Zindagi Na Milengi Dobara

Hi, ISS readers and Rishma, thanks for appreciation for my previous stories, I am Tinku Shah from Nagpur 27, 511” with my another encounter with a lovely, beauty, softy, mrugnayani, sweetheart TARA from Hyderabad. It more love story than a sex story.
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This incident happens when i visit to Hyderabad for yard inspection of my company, Our company has big yard in Hyderabad, and there are many employees there, and of course Tara is also working there in a/c sec. we chatted many times on phone officially but totally stranger to each other, its a long inspection of stock, scrap, a/c, and all the business so it needs at least 5 days, when i reached Hyderabad i make a schedule of 2hr at each department, as all are in one premises, a big yard with 4 room office having one small room of a/c sec. when I entered to a/cs I saw a beautiful lady working on computer, she is very fair as some saffron mixed with milk, height 51″, figure 38-30-39or40, dimples on cheeks and smile to die for, little chubby but fit, wearing pink top and black trouser she is looking like south heroine Ramya in open brown hair, I feel like to catch her there only.

She got stand up as I am her boss, and offered me chair and start working, her ass bums are swinging very sexily while walking, she is very efficient in her work and all a/c are updated as per her concern. Half hour later on lunch time she offers me and insisted to have lunch as no proper lunch at this area as our yard is some out of city. I agree and we start chat some personal, she told that she is married and had 10 yr old son. I was surprised. As we many times talk on phone so its easy for us to talk personal, then I ask her about her husband, she told that he is a property agent.

After lunch we start working again and I saw a difference of rs 10000 as advance on one employee and I asked her about it, she told me that Ramesh needs that money urgently so she gave her money and approval Is in the process, I shouted on her very badly, and she start crying and say sorry and told me that she had taken permission from our owner and after that she handover the money.

Now I feel awkward that unnecessary I shout on her, but my male ego is not allows me to say sorry, so I left from there, and moved to another section, at evening when I completed my work and came out of our yard saw some transport for guest house, Tara came on her scooter and told that there is no public transport there as it is a industrial area, now I feel shame and says her sorry, she smile and says dont mind.

We both sat on her scooter and ride towards my company guest house, she comes with me to my room and we both take coffee there and talk half an hour and became free, I again say sorry for my behaviour and she start crying loudly and told that she has a habit of such scenes as her hubby is always fights with her, then she told me that her hubby is a failure in life and jealous of her that she is making good money.

And I start to press her hand to give her some courage, then she kept her head on my shoulder and I cares her for some time, I had no sexual feeling for her at that time, but I feel warmth of her body, readers may think that it is a fake no woman can give u body touch so fast, but remember its a friendly touch.

After that we decided to have lunch for next day at some restaurant, and at lunch I know that she is a very naughty lady and always chit chat with all the people around. She has some sort of childishness in her that keeps her so fresh all the day, she has a killing smile always on her face, and her naughty eyes are keeps her face always glowing like light.

Then suddenly she asked me “hey do u have Gf”
I “ya” “wow, lucky girl” she replies.
“Why” I asked her.
“You are a nice person” she says and smiles with chewing her lower lip.
Then she asks many things about my gf and asked me what type of girl I like, instantly I replies like U.
She got some angry and asks me “why all boys likes aunties more”

“Because of sarees, boys like them more, in deep naval saree aunties look great, appealing and sexy” I replied.

“Ok” she says. I told her that I will call her later and leave the place as I have to go to city office. All the time I am thinking about her sexy body and nice behavior.

After 2hrs I call her and talk about some a/cs and at the end of call I say her sweetheart and cut the phone. She instantly calls back and asked me why I am doing all these as she is married and happy with her husband. I told her that I like her very much. She got angry and cut the phone.

Next day morning she comes office in a dark blue transparent saree with golden embroidery on it, she is looking damn good in it like goddess, and smiles at me mischievously with lower lips between teeth.
Then in afternoon I told her that she is looking great in saree, but she didnt answer and also refuse my lunch proposal.

