Best Friend Ki Behen Ke Saath Suhagraat

Hi Readers my name is Vijay Joshi age 24.I belong to a Maharashtrian family. My height is 511 inch,fair ,slightly heavy body & penis size 7 inch.I was born & brought up in Mumbai. About my family there are 3 members in my family Me,mom & dad.My dad is a businessman. I am postgraduated(MBA) from a very recognized Institute of India. I am in to my dads business. am a regular smoker & I love partying. Today I will be sharing my first sex experience with my best friends sister which happened 2 years ago with me. Let me tell u one thing before having sex with my friends sister i had slept with 7 girls. But experience with Tejal(Friends sister) was really great & it completely changed my life.

Let me tell u about Tejal in brief.Tejal is my best friend Aakash sister. I know Aakash since my childhood and i know Tejal from childhood.Tejals age is 27 years she is slightly tanned height must be 511 inch and figure must is 36-26-38.She looked gr8 whenever she used wear salwaar kammez & saari.She stays with her family in the next building. In her family there are 3 member her mom,Aakash and Tejal,her dad expired when she was 22 years of age. So in order to run the house she started to work in a BPO her monthly salary was 40000 rs per month. She generally used to do night shift in BPO.

Many people in BPO develops a habit of smoking & drinking.Tejal also developed habit of smoking & drinking, she used daily smoke 10-12 cigarettes & usually party on her weekly off. Her family member never knew about her habits.Aakash also had no idea about his sisters habit or anything else. Actually Aakash was a foolish kind of a guy. My friend used to work in same BPO in which Tejal used to work.So he used to tell me everything about Tejal.He told me Tejal had Once slept with the M.D. of her BPO.She had an affair with him for around 6 months. During these 6 months the M.D. used to her atleast 2 Times a week.This affair was only known to Employees of her bpo.She slept with in order to get more incentives. Apart from this She had earlier slept with 5 Men from her bpo.You can say that she was treated like slut in that bpo.These 6 people have really worked on her. Thats the reason her Boobs size was increased In the pass 2-3 years.

I used generally talk to Tejal from my childhood. Her bedroom window was visible from the terrace of out building.You could see anyone inside their bedroom. It was around 10pm in the night so i went to smoke on terrace & was strolling around the terrace i saw Her Bedroom light was on. So i peeped into her Bedroom whatever I saw in her bedroom was d best thing I ever saw in my life.I saw Tejal changing and her window curtain were wide open.Teju had Stepped out of her bathroom and she was completely naked. Her Body was slightly tanned boobs were very big & round and were in shape.Tejals figure was really great her pussy was shaven & her underarms were also clean & white she had a piercing on her belly.The belly piercing made her look more sexier.I was feeling like her there in her bedroom but i controlled myself. She wore a gown and left d bedroom.That night I masturbated twice thinking of her. From that day I decided i will fuck her at least once in my life.

So I first of all asked my bpo friend regarding her current boyfriend he said she just broke up with 1 guy from other bpo.This was the chance for me. So started talking to her daily on Facebook, or wherever i met her. Slowly-slowly I started to develop a trust in her mind regarding me. After someday we started to hangout with each other. We used to go on bike rides,movies,sit in Cafe Cofee Day & various places. And one day I proposed to her first she hesitated said that I am her brothers friend how can I carry a relation with you.I assured her dat our relation will not be exposed to anyone. After listening this reply she said yes. After that we came more close to each other. This was the best moments in our relation.

We both then started to Hangout on daily basis.Tejal used to do night shift so i used go & pick her from her BPO.Whenever we used to hangout somewhere I used to Kiss her & press her boobs.There was a lonely road behind her bpo where couples used to sit & spend time with each other. Our visit to any pub was fixed at least once in a week.I used to buy gifts for her, once i also gifted her a lingerie dat also the most expensive once I gifted her lingerie in my house & I told her to wear and come. She came out with only lingerie it was red coloured victoria secret which is the most expensive lingerie in world. While watching her my penis started to rise she noticed it.She said”Vijay I guess something is itching in our jeans lemme check it out”.

She then sat next to me and started to feel my penis with her hands. My penis got more erect because she was rubbing her hands on it.Tejal then removed my penis out my jeans and she was shocked to see a 7 inch cock.She said ” what the fuck is this a dream or reality??”She then started to give me a blowjob.i will tell you this was the best blowjob i ever had in my life coz Tejal was really good in giving a blowjob.I could feel her breath on my penis.Tejal then removed her bra and was only on panties now. She then started to tickle and play with my testicles.It was really great first time in my life I had such experience that also from my friends sister. She gave me a blowjob for around 20-25 minutes and then i cummed on all over her boobs.She then cleaned her boobs with a tissue paper.I said to her that”Teju you give the beast blowjob in the world. “she smiled and said “You really liked there is more to come ahead boy.

