He Controlled My Life And Body

Hi I am Sharika 23 from Chandigarh my height is 5.3 with weight of 54. Today I am going to write about my first experience I never wanted that anybody come to know about all this but had to write here as I was not able to keep this secret with myself and hence I decided to share my experiences over net. Please note that whatever I write is completely true but do not consider me a bad girl, you can consider me girl with week will power towards her ethics.

I share my deepest secrets here online as it allows me to retain my secrecy. It happened when I was on personal travel to Srinagar and gulmarg to enjoy the snow fall and sports but enjoyed something else and we stayed in hotel Broadw and I met a guy called Alok, I was attracted towards him but I decided not to express my feelings else he will think bad about me but he was after me like anything he always tried to talk to me and be close to me.

If any Delhi girl is reading this, shell know how common it is to be followed and troubled by such lafangas in India on a day to day basis anyway, so Alok started to follow me and I was unaware of this. So by the end of the day he knew where I lived and with his funny connections found out my mobile number. Let me describe Alok for you. Hes a tall and slim guy. If it wasnt for his Armani clothes and branded personal accessories and an expensive car, youd probably think hes a watchman or an auto rickshaw driver.

He had a pathetic looking moustache which used to make him look like a 70s porn star. He always roamed around with his pan masala chewing friends who were worse than him in night I received sms that he wants to be friends. This of course created a problem for me at my strict home as they did not appreciate all this. So I decided to call him and end this nonsense. I knew his number as he was messaging me up and wished to be my friend and the same old lame things that he loves me etc.

When I called him up and asked him to stop doing all these things he requested to meet me just once. He really begged on the phone and then promised that he would stop everything after spending some time with me. This was a tricky situation for me. As if he kept on with his current trend and I decided to meet him by taking a huge risk and end this. I thought to myself, whats the worst that could happen? Nothing as he would not be able to do anything without my permission.

I surely would not mind that as Im game for it. So I went ahead to meet him without fear and Decided that while visiting gulmarg we will spend some with each other, we left for gulmarg in a group of 6 people 4 girls and 2 boys through a taxi we reached there in 1 ½ hrs and then we started enjoying there earlier we all were together but after some time we realized that in fighting-2 we came far away from the group, we enjoyed all games and at last I was so tired that I was not able to move my legs.

I was totally packed. I laid down on the snow itself for some relax, at that time he started putting lots and lots of snow on me and covered my jacked from it, in stood up in anger and started shouting like anything it was so chilled that I was feeling if it was cutting my skin. I given all bad words to him (which I know at least) but he was not listening to me and he started making fun of me he then started throwing snow balls on me I was not feeling it good but don’t know why

I also started playing with him and we both were throwing snow balls on each other after some time when I was full exhaust he pushed me on soft snow (which is made of machine while clearing the road and paths) I was covered by snow up to waist and feeling like crying which he realized and pulled me out of it. I was shivering like anything. It was about 4pm so all of us decided to start back to Srinagar so that we can reach there before sunset.

We boarded the cab and I was shivering like anything due to Alok or you can say snow in my all cloths. Three girl set in the middle alok and me set at back and other guy set on co driver seat. I was shivering like anything and was very angry with alok for this so I was not talking to him he came to my side and started consoling me but I was very angry then he came near and apne kaan pakad kar sorry kahne laga and said you will get ill if you kept that snow in your cloths and said I should remove snow from all my body.

I realized he is really concerned about my health and I should do it. I opened zipped or my jacket which we had taken on rent from local shops and started wiping myself. It was hot in the cab as blower was on so it was little batter he helped me in wiping my haris first and it was good I liked touch of his hands in my hairs his hands were moving on my head like it’s a piano. It was getting dark and cold outside and I was shivering by seeing it then suddenly he said I should clear my other cloths also else.

I would catch cold I was thinking and he started clearing my shoulders over my top, I felt like if he is trying to lose the strap or remove it but don’t know what happened to me I could not said anything at that point of time. He kept on doing that and soon he was touching my shoulders and neck doesn’t know what he was clearing then he asked me to come nearer and I obeyed like a child. I was not able to understand anything I was carried away by the touch of Alok and I kept my head on his shoulder, he said Sharika human body catch cold either through chest or through back to which I had no reply.

Then he removed his hands from me and covered me through waist and I was still shivering to which he said I will help you out and he starting to put his hand in my top from back and by the touch of his hand on my bare back I came back to my senses and asked him to stop to which he said he is doing it to give some warmth to me and soon he was around strap of my bra and I was begging no Alok no please leave me he said don’t over react.