As I know that she is taking interest in me I call her many times but she reject the personnel talk, but at evening when I call her she ask me what I want, then I told her just to hug u, (on phone).
I want 2 feel u
Oh….!!!hold me….
Feeling niceeeee…what about you?
Its d best of my life, can i kiss u
Mmmmm kisss me…
Ur lips r so… Sweet, like rose
Shold i kiss and lick on your neck
Wwwooww l love dat part… kss meee your kiss is cho chweeet.. mmmm ahhhhh….
Ohhhhh! Tel me d next what u like
ahhh ohhh… What do u want to do….
Wowww, i feel you here, really
Kisss al over d face….
Tel me d next what you like
Il close my eyes… start…

Ya, feel it
Ya feeling…. Hey.. stopppppp ……hihihi
Now i keep my 1hand on your shoulder, and other on your waist, with my tongue in your mouth
Oh god…ahhhhhh. hhhhaaaa..lovely……
Now my hand slid on your big bs Its so soft
Now i want 2 drink milk
Yeahhh hooo… U want milk..taste it
Whch color bra u use 2day
Black one…
Remove upper and show me Wow d best of my life
Oh …nnaaa dear…. Really..?
How 2 open hook of bra help me
Hey…. ill not leave to open d hoook….
Thanx god bra is free now
Now i know what a heaven is
mmm very clever…
I want realese
Kaise Realese..mtrbt???
Once hug me…plss .

And then suddenly I got release in bathroom like flood, and cut the phone, what a relief.

Next day was a holiday so I make a plan to take Tara to our guest house as it is a set of four 1bhk flats, all are separated, so I call her in morning and her hubby pickup the call and ask about the work and I told her that there is some work in off and its urgent and I had to go tomorrow to Nagpur so she has to come at office for 2 hours, then her hubby gives the phone to softy Tara and I told her to reached to guest house in 1 hour and she agreed, and I waited her there. Till then I brought Pizza banana and also a packet of condom.

After one hour my softy Tara comes on a traditional south Indian saree of pink color with green color blouse with some heavy work on it, looking like goddess, and a very sexy smile on her face.

Ask me angrily “today is holiday and I have to go, so lets complete the work fast” and take out the a/c file.

I kept that file on table and kissed her on her face and her face became red and she tried to pushed me away but I hold her hand tight and pulled her towards me, then she saw in my eyes and slowly reduce her force and comes in my arms, so I hug her so tightly that she feels great, then I take her to bed and we both sat there and I kept my lips on her but she didnt response and close her eyes.

I slowly start surfing my tongue on her lips and then she also enjoys it and opened her lips a little bit and I entered my tongue in it and feel her teeth then her inner lips and the warmth gives us a shockwave, then I entered in her mouth and circled my tongue in her mouth around her inner cheeks and tongue. She starts breath heavily and holds my hands tightly; also respond me by entering her tongue in my mouth, what a feeeeeling! It was wowwwww!
Its like heaven, then I started to kiss her all over the face, also bit her chubby cheeks and also licks her dimple on her face, I feel a love feeling more than a sexual feel for her, as I want to enjoy her touch more than to fuck her. Her skin is so soft and silky as she takes bath from milk and butter, imagine friends my luck!

Then I make her lay down, as she is little chubby so it feels very naughty and hold her cheeks with my hands like baby and kissed her there, she starts laughing.

I came over her and kissed her on the part that she loves very much, her neckline and she feels ohhhh ohhh, and surf her hand in my hairs and I start licking her neck line from down to up, and also kissed her ears and insert my tongue in her ear and circled there.

“I want to drink milk” I told her in low voice, she couldnt say anything and lay there only; I slowly take upper of her saree, OMG! Her cleavage is like never touched by anybody. I feel her cleavage by my hands and start licking very very slowly, her that part became red by my licking, then I removed her saree fully and she covered her face by hands, then I apart her hands and kissed her all over her face, neck and cleavage.

Now she is also kissing me all over the face, I came to her belly button and lick her all stomach in circular motion, she start lifting her hips as she is enjoying it very much, I am doing this very slowly as I want to enjoy in full swing.
Then I opened the button of her blouse and there is my lovely black netted bra, I start pressing her 38size boobs from bra very hardly and continue with her belly, she is doing like huhhhh huhhhh huhhhh.

Slowwwwly” she says, but I dont listen her and press her nipples with my thumb and finger. Now she gone mad and says ” ahhhhh, Tinku, it feels wowwww, carry on, dont stop”
I didnt say anything as my mouth is busy and I am taking more important work from my mouth.

Then I removed her blouse and bra, wah, what a pair of milk tanks more beautiful than Tajmahal, I didnt believe that she has a 10 year old baby, start pressing and sucking nipples both at a time very hardly, she is pulling her head back so the boobs came more appealing and I tried to take most of them in my mouth and hand and continue with it for 10mins sucking and only sucking her nipples so hard, she also opened my tees and start her hands on my chest and back that feels good. Now its time to go forward, right?

I slowly open the string of her lower (lahanga) with one hand and remove it slowly, and came down.

Wowwwwwwwwww! Doesnt u know friends its just great, her shining buttery softy thighs any could die for it, with black panty on

I am not lying, trust me, only by touching it I feels like I am Cumming, but I controlled myself for the rest.