It was around May month going on I decided to hav a trip to Goa.I asked Teju she was ready to come with me to Goa.So i decided to fuck Teju in Goa.I packed my bag and for Teju I bought 2 pair of two piece bikini so that she could wear on beaches of Goa I also to a large pack of condoms & Contraceptive pills.Our Goa trip was for 5 days & 4 nights and on this trip only me & Teju were going so it was gonna b hell lot of fun.I told my parents that I am going to Goa in our car & Teju also Lied at her home that shes going with her friends. So on Thursday evening we both left for Goa.It was a 8 hour journey while driving i gave the box in which there were 2 bikinis she was surprised with this gift.We reached Goa on Friday morning. I had booked a hotel which was near the beach & our window of our hotel gave a nice view of sea.The hotel room was really nice it was a 5-star hotel with all facilities such as Bathtub, centralised A/C.Teju Was really excited on our trip.

We checked in our room & had bath changed our clothes and left for Beach.Tejal was wearing a Red coloured 2 piece bikini & was looking really hot in it.We spent some time on the beach we both Splashed water on each other.I kissed her & pressed her boobs when we were in the sea.After sometime we returned to our hotel and had lunch and slept before leaving for sight seeing.while we were on beach i clicked many of Tejals photographs she was looking like a bikini model Really hot.She had pierced a diamond in her navel which was made her look more sexier.It was 3.30 we left for some sightseeing we visited an old fort in Goa.I found a room in the fort it was slightly dark in there I took Tejal Inside it and started to Kiss her lips,neck & everything.She was also responding to me well.We then left for her our hotle as we had to attend a beach party.

It was around 10 in night when we reached the beach party.Teju was wearing a black cloured t-shirt and denim short which movie actress wear.She was looking sexy as usual in that dressing. I had decided that I will make Teju Drunk first & then fuck her.There was very loud music being played in that party.My drinking capacity was only 12-15 drinks after that I used to loose control and Tejus drinking capacity was only 8 glasses.So that night I kept myself Under control by Drinking less.Teju had around 7 glasses that night and was on a verge of losing it.So I took Teju back to our Hotel room Tejal was in her senses.So I entered with her in our room & made her sit on sofa.She was sitting next to me.I told her “Teju I love u Shall we move on”,she just nodded her head & opened my zip and started to give me a blowjob.Her Blowjob was the best in the world I ever had.I slowly removed her top she was wearing bra I also removed it and started to press her boobs.Her Blowjob lasted for 15 min after that i removed my pants I was completely naked now and my 7 inch cock was completely errect.

I removed her shorts & started to Lick her vagina which was already watering with her cum.I completely liked her pussy she was moaning with some pain. I licked her pussy for 20 min after that I took her towards the bed. I made her lay on bed and inserted my 7 inch cock in her pussy.As soon as I inserted my cock in her pussy she started to scratch me with her nails on my arm and my back. I started to stroke her slowly-slowly and after some stroke I started to increase my speed now I started to stroke he more faster. But I forget 1 thing which I regretted about that night but tha thing changed my life I forgot to use protection that night.She was moaning with pain”aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh babay oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yes more fasterrrrrrrrrr.I kept on fucking her in that position for around 10 minute. We both really sweating a lot that night depite the a/c was on. Now I changed position I laid on bed and made her sit on my dick and made her ride it.I was pressing her boobs and fucking her both same time. She was also giving me response by getting into rhythm it was really great feeling..After some time she moaned loudly and her liquids oozed out. She had a smile of satisfaction on her face. Then i smooched her and kissed her breasts. She was sweating heavily which made me even more horny.

The sight of her boobies going up and down made me more hornier.She bent down and gave one of her boobies to my mouth and finally i said i was going to come she said she was near orgasm too. After 15 mins I shot a load of cum and she too moaned very loudly and threw her wet body on me. We stayed in that position for 5 mins then she got up. My thighs were covered by our body fluids and sweat. It was late in night so we both slept In the bed. Next morning I kissed her forehead we both were naked in bed and again had a morning session. We both had bath together in bathroom. For the next 3-4 days we both had sex whenever we got chance. It was the best experience of my life.

But I completely forgotten that I did not use protection when we both had sex for first time.Teju told me that she is pregnant I was completely shocked to hear this news. But I do not know how I started to see her as my life partner cause we were like made for each other. So on last day I proposed her for marriage she said yes and said that she finds me as her Mr. perfect. I was really happy but she was pregnant with my child. So I had to do abortion of her.My parents will not have objection with our marriage but I doubt TEjus mom might have. But I want to see Aakashs reaction when he will know that I am getting married to Teju.
I promise myself that I will keep Tejal as princess and fuck her like a whore.
Well this was my sex experience hope you people liked it.