Extra Marital Affair

Hi All,

I am Ravi from Bangalore. I am 37 years married guy. I want to share one of my extra marital affairs for you. First let me know about my stats. I am 6ft tall 90 kgs, average built and good looking, wheatish in colour. Let me go to my experience. Since the age also going up I thought of maintaining health. I decided to reduce my weight, hence enrolled to a Unisex Gym nearby my house. I enrolled to it for 6 AM to 7 AM session, because after that I have to go to office.

On my first day I entered the Gym, to my surprise no one else was there other than one Gym Instructor. I asked him, why it is so. He said many people enrolled for after 7 session and many are coming in the evening. Earlier couple of people uses to come for this timings, since they have moved out of this place, no one else is there at present. Then I asked him to show how to do exercise in Treadmill. He has showed me how to operate and how increase speed and reduce. I started in lower speed and started working out.

The instructor gone and settled down in his small cabin. First day nothing happened, but the actual thing happened the next day. I reached the Gym around 5.50 and started working out. Around 6AM one lady entered the Gym. She was 5.3ht, good looking big boobs and bums, a really bumpy lady. She may be around 35 years. After a glance of her, I continued my workout. The instructor came with her and explained how to operate the tread mill. Half way when he was explaining her, he got a call in his mobile.

To attend that, he went inside his cabin, by then she was started working out in the treadmill. Ten minutes passed without anything. Then I just turned towards her, simultaneously she was also looked at me. I given a smile, she responded with a beautiful smile. I introduced with my name, she also replied with her name saying she is Priya Sharma. After the session is over, I stopped the machine, and stepped out of treadmill.

She also stopped and started coming with me downstairs to the road. While getting down in stairs, she asked me where I do stay. I told the street location where my house was situated. She told me that she is staying 3 streets after my house, which is around half a kms from my house. When we reached the road, there was a car waiting for her, she introduced to the guy inside the car, who is her husband Mr.Sharma. I shook his hand and said ‘hi, he also replied with a smile ‘HI. Then we left apart.

The week gone and only we two people are coming for the gym session between 6-7AM. As usual the Gym instructor will switch on the treadmill and then he use to go to his cabin and settle down. Sometimes he uses to sleep inside the cabin, sitting in his chair. One fine day, she asked me how to increase the speed, which is not taught by the instructor on the first day, because he left half way due to his phone call. I asked her to stop it first, then I got down from my treadmill, and started showing the controls.

She was not able understand certain controls system, so I have get into her treadmill to show it to her, because either of the side there was no much gap to go inside. I stood behind her and started showing the controls, suddenly she pressed the start button, I just slipped and caught her from behind to get control myself from falling down. I hugged her from back and got hold and prevented from falling down.

Immediately she stopped the machine, and started apologizing many times saying Sorry, sorry Sorry. I said it is ok, no probs, but I hope you would have learned the controls now. She said Yes, Thank You, but again Sorry. I said, if you say again sorry, I dont speak to you further. There the chemistry worked between us. With a smile she said ok, I will not say sorry. I teased, her saying, you said you will not say sorry, but again you are telling sorry. She replied, no I didnt say sorry.

I replied, see again you are saying sorry. She understood that I am teasing her with words. She started laughing. After that we became little closer. While working out on the treadmill, we use share about our family people etc. A month passed, we have become close friends. One fine day (it was a Sunday) I finished my exercise session around 7. She also finished. I thought of doing for half an hour more, I went and asked the instructor is the machine is free for half an hour more, so that I can continue.

He said three machines are free, you can continue. So I went back to my treadmill which I was working out, she was standing nearby. I told her, that I am going to continue for half an hour more. She asked me, can I also continue, shall I ask the instructor. I said, dont worry, two machines are free, so if you want you can continue. We both started working out again. By then another couple and a guy joined and started doing treadmill. By around 7.30, I stopped and told her, that I am leaving.

She also stopped, and started moving with me downstairs. Because of extra workout, I sweated a lot, and my track shirt totally stuck to my body. She was also in same condition. Once I reached down, I went to pick up my Honda Activa. To my surprise, she was asking some auto rickshaw to drop her at house. Since it is just a km distance, no auto fellows are ready to come. I asked her, what happened no one has come to pick you up. She said, her husband gone to US for three days on business trip, and her driver is on leave.

