Sex With Punjabi Aunty

Hi to all ISS readers. Im Varun and back with new story which will make you hot. I received a lot of mails from the readers and am very much happy about it. Thanks for everyone. Those who didnt read my story… please read it before reading this (sex with bhabi and make her pregnant).

I will come into the story now. As you may aware that I am working in Dubai, I am living in a shared apartment with Punjabi family. They are 3, wife, husband and two year daughter. His name is Rajinder aged 35 and his wife name is sonam, aged 28 (names changed for secrecy). Rajinder is not handsome but his wife is damn sexy. She has very perfect assets and she looks like sunny Leone (porn star). They are very friendly with me and almost every day has dinner in their home only. They treated my like their family member. Soniya is very friendly with me and we talked about everything. One day while talking about casual things, she told me that her husband is not interested in sex as before. He goes directly to bed after dinner. She told me that she wants to have fun and tried well to seduce her husband. But of no use.

Then, I told her my past affair with my bhabi and made her pregnant. She exclaimed “What? you have done sex with your bhabi? Is it not a sin?” I told her whats wrong in that? If you didnt get what you require from someone, then you can get it from somewhere else. And moreover sex is also one important part in life and everyone should enjoy it up to maximum. She agrees with that and nothing happened on that day. But on that day onwards her attitude is slowly changing. She is wearing tight dress which can show her assets well and she purposely exposes her cleavage to me. Sometimes she tries to touch her boobs to me and I knew about it but remain silent. One day I am playing with her baby and she gone for bath. Suddenly baby ran into her mothers room and I followed her. My god! Sonam has only towel on her and her assets are almost visible. She also saw me but said nothing. Immediately I ran out side of room and sat on sofa. After some time, she came out of room in pink color salwar kameez with loose hair which up to her butts. She is looking awesome in that dress. She came sat beside me. She asked me why you came outside. Am I not looking sexy in that position? I told her youre damn sexy….But……? She told what but? But youre not my wife na…. Then she takes my hand and put it on her boobs over her salwar. My goodness its very big and soft than I thought. I got signalled from her and started my adventure.

I pressed her boobs very hard over the dress. In a minute I removed her dress. She wore pink color bra and matching panty. I saw her bra size its 38. I removed both bra and panty. Now she is totally nude before me. I excited very much and cant control myself after seeing her massive assets. Boobs were so big, soft and milky. I immediately grabbed her towards me and pressed her boobs. My god! She is still getting milk in her boobs. She told me baby is not drinking the whole milk. I sucked her boobs one by one and drank all the milk. Milk was warm, sweet and salt. I never tasted it before. While I am sucking her boobs, she is moaning “ummmmmmm ahhhhhh” She is heavily breathing and all over body was sweating. Then I put my finger in her pussy. It was so hot like her and her pussy was already got wet with my act. She sat on sofa and I got down near her pussy and teasing her pussy with my tongue. I licked her pussy for 10 min and she filled my face with her orgasm.

Now she is begging me “please fuck me…. I cant wait any more….my pussy needs cock very desperately”. Then I asked her to suck my cock. She told me your cock is too big to take it inside. I put my hand on her head and forced her to take my tool inside her mouth. She is sucking my cock. Oh my god! I am in seven heaven. I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it. Then, I laid her on sofa and removed my dress also. She welcomed my cock by spreading her legs wide. I put my cock entrance of her pussy and pushed it hard into her pussy. In one push, it went total inside. She screamed loudly with pain and requested me to do slowly. I obeyed her request and did slowly and later increase my pace. Her boobs were bouncing due to my heavy fuck. Now she is enjoying the fuck and she reached her organism. I also reached climax and released my hot sperm into her pussy. Sperms were oozing out of her pussy. I was afraid that she may get pregnant. But she relaxed me that she is in safe periods. We both relaxed there in sofa and after 10 min my rod getting ready for another session. I took her in my arms and went inside. I threw her onto bed and asked her to be in doggy style. I fucked her pussy in doggy style for 15 mins and told her I want to fuck her in ass, for which she accepted. I tried to push my cock into her ass but not going inside. It was so tight. I applied some lubricant on my cock and in her ass. Now my huge cock is slowly entered into her tight ass. I fucked her like dog for 15 min and pressed her hanging boobs from behind.

I released my cum in her ass. And lay on beside her. She too was tired and slept with me . When I woke up she is not on bed. I went outside and found her in kitchen. She is in nighty. I went behind her and pressed her boobs. She didnt wear anything inside. My cock is rubbing her ass. Again my cock ready for adventure. I remover her nighty and laid her on dining table and fucked her pussy for 30 mins. She was astonished for my stamina. Now she looked very tired and her body was full of sweat. She wants to have bath. I told her we will do bath together. I lifter her in my arms and taken her to bathroom. I started shower and applied soap all over her body (on boobs and pussy etc) and she did same to me. I laid her on wall and fucked there too. I then take her to bath tub and did sex there also. Now time is 6 p.m and its the time that her husband will come. So we both dressed ourselves and sat in hall seems that happened nothing. His husband came and greeted us. On that day we did almost 7 times sex in different angles. We will have full till day whenever we get chance. To her, I am more than husband. Hope all of you enjoyed well. Any unsatisfied aunties in Dubai…. Please mail me to / /