I am just helping you as you are shivering due to my acts and then he did something by which hook of my bra got open don’t know how he opened it by one hand maybe he was very experienced man then he started enjoying my back. It was for the first time that any male was touching my body like that and I also got the same feeling with which he was touching me soon we reached at base location from where he had taken jackets and shoes to go to Gulmarg.

We all started moving out of the cab to give back the shoes and over coats then Alok said you sit I will hand over your over coat and shoes to shopkeeper else you will catch the cold all of my friends went away to shop to return back their stuff I stayed back in the cab and now only me and driver were there in the cab after some time Alok came back and asked driver to go to nearby coffee shop as all of us decided to have tea/coffee and he said ok and went away then our conversation was like

Me: what about you, you will not have coffee

Alok: I am not interested in that coffee

Me: means?

Alok: I am interested in something else.

Me: and what’s that?

Alok: you know what’s that, don’t you ?

Me: I kept silence (not sure why I was behaving like that but it was ongoing conversation between two of us) and I was blushing on listening those words from him

Alok: came near to me and asked how you are feeling now.

Me: I am fine thoda door rahona

Alok: kyon?

Me: aise him and sneezed.

Alok: see you are under the effect of cold now you will be ill you are not listening to me and kept on telling many things for almost 1min continually. I am not habitual to listen to anyone so I got irritated and asked to him what you want to say.

Alok: I just want that you should care for your health and should not keep wet clothes on you this time he was so convincing that I could not said anything after that and sat just

like a doll. He came near to me and said do you know how wet is your bra

me: I was shocked and looked angrily to him

Alok: are yaar it was wet that’s why I opened it.

He came near to me and from back he again dragged his hand in my top that time I strongly opposed and asked him to stay away and he was not listening to me and kept his hand on the place of strap of bra without any movement and telling and number of things which I was not able to understand and by one stock he brought his hand from back to front I was shocked and I shouted at him like anything but he over took me as he is physically stronger than me in anyway

Phir oosne apna hath mere mooh par rakh diya and ek haath mere top main tha, I could feel the touch of his hand on my back and he suddenly take hold of my breast, I started melting in his hands and was not able to say anything, don’t know how and why but yes I liked that feeling he was messaging my breast and I was enjoying it by my closed eyes.

I was feeling very tight in the breast, it was the first time when somebody have grabbed my mangos like this, that time I was feeling like little doll in front of lion, it goes like this for some more time and then I asked him to leave me as other friends must be coming at any movement.

Alok: kaisa lagraha hai?

Me: tum haath hatao

Alok pahle batao kaisa lag raha hai

Me: bahoot ganda lag raha hai

Alok : abhee to maje lerahi thi

Me: stop it how dare you talked to me like this

Alok: kyon abhee to aankhen band kar ke maje le rahi thi

Me: no I wasn’t, now leave me and keep distance from me.

Alok: I will not leave

Me: I will should a will tell all the people in the cab

Alok: kya bataye gi ki maine tere boobs pakde hue hain?

Me: I realized that I would not be able to tell anything to my friends because he came to this stage due to my weakness at some movement. So I kept mum on this.

Alok: I give a chance to you if you agree I will leave.

Me: what’s that

Alok: remove bra and give it to me and to me it was easy as it was already laying on my waist line he taken it and kept in his pent pocket.

Me: you got what you wanted now get away from me.

Alok: rukja abhee baat puri nahin hui

Me: bolo

Alok: undo your jeans button

Me no I will not do

Alok: ok, let it be like this only and he pressed my B strongly.

Me: aaah dard ho raha hai rahne do na, I was near to melting point, my internal feeling was to get melted in his arms and let him eat me, something in my heart was pushing me to obey him, but I was trying to hide this feeling from him

Alok: kya soch rahe hai jaldi kar.

Me: hmm

Alok: jaldi

Me: ho nahin raha tight hai

Alok: Sali karna dimag kharab mat kar

Me: I was shocked by his words but could not do as my hands were also chilled and could not do it, I said I can’t mere haath thande hain to dard ho rahe hain.

Alok: aacha mujhe karne de and he released me from brest and tried to undo the button

Me: aaram se karo tod mat dena

Alok: chup Sali

He was not able to open it and after trying for 1-1.5 min he given a stock and button was on the floor of cab.

Me: I shouted on him for this and scrolled him like anything, he said chup hoja, pharak kya padta hai toot gaya ho ya khul gaya ho ek he baat hai and I realized that zip of my jeans is also loose now.

At that time I was feeling if everything is going in his favour and against me I can’t explain the status of my mind and heart which I was feeling at that point of time, around 12 hours back he was totally stranger to me and within interaction of 5-6 hours he has taken control of my heart and body. I know you must be willing to know what happened next but this time I am not able to type as I am having the same feeling with me now so rest I will tell in next part.