I offered her a drop since her house also closer to mine. She sat on my bike putting legs on both side. On my way home every day after Gym, I use to stop for smoke and then go home. On that particular day, even my family gone out of station for attending some marriage and was expected to come back after 4 days. Hesitantly, I asked her, if you dont mind, can I stop for a smoke, and she said no problems. I parked nearby a shop where no people are around.

I picked up a cigarette, and started smoking and told her sorry. She said no probs, you can smoke, I dont mind. Once I finished smoking, I picked up a pack of cigarette, as no one was there at home, so I can smoke freely. (I won’t smoke in front of my kids, but my wife knows that I smoke.) Then we started again going towards her house. While driving I was talking to her, and didn’t realized there was a road hump (it is my routine route, but still sometime we forget when some girl is next to you or with you)

And applied brake suddenly to reduce the speed because of the impact, her boobs came hit my back as a soft pillow with force, and she got hold of my hip with her hands to avoid falling from the vehicle, due to sudden brake. Even after crossing the road hump, she was holding her hands in my hip. I started driving bike slowly, as I noticed there was another road hump which is bigger than the earlier one. When I applied the brake (though the vehicle was slow, little push was there from her from back)

I got again a hit from her boobs, and now this time she moved her hands from hand to my thighs. I didn’t say anything, she was moving her fingers little bit closer to my dick, but she didn’t touch it. I got erection fully but somehow covered with my tops pulling down, so that she cannot watch my bulge. After crossing two more streets, she asked me to take left turn and I did, after moving couple of houses, she asked me to stop. I stopped in front of that house.

It was an independent house with high compound wall and gates. She got down from the bike and opened the gate. I told her; Ok let me leave, see you tomorrow at Gym. Immediately, she said, No, how you can go like that, you should come inside and should have a cup of coffee. I don’t want to disappoint her, even I wanted that something has to happen between yes, but I can’t accept her invitation immediately. So bluntly I told her that, sorry I can’t come inside your house for a cup of coffee,

She was shocked after hearing the tone of the words used, after a minute of pause, I told her in a soft voice, but I can come inside your house for a Tea, because I don’t like coffee. She realized that again I am playing with words, and started laughing. The she opened the gate further, making way me to enter with my Honda Activa. I went inside the compound and parked the bike. By then she closed the gate, and opened the door. We went inside. It was a duplex house with nice interior.

In the hall there was a big 42” LED TV, with Home theater system. Center of the hall was fixed with Italian leather sofa, in white color, making the ambience of room more beautiful. She asked me to seat in the sofa, and switched on the TV to watch, Some Hindi movie was going on, I didnt concentrated on the TV, instead I opened up the newspaper which was there in the glass table. I started reading, by then she went inside kitchen to make the tea. On the top of the glass table,

In five minutes time she came out of kitchen with a tray and two cups of elaichi tea. The aroma of elaichi spread over the hall. She came and sat next to me and took a cup and given to me. She picked up one. I said thanks, and started sipping the tea. In the TV a DVD movie was on (Hindi Movie, the name unknown)

And the scene was Hero and Heroine was arguing on something in their bedroom, suddenly he slaps her, and then realizing his mistake, he apologize her and started having love with her. Continuing their love, he starts removing her tops and kissing (now days, lot of erotic scenes are there in the in the Hindi movies, than English movies). She was also watching the movie having her Tea. When she finished her tea, while she was keeping the cup by mistake her hand banged

My hand and the tea cup slipped off from my hand, which led to the tea spilled over my tops sport shirt. She really felt bad about her, and asked me to remove the sport wear, so that she can wash it in the machine within five minutes and get it dried. I refused saying it is ok, anyways it should be washed today, and the maid will wash it. She said, no please give it I will wash it in few minutes.

I was keep refusing, because I won’t wear inner vest during this gym session, because, it will get stuck to body along with the sportswear, because of sweat. But she didn’t leave me she came close to me and started pulling out the tops from the top. When she came close to pull up the tops, our body was getting touched so closely and her boobs were touching my chest. This time I was not able to control myself,

I just stopped reacting to her; she removed my tops, and started staring at my body. It was average built with little bit of belly, (because of the gym, I have reduced the weight and shaped up the body structure little bit, so it has become attractive. I just pulled her to my side and hugged. She didn’t say anything; she was just standing in front of me holding my tops shirt. I took her silence granted and kissed her gently in her cheek and then slowly moved to her pink rosy lips.

