How It All Started With My Aunt

Hi everybody, i am eshwar and this is my first story. Please read it and give me some comments. Firstly i should tell about me. I am normal average guy and 511” height 19 year old guy. I got to know about sex when i was in my high school. In our school we use to be away from girls as others would tease us if we talk to girls. So this created more interest in girls. I use to have a crush on my teacher too. Actually when i saw this site and kept reading this stories. i started to see everyone in sexual way, except my mom and sister who i respect the most.

Ok sorry for that, coming to the story. This happend an year ago when i completed my 12th and having vacation. MY aunt(dads sister) was a widow and she had two daughters about them i will tell u in the next story. After my uncle died she came to my grandfathers house to stay which was just beside our house.her older daughter was in australia and she with her younger daughter(20 years) came to my grandfathers house. About my aunt she is 36-32-40 with a huge and sexy ass. When i started thinking sexually i thoudht to fuck her ass once. i dint know i would get a chance very quikly. sometimes i use to sleep in my grandparents house, this was my practice from childhood. One day i slept in their house and when i got up in the night i just checked on my aunt she was sleeping in 2nd bedroom and she had a good curves in her body. i immediately went to bathroom and jerked off. then thought to watch her activities from the next day.

I got to know that she reads some books related to romance and little sex. I thought she would be missing her husband. every night i use to go to her room and see her and go jerk off but never had courage to go ahead. I use to slowly touch her in the mornings as well. and this continued. one night when i was watching her, she suddenly woke up and saw me. she asked me wat i wanted and i coldnt answer and i was in my boxers and she would have seen my hard on but i thought and said i came for water. she gave me water and went out. i dint dare do that in next few days. one day when i went in she was watching some romantic scene in english picture and i know that she was horny and need something in her pussy. so ithought seduce her. i planned for seducing her, by some way and then fucking her.

I started to go to her room in the morning as well in my boxers and i would get hard on by watching her and i did not hide it and left it for her to watch. i noticed her watching it but not for long as she was little orthodox and she doesnt want to be caught. this went on for a couple of days. then i went to her room and use to chat with her in the night before sleeping. after some days i understood that i cannot seduce her as she wants sex but she is not getting it out. and she trying to control herself.

So one day before going to bed i was chatting with her and i asked about my uncle and she started crying. i asked her whether she missing him. she said yes and i started to console her and i asked her what they use to do and how they enjoyed. and started to open up and she also told about her romantic life and how she enjoyed with him. i asked how is she managing without him in indirect way. she could not answer and i pursued her to answer and she said ok eshwar i am gonna tell you but dont tell anyone. i promised her and she told me that she reads romantic and sex books and she masturbates and setles herself and controls herself. i directly asked her would she want any help from me. she was shellshocked and dint speek a word.

I said sorry if i hurt you. but she said that she knows that i geting aroused by seeing her and told that this is wrong. i said it is ok you can not go anywhere and will not tell anyone about this and she could happily enjoy. she hesitated and i suddenly kissed her on the lips and she first hesitated but then responded well and started to press her big melons and also pressing her huge ass. Then i heard my grandmother walking i quikly got up and went to my room and acted as if i was asleep and came back after sometime and my beautiful aunt was waiting for me with just a blouse and panty. i went directly to her bed and jumped on her and she was more horny and starving than me and i could see thst in her actions. she kissed me hard and then she got down open my shorts and i already had a hard on. She took my tool in her mouth and sucked it very well and it was my first blow job. and i was enjoying like hell and then i ejaculated in her mouth and she swallowed it all and then got in to the position for fuck and she parted her legs and was waiting for my cock. i was pressing her loose big melons and teasing her by touching the entrance of her pussy and i said that she should wait for some more time.

I liked her pussy and then her nipples for some time nad then started the fuck of my life and she was pumping me in reverse direction and i fucked her for some time and ejaculated in her. then i asked her that i would like to fuck her other hole for that she said she never got fucked ther, i said it would be great and i started my doggy style fucking her tight asshole and she could not bear the pain and then the pain turned to pleasure and we both had an another session after that and i went back to my room and went to bed. We had many sessions after that and we were even caught by her daughter about which i will tell you in the next story.