Awesome Picnic With My Dearest Aunt

Hello Friends, this is Dipsay from Mumbai. I am 27 years old and married to my beautiful wife. We share a very healthy sex relationship. I m 6 feet tall with a cock of 6″ long and 2″ thick. I still remember that day when we all the family members went for a picnic to lonavla. We were a group of 30 family members. As I had planned the trip I was going through the names of members, but to my shock I found my aunts name was not in the list. I felt a bit sad. Now let me tell about her, she is 57″ tall she has a sexy figure of 34 28 36. No one can make out that is is a mother of a 10 year old girl.

I always had crush on her since she came to our house after marriage. We were more of friends with each other. I thought I must have forgotten her name, so I called her on her phone. First she was not picking the phone. But after few calls she picked up. “Hi aunty, where are you we all are waiting for you near the bus”. She said she cannot come coz she had to be at her relatives place for some function. I got sad by hearing this and suddenly I said “I will miss you sweet heart” she was stunned by this. At that time I made a plan. I am going to take my aunty anyhow and fuck her.

I told my parents that I will take my car and come. They told ok and left. My mind was making plans how to make my aunt to join the picnic. I called her and told that even I had cancelled the picnic and not going. She said “why is u not going dear”. “I cannot go without you aunty, I arranged this trip only for you”. I was at my flirtiest best. After a long discussion she accepted to come. I told her I am standing down. She came in the balcony winked at me and gave me a naughty smile. I thought today is my day. After 10 min she came down. My eyes were wide open to see her. She was wearing a white 3/4 and a pink sleeveless. She was looking like a Barbie.

She sat on the front seat and gave me a hug and a kiss on my lips. I was surprised by this. We then started to drive. As we were reaching panvel, she saw Mc Donald and said “lets have something”. I said “I am full with the sweet kiss”. We went to the drive true and she ordered for a chocolate ice cream. She came to know my intentions towards her. As we caught the expressway I switched on the cruise control in my car. She was teasing me by licking the ice cream and looking at my cock which was hard. She directly put her hand on my cock and started massaging it. It was an amazing feeling for me. I said “I was dying for this aunty”, she said “even I was waiting for this day”.

I told her “aunty abs isse pant se bather bhi nikalo, bahot pain ho raha hai”. “ha mujhe bhi tumhara lund pakadna hai”. She unzipped my pants and removed my cock. It was so hard it was saluting her. She started plating with my cock and my balls. “yeh to kafi bada aur mota hai”. I said “tumhare liye hi hai”. “aaj to tere lund se ji bhar ke khelungi” “bahot time liya tune bhenchod”. “apni aunty ki feelings bhi nahi samajta”.

I said ” to dekh kya rahi hai ab isse apne muh me le” “aur yeh kya saali rand apne boobs kiske liye chupake rakhe hai, nikal use” then she removed her top and she was not wearing any bra. “dekh kya raha hai chutiye mujhe pata tha aaj tu mujhe nahi chodega, isliye tere liye nahi pehni”. I was driving with one hand and met other hand was pressing her beautiful white boobs. Her nipples were like pink rose. ” aaj to tujhe itna chodunga jab tak tera khoon na nikle” ” mein bhi yehi chahti hu saale aaj to teri aunty to aapni slave banale bhenchod” she was getting very much horny as she was abusing a lot and her eyes were half closed. “ab tadpa mat saali aur mera lund apne muh me le”.

She started sucking my cock like a prostitute. she was giving an awesome blowjob. after some time I was about to cum. I did not tell her and sprayed my hot lava inside her mouth. I wanted her to drink it so I kept pushing her head in my cock so she cannot escape. then she took my cock in her hand. man her mouth was filled with my cum. I could see some cum coming out as well. I said ” maja aaya bitch”. ” abhi asli maja to baki hai”. I took my car to khandala hills. I was searching for a remote place to fuck this bitch. at last I found a bush. I told her ” ab bahar nikal tujhe slave banane ka time aa gaya hai”. she came out I locked my car and took her inside this thick bush.

Place was a little uncomfortable where we could fuck only in standing position. I planted a small kiss on her lips and started playing with her tits. I made her totally nude and told “kya maal hai tu saali aaj to tujhe maja chakana hi padega” I made her kneel on her knees and ordered her to suck my cock. guys this bitch gives amazing blowjob. I told her to get up . I started licking her nipples and playing with her clits. she was moaning in pleasure, ” ab kitna tadpayega teri is bitch ko, chod na saale bhosdike”. I lifted her leg and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. she was dripping juices. I was playing with her pussy . “ab chod bhi bhenchod raha nahi ja raha”. then with one hard push I inserted my whole length in her.

She shouted loudly “aaaahhhhhh fuck bhenchod aaram se nahi gusa sakta tha bhosdike bahot dard ho raha hai”. I said ” dard to abhi abki hai”. I started pumping her hard after 15 min of fucking I removed my cock and made her kneel down. I came all over her face. she was so happy to lick all my cum. I said ” isse choos ke phir khada kar saali”. she said “ab aur chudai nahi ho payegi meri chut phat chuki hai”. I said to her ” thick hai koi baat nai teri chut to phat gayi ab teri gaand bhi fadunga” i put my cock in her mouth and started gagging her. after 5 min my cock was all ready to fuck her ass. she was begging in front of me not to fuck her ass. “meri gaand mat mar, aaj tak kabhi nahi kaiya hai”.

I said “bahot kuch first time hota hai aunty”. I made her doggy. I spitted on her ass. first I thought of fingering her ass to make it bigger. then I thought she should enjoy it. I put the tip of my cock near her ass. I started pushing slowly. she was crying ” bahar nikal nahi le sakti tera lund meri gaand mein” I started increasing my speed. she was crying mercilessly but I was in no mood to leave her. I fucked her ass for 20 min and I sprayed my cum inside her add.

We then got dressed up and reached lonavla where our family was waiting for us. she was staring at me every time and signaling me that her ass is paining like hell. She texted me it was a nice fuck. next time at my house. I want to thank you in my way. We went home at night but this time I w driving alone. we were chatting in between. after few days I got a call from her. Its time to thank you sweets.

I will tell you in next story when I went to her house she had really planned a big surprise for me…. well sorry friends for such a long story… I hope u all will like it and suggestions or comments will be appreciated at / /