I start caressing her legs from toes to pussy end, she is shivering like a fish without water, with closed eyes and continuously ohhhh ohhhho ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh ufffffff uffffff uffffffff plsssssss

After caressing I start licking her inner thighs and goes up side licking and reached to her pussy and smelled her pussy over the panty, wow, it smells good, and when I touched her pussy she suddenly jumps in shockwave in her full pussy gone wet.

Then I start cares her pussy over the cloth and also press her clit now she came over me and open my jeans and cares my chest and all over the body then open my undies and start playing with my 7.5″ cock so hardly that I feels like Cumming, so I stop her and we both stand up and hugs each other and cares, in meanwhile I opened her panty and the beautiful than ocean pussy(my rassagulla) is in front of me, no hairs, pussy water is dripping from it,pussy juices are flowing on her thighs. I start fingering her pussy with 2 fingers and she is doing like ohhh ufff noooo ahhhh.

I am not in my control I immediately make her lay down on bed and came between her legs and slowly keeps my mouth on it and start drinking all the pussy water from there, she is uffffffffffffffffff nooooooooooooooooo plsssssssssss dont do this and screaming like hell.

But her pussy is cho chweeet that I csnt control and start licking her inner pussy by circling my tongue and take it to her deepest as I could, she is shivering in pleasure, and hold my hairs tightly and pushed my head in her pussy,
Then I moved to her clit and press her clit hard with my tongue and suddenly she blast in my mouth and all I drunk. Then she goes to wash room naked on my request and come in 2 mins, then she lay besides me and starts playing with my circumcised cock and slowly take it in her mouth and played with the tip of my cock with her tongue, it feels so good that a lady of such beauty taking your cock in her mouth and warmth of her mouth gives very hard on. A long ooohhhhhhhhhh comes out of me.

Then I take her in 69 and again start playing with her pussy, first I stretched her pussy with my both hand and fuck her pussy with my tongue for 2 mins, then start licking her furiously, she is doing like ouououou sound as my cock is in her mouth, then I take some Vaseline on my thumb and put it on her ass hole she shivered in pleasure and swinging her hips in a rhythm, then I slid my thumb in her ass hole but its so tight that its not easy for me to give motion, but after some time I got motion.

Now her all 3 holes are being screwed by me in same time and its like heaven for me, her mouth is fucked by my cock, her pussy by my tongue and ass by my thumb, wowwww what a feeling it was.

Then she told me to stop, she lay down flat and take me on her body, now its time for the final match, I slowly take her legs and keep them around my waist and put my throbbing cock on her pussy entrance and pushed it in her, its so slippery that I reached half in one go and she scream in pain, so I stop and asked her “you have 10yr old baby and you are so tight, how?”

“We only do it once a week, my hubby size is only 5″, you to big and fat” she reply.

Then I pushed my cock fully in her, she “ooohhhhh, plz slow”

I slowly start humping her then increase my speed, now she is also enjoys it, all the room is sounds like puch puch puch puch in rhythm and feels great, with her oh oh oh oh oh .

After then we change the position to doggy and I hold her hairs in my right hand and waist with left and entered my cock in her pussy.

Its a great scene as I am riding a horse and her spread ass hole is in my front with many vaselline is sticking all around her hole, it increase my pressure so give hard jerks to her like phat phat phat, and she enjoys it very much and scream like “ahhhhhhh I am Cumming” and I am also near to my climax, she suddenly takes some jerks to her body and cum, then I tell her that I am also Cumming so what to do, she says “come in my mouth” and turn around start jerking my cock in her mouth, I cummed like jet in her mouth and all around her face, she shows me my cum on her tongue and drunk it slowly slowly and some fell down on bed sheet, bedsheet got some patches, then she licks cum from her face by fingers, she is doing like a real pornstar.

We rested for 10min and then moved to bathroom to wash our self, there we clean each other, now she feels happy with me and doing naughty things with me like slapping my cock, sucking my nipples, playing with my balls. So I got my mood again and told her “now its time to take your ass, darling”.

“No, no” she says.

But I caught her hand and pushed her to washbasin and rubbed my cock on her pussy to her ass hole, soon she got her mood also but not ready for her ass, so I insert it to her pussy and start humping her slowly, and also insert 2 fingers in her ass hole, then I take out my cock from pussy and instantly keep on her ass hole and start entering it in her ass and success, wow its so tight and feels like it is in a sugarcane juice machine taking out my juices, she also start enjoying the act, after 2 min I caught her boobs from behind and giving her big thrusts and cum in her ass hole. Then she told me that she has desire of being fucked in ass from her teen age and its being fulfill today by me.

Then we clean our self and takeout pizza banana which I bring specially for her, then we ate it.

She even not able walks properly as she got some pain due to ass fucking.

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