In a second or so, she started reacting positively by rolling her tongue with mine. Then slowly she responding positively dropping my shirt and hugged me, and we were continuing our kiss. Since we finished the gym and our sweat was mingling with each other’s body and giving another erotic sense to both of us. I took courage and removed her tops also. Wow, I got a view of blump big boobs (she was also not wearing any inner wear in the top) immediately

I got hold of them and started pressing, squeezing. She started moaning; I just moved my lips down and started sucking her one of the nipple, and pressing the other one. We continued this for 10 minutes. Now she just want to give me something, so she removed my bottom sports pant also, and got hold of my dick which was erected to the longest possible (around 6”) and started playing with her hands and then started sucking it.

She was so expert in sucking; she sucked me each corner of the dick including the glans pulling back the foreskin. After ten minutes time, I told her that, I am Cuming out, she didn’t stopped, I told her to take out, but she refused and holding my dick tight, but somehow I pulled the dick from her mouth and cum out on her boobs . She just wiped off the same with her fingers.

I was tired, and she was also. I just lied down on the beautiful white sofa, and she fall on my top. We were laid down hugging each other. I asked her, can I have a smoke, because I have fantasy of smoking during sex or after. She said no issues. I asked her, ‘Do you Smoke’. She replied yes, because sometimes my husband takes me to business parties, where these are common.

So I took a cigarette and lighted and started smoking, and also shared it with her. Once the smoking is over, she taken my tops and put it in the automatic washing machine and set the time. After that she came and sat next to me and started rubbing my chest. I felt so nice, and told her, thanks for the treat, but still missing the feast. She smiled and told, of course, I can throw a party to you, only you will be there.

I asked her when? She spontaneously told, if you want today evening itself. I thought for a while, and said YES. (Anyways it is Sunday, no work, no shopping, no park as kids are not there and no watching TV, because same old movies will be repeated again and again.) By then the washing machine given alarm that the cloth is washed, she went and picked up the cloth and slightly ironed it and given to me.

I worn it and sat for a while. She also wore her tops. She picked up another cigarette and lighted herself and after couple of puff, she given it to me. I told her, I am lucky today to have such wonderful sharing and caring friend. She hugged and kissed me on my lips, and told me bye, will wait for the evening party. I also kissed her again and gone back to my home. Now the real story begins. After having breakfast,

I watched an English movie in DVD, and then went out for lunch in a hotel. Came back home and had a cigarette, then had nice sleep till 4.30PM. Prepared a coffee myself, then watched news & discovery channels. Then it was around 6.30PM, took shower and got dressed with a casual ¾ cotton pant and sleeveless Tee’s. Had AXE effect sprayed over my body and bit over the dress. Locked home, instead of going to Priya’s house,

I went to the market place, and visited a medical store, purchased some items (hope you understand what it was) and went to nearby sweets shop, picked up some saucy sweets like Rasagulla, Cream Cake and butter scotch Ice cream. These items are to give it to her, don’t think any other ways. By then it was 7PM, and I started moving towards Priya’s house. Once I reached the street of Priya’s house, I called her and informed her that, I am waiting in the corner of the street.

She asked me to come to near to her house. When I reached her house, the gate opened and I went inside and parked my Honda Activa. By then she closed the big gates and came near me. I just hugged her and kissed her on her cheek. She smiled and we went inside her house. She locked the door and took me to the first floor of her house, and showed me the bedroom. I really got surprised to see, it was neatly maintained with pink colour shaded walls with some nice pictures depicting sexual poses.

If you see little bit concentrating on the pictures then only it will be visible. It is a kind of modern art. I was enjoying the pictures; I got disturbed because of her call. She asked me to follow her, and I did. We reached the terrace of the building. It was like a heaven. The entire terrace was covered with the lawn and on the sides it is full of flower plants with different colours. In the middle a sofa kind of swing facing opposite side and in the center of the swings a small glass table was placed.

