying and requesting him to take out. I said I will jerk him off. Suddenly he withdrawn and asked me to stand. I was not able to stand properly because of the hard fucking I received from this stud. I was trembling when he hold me closed to his body and with both his hand he very roughly started squeezing my both solid ass cheeks. He whispered in my ear “Madam kya.. gaand hai.. aapki.. kya jabardast chootar hain aapke.. aapke in chootaron par hi mai pahali bar fida huaa tha jub aap raat ko apna bistar theek kar rahi thi..”. then he again pushed me on the floor and made me to sleep on my stomach. He lifted my saree from back till my waist exposing my heavy protruded buttocks. He placed his both palm on it and started squeezing pressing mauling. He was kissing on it and then spreading the globs apart he started shucking my asshole.

It was a different sensation for me. My husband is a simple guy and not aware of exploring all these type of enjoyments. He was very dedicatedly shucking the juice out of my anus giving me immense pleasure and making me soft moan out of this new type of sensation. I was again getting heated up and wanted him to fuck me again but then what happened was really shocking for me. After fifteen minute of smashing, mauling, licking and shucking, he positioned his fat cock head at the entrance of my anus hole and by the time I understand something he gave a merciless thrust and invaded the bubbled head in my tight anal hole.. a loud cry escaped out of my mouth which he immediately stopped by shutting my mouth by his one palm and with other palm he hold me very tightly and started very roughly sodomizing me.. My whole body was trembling due to dying pain in my rectal area .

I was trying with full of my strength to get free from this assault but he was too strong for me and I was in his full control.. He was ass fucking me, I was being sodomized by a stranger and this was humiliating too.. my husband has never did this to me.. He was now whispering in my ear… aaaahhh… madam… beautiful gaand you have… so tight… like a virgin girl.. looks like I a deflowering your ass today.. baby.. your ass is best in the world.. today I am fulfilling my long time fantasy of fucking a mature married woman in her virgin asshole and that to a educated lady is being ass fucked by me is a great feeling for me. My JAAN… madam… you are being ass fucked in your heavy protruded buttocks.. you can make any man happy with this treat now on. If I was to pay for this.. I would have paid ten thousand for this enjoyment which I am getting free.. I am fucking your ass madam do you believe this..”

He kept on fucking my ass mercilessly for forty minute… I kept on crying all this time and then finally he after around forty minute he increased his speed giving me too much of pain and then invaded the whole eight inch in my rectal channel and ejaculated his thick seeds in my ass. After this he separated from me.. very difficultly I went to wash room.. I saw my watch it was four AM. I came back he was snoring heavily and was sleeping. I climbed on my berth. My daughter could never know what her mother suffered with tonight. I slept in next ten minute time.

At about 5AM in the morning he left the cabin and got down in Kanpur. Maybe he was afraid of me complaining police. I would still be able to do that because his whole details will be there in the reservation system but I would not like to do so to save my own reputation.