Spice Up My Sex Life

Aged 48 and still have to urge to have sex daily, and you would be knowing, that it burns a lot of calories. As routine, sex (intercourse) started to be a monotomy. It is common for a husband and wife to have sex in a routine way, routine I mean without much foreplay, cuddling and kissing. The budding younger generations are much better than old people.

I wanted to revive my sex life and discussed with my wife, She immediately agreed and I was happy to hear that. We planned for a second honymoon after so many years. Guys, the very thought of it gave me goosepims and the wait for the day was a thrilling experience. Planning a lot of things in my mind, cant discuss with anyone. I wanted to surprise her, so did not discuss anything with her also (male ego). We were all set to go, we told everyone, that we are going for a friends sons marriage, to avoid any questions. It was a overnight journey by train in sleeper class, (no budget for AC) reached our destination tired and we took a decent hotel.

I took a bath and wanted to go and puchase a list of things, just for name sake asked her, do you want anything, she immediately said, one baby oil. I had plans to buy one, but hearing it from her mouth was shocking, why? She replied with another question, Have you discussed anything with me blurted noooooooo, then just buy, you will see for yourself, OK. You close the door take bath and rest I will come back after the purchase.

I was back before noon, had our lunch and thought of sleeping for an hour. I slept as soon as I laid on the bed and woke up at 3 o click, she was sleeping peacefully, with no tension on her face, I was thinking, what she would be doing when she was back at home. We usually travel with the children, this is the first time, we have come alone, the thought itself was thrilling. (I stood there thinking of our life together for the past 23 years, I have been a lucky person to get her, I thanked god for giving her to me. My eyes filled with tears.) I wanted to give her lots of surprises.

My beauty queen was sleeping wearing a nighty, she does not wear a bra or panty. I wanted to undress her without disturbing her sleep, She was wearing a new nighty, so i did not want to cut it. I took my small scissors from the shaving kit and went near her leg. (I thought of cutting near the stitch, so it can be stitched back.) My god, she just opened her eyes and starred at me, I was dumbfound, gave some lame excuse and put back my scissors. I told her, see my hard meat, dont you want it, showed her the bulge in my lungi.

She asked me, shall I give you a massage, I smiled and told her, I will give you now, you can give me in the night, she agreed, I asked her to remove her nighty, My god, I could not believe my eyes, she was wearing a panty and a bra with some ornaments, she looked like a goddess, I could not take my eyes off her, I would have swallowed her with my eyes, she blushed and lay down on the bed, I told her, it is not enough dear, remove everything from your body, you should be as you were born nothing on you (only me). she removed them one by one, I wanted to capture it in my camera, but I dont want it to leak, so I erased the thought.

I spread a towel on the bed and asked her to lie on it. She did as i instructed, I took some oil in my hand and was thinking of where to start the massage, i choose the hand and started with it, I massaged both the hands one by one, taking care not to touch her boobs or pussy. I asked her to turn around and lie on her stomach, only then it striked me, I should have started with her back(old fool, did not know this). I massaged her back starting with her neck, I also took care not to touch her boobs, I reached her ass, it was a beautifull pair of ass, I just stood starring at it, and poured oil and started to nead, the effect of my massage was clearly visible on her, her legs started to part little by little, with the view to her pussy being widened, I could see the pussy lips trying to spread like a lotus. Beautifull site. I am selfish, I will not show it to anyone.

I massaged her legs and asked her to turn around and like on her back, she turned around and I started massage on her shoulders and reached her boobs, it was hard and enlarged, i wanted to suck and fuck her, but I kept back, I poured lots of oil and massaged he boobs and her nipples were tring to poke me.

I went down to her belly and finally I had to reach her pussy, without touching her pussy, i poured some oil, it was dripping down her love hole, the cold oil gave a shock to her vaginal lips, her vaginal muscles started to contract and oil started to flow inside her love hole, I placed my hand on her pubic mould and my hand could cup her mould, she had been arroused and had reached her peak, I put one finger inside and could feel the heat and the grip on my finger.

I was thinking, if she could grip my one finger, she can grip my penis more, the very thought was killing me. but wait, no hurry, you have the full day with you. My penis had reached its maximum size and was standing errect, any women would love to have it inside her. Her moans started to increase and could hear her loud. At home, she cannot make any sound. Here she was not caring for anything, she wanted to enjoy to the hilt. Her moans were real turings and I was also in a hurry to put my sword in its cover.

I applied pressure on the walls of her vagina and it increased her moans, I put two fingers and placed my thumb on the clit, she raised her ass to receive my fingers fully, I wanted her to orgasm with my penis inside her, I withdrew my fingers and laid flat on her and crushed her boobs with my chest tried to suck her upper lips, my penis was aligned with her love hole and a small jerk was enough to go inside. This time, my tongue had no job to be done. The aroused women are a beauty to be seen, I dont know from where they get such a beauty, when they are in bed.

She was looking like a bride blooming at the top and bottom. You can identify a virgin girl who is going to get married, with her glow in the face, but girls with premartial sex dont have such glow before their marriage. (So girls never indulge in sex before marriage, even with the person, you are going to marry, Sorry, if I am wrong)

She was trying to crush my with her hug, I asked her, are you trying to pierce your nipples into my chest, she gave a blush (I still remember that face). I gave a slow push to my penis, it tried to plough into her love hole spreading her vaginal lips, I did not push further, she tried to pull it inside with her muscles, it was a warm welcome of my penis, I wanted to experience it more, so kept standing at the entrance. (selfish guy) She immediately slid her hand on to my ass and tried to push my ass down, but, i was stronger, so i resisted. He he he.

Sometime, I ejaculate without control, sometimes, I can prolong as long as I want. I have been exercising for my PC muscles, and she have been doing her kegel exercises.(If you dont know, google it, you will learn) I felt, i should not make her wait, so gave in and inserted my penis inch by inch, till the whole of my penis was inside her, she was happy and thrust her ass to receive my penis. I could no longer wait, I started to pump in and out with full speed in between to prolong my ejaculation I slowed and remove it out and insert again. I did not want to miss her face, so continued with the missionery alone. I did not know from where I got so much love for her, I was kissing and sucking her lips and sucking and licking her boobs, I was thinking, why I did not have two mouth. I pumped till i was tired and my penis started to grow small, she wanted me to stop pumping also, she had orgasm after orgasm and she became tired, so i did not ejaculate , waiting for the night till she massages me followed by a fuck. Best times are coming ……….

I was lying flat on her and sucking her boobs, I am hungry, can you give some milk……………

More to follow………

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