The swings are covered with sun shades. I observed the swings, and the table. If we sit on both swings, we will be facing each other. On center table, there were two beer bottles and two beer glasses with some snacks. We walked away on the lawn and occupied the swings on both sides facing each other. She opened up the beer bottle and filled the glasses. Both of us took up a glass and said cheers and started having it. She started talking about her husband like where she met, and how they are managing the family and kids etc.

She shared a sexual experience which she had with her husband. Hearing that, I got erection, I moved myself next to her, and kissed her on the lips. Then I kept the glass down the table and held her face and started kissing her deeply. After few minutes, she got released from me and removed my sleeveless T-shirt. Forgotten to tell you guys, she was wearing a white ladies shirt, which is little transparent and designer cotton petticoat.

I was with only my ¾ pant inside a boxer. I also started unbuttoning her shirt, she stopped me and told don’t remove now, you will enjoy if it is there after some time. I just kept quiet and picked my beer glass and lighted a cigarette. She also started having her beer. The time passed just like that with chatting each other’s fantasies, by then we completed our beer bottles. Then I moved now close to her and started pressing her boobs and kissing her on cheeks, fore head, lips etc.

Then I slowly moved down and started sucking her boobs over the shirt. Now I realized the reason why she told not to remove her shirt. When my saliva got mixed up with her shirt, I can view her boobs like real one. Because the transparency is more when the shirt get wet. (you must have seen this type of shirts in Indian porn film. The girl wears this type of shirt and takes showers, so that the entire body will be visible inside the shirt, because the shirt gets stuck to the body because of the wetness)

Now I can see her boobs and her brown nipples. The nipples got stiffened because of the sucking. When we both were enjoying sucking the boobs, the drizzling started. We were in high passion of sucking and enjoying the sex, we didnt bother about the drizzling. Because of that her shirt got wet and now I can see her entire tops like a real one without dress. I started enjoying sucking her boobs while playing with other one squeezing. The rain water which got into the shirt of her, I get a feeling of getting milk from her boobs, while sucking.

It was really making me wild. I pulled her petticoat down to go further steps. She allowed me to remove her petticoat and panty. She removed my pant and I was left with only the boxer. I moved head down kissing her entire body and reached the pussy area. It was clean shaven and looking awesome. I started licking it and slowly moved my tongue inside her pussy and pulling her clit. She started moaning.

When this play is on, suddenly it was started raining heavily. We didnt bothered about the rain, and continued our play. Because of the sun shade on the swings we didnt get much rain inside, except the rain drops came in side through sideways because of the heavy wind. I took her in my both hands and moved out of the swing area and we land up in the lawn lying next to each other. I just going wild sucking and licking her pussy. She was starter moaning and screaming with pleasure.

The heavy rain water was pouring on both of us. Suddenly, I felt little bit of hotness in her pussy. She reached her orgasm and released her juice. Now we interchanged our positions. I gone down and she came up and started licking and kissing my chest, tummy etc. The she moved down and removed my boxer and took the highly erected 6.5” dick inside her mouth and started sucking. The rain was still on with force.

She moved the foreskin back and playing with her on the tips of the penis and glans area sucking and licking the precum. I was floating in the air, because of her sucking skills. Almost 5 minutes she sucked. Then I told her that let us move on, and I took the position changed and started inserting my hardened dick inside her pussy. It went inside smoothly, and started fucking her cunt as if it should get teared off. After 10 minutes of fuck I reached the peak and told her that

I going to cum, she immediately took out my dick and taken it inside her mouth. The minute she took the dick inside her mouth and just pulled the foreskin with her lips fully back, I exploded inside her mouth. She started moving the skin front and back and licking the entire dick for the cum. She licked totally and cleaned the dick with her saliva drinking the entire cum. Then we separated and lying next to each other. The rain started slowing down and stopped totally.

We also taking rest lying down on the lawn with totally wet in the rain water. We got up and sat in the swings sofa. Took out a cigarette and started smoking by sharing one cigarette. Further we had two more session on the same night which is also different experience (you can also try). I will share those in my next story as the current one is already big and you should not get bored. Anyone wants to share your thoughts and feedback and want to have relationship please write to me on / /