Height Of Sex Under Water

Lalita the name still put my lions on fire. No friends it was not a onetime fun, I had already being dating her for the last 2 years and was waiting for any substantial return. That happened to be my first affair in school and I was only 19 and Lalita turned 18, actually sweet girl. I remember my parents were sending me out of station for higher studies and Lalita was very upset.

It happened to be our last meet or you can say first sexual interaction and its not that I have never seen her assets before, but she was always successful to say no at the last moment. She called me by herself to the same garden where we had been meeting for past 2 hours and friends believe me and the sexual pleasure I experienced in the garden, can never imagine in closed choked room.

To my surprise she came in damn revealing one piece red colour frock. I realized that she came today just to surrender herself to me. Her slim and waxed arms were shining in fading light. I could see her melons moving up and down in rhythm as she was moving. Lolita was around 53 taller than her colleagues; her round ass was her asset. I had on numerous times masturbated thinking of her ass.

She has average boobs with pink nipples I know when licked them ahh the feeling still pulls up my dick pink lips and round black eyes and hairs add to the seductiveness of her. We walked for a while and she very affectionately hold my hand, her hands were very cold and soft like melting, and her touch gave wings to my dirty desire. She was looking so fresh and unused to pollute.

I started feeling her each and every touch. However I was afraid as it was getting dark and guard was expected any time. She took me to sizzling water fountain which was favourite to both of us. We sat on the wall of fountain and she asked Sach main jaa rahe ho and I said yes and she busted into tears in order to wipe her tears and I touched her cheeks and could not stop myself and started drawing.

My fingers through her hair moving from her hairline towards the back of her head that was not the first time I was doing that but that day it was working on Lalita like never before. She started moaning and said hug me. I lifted her on my lap and placed her right on my lund having her legs opened and frock lifted upward a little. She was getting crazy by getting my complete touch and started kissing down the neck.

I replied her back with hundreds of kisses on her neck, cleavage and finally her lips. I was totally out of this word, didnt even notice when my hands started fondling her tight boobs. My hands were moving from her waist to neck and reverse and I was feeling the nice curves she was blessed with. We were seated on the boundary of fountain in chair positing, she was sitting on my lap facing me and of course we were inseparable.

The sound of splash of water and chirping of trees were adding to the pleasure. Suddenly we got unbalanced and slipped into the water. We both got equally scared, but I wondered that the water was not very deep. Laughter broken out in the fountain and we both were laughing on each other. I was feeling guilty to get her fallen in the water but to my surprise she was not that shy in her wet revealing cloth.

She held my shirts collar and pulled be towards her and started revolving her fingers across my hair, we were standing very close and leaning on the boundary. We again repeated the kissing story under the water. Water was up to her waist and down my hips and the erection of my lund was apparent even in the dark. It was very cold and we were trying to get even closer to beat the shivering.

To rescue me from the pain of lower portion, she hold my straightened and tight lund by her cold hands and said ab main tumko aur nahi tarsaungi. She was totally decided that day and came in search of ultimate satisfaction. To make her work easy I unzipped my pant and said her to be careful because we were making love in the water. I unbuttoned my shirt and unclothe her too, so we both were standing fondling each other from top to bottom.

Kitna mota hai she hold my lund and smiled. I smiled back fondling her chut trying to dip my finger but it was very tight ahh aaram sai she said as I managed to insert my finger she was wet inside. Meanwhile her soft hands have made my lund go wild. It was erect to the fullest and was about to bust. She started moaning softly as I sucked her boobs and biting her nipples. She went crazy due to pleasure and satisfaction.

I started pumping my finger in her pussy and continued to lick her boobs aahhhhhhh she was hugging me tight and cried in utter pleasure ahhhhhh bas ahhhhhh. I could feel she had her first orgasm. I allowed her to settle n kissed her. I lifted her leg till my shoulder and pulled my hungry cock inside her welcoming pussy.

She was very tight and my lund slipped from her love hole. I tried again and managed to push little inside and she cried in pain maar gaii bas karo and I took out my lund and asked her to lubricate the same. Kya karna haii as she was not aware what to do and I pusher her down and my lund was facing right at her lips open your mouth and suck it. I said she hesitated but I forced a little.

She opened her mouth and took the tip of my lund in. I was on fire and push the entire length inside her mouths she chocked but managed to suck it somehow and I could not control and busted my load inside her mouth and hold her head tight till the last drop was out of my lund her eyes very open in surprise and she somehow swallow whole of my cum.

We stood still for 10 minutes and I kept fingering her pussy my lund was ready to fuck her..Knowing her pussy was very tight I spit on my tip of my lund and spread her legs. I slowly moved the tip inside her love hole and she was in pain. I carried her to the part of fountain where there was less water and lay her on water bed. I used water as lubricant and pushed my complete length inside her Nahi aaahhh

Nikal ho she shouted I locked her lips with mine and started stroking her slowly within minutes her pain subsided and she started enjoying. I pulled her up and she crossed her legs around my waist and I started fucking her hard while standing she stared enjoying ahhhhh she started moaning loud. I was fucking her hard and she collapsed with large sound of pleasure and she had her second orgasm.

I kept on pumping her and within minutes reached climax and I could not hold more and ejected inside her. She moved down my waist and I could see blood on my dick. I was her first man and we stayed there for little long hugging and cuddling each other and I was in heaven and even after she was gone, I could smell her in on my skin ahhhhhh. I will tell you more in my next story.