Armpit Sex

I have always been an armpit lover since I grew up. Clean shaven ones, bushy ones I love them all. I like the raw pungent smell that it emits and love to lick the sweat that gathers in the hollow of an armpit. I have made my women lick my armpits in turn and if they are sufficiently roused, they liked licking my armpits. I always get turned on by women in sarees and sleeveless blouses.

Five years ago I fucked a buxom whore at a brothel I used to frequent. I remember her for her very big boobs, the largest that I had ever come across; they were really unnatural. She said jokingly that it was the result of too much of grappling by customers over the years. Anyway, she wore a cotton sari so I made her take off her blouse and wear the sari in the traditional Bengali way; she looked ravishing like that. I laid her on the bed and raised her arms to sniff at her deep set pits.

As soon as I did that, she began to resist. I was amazed. What happened? She began to throb and told me that her armpits were the most sensitive parts of her body and she just could not bear any touch there; she felt so ticklish and sexed. So I just brought my nose close to her armpits and sniffed them without touching them; that action alone sent her shivering. So I blew from my mouth into her armpits and that sent her rolling. What if I licked her there?

She kept on requesting me not to lick her there. So I resisted myself again and concentrated on the rest of her body which was huge. I licked and nibbled her nipples, fondled her huge soft breasts, turned her over and kneaded her ass and flicked my tongue between the crevice of her ass. She enjoyed all that. She licked me all over and licked my ass and everything. Then I raised my arms and she licked both my armpits and ran her fingers softly over my nipples and played with my penis. She was a veteran; she knew her way to a mans libido.

I was now very very excited. So at one point I shifted my concentration to her armpits again and this time I plunged my tongue into her armpit. She jolted like as if a 1000 volt current went through her body; her body almost levitated in the air. She got so excited that there was no stopping me. I went on licking her armpit vigorously and she moaned like a bitch, pleading me to stop but there was no stopping me. I kept on licking her armpit and she began to rock and moan; despite all her protestations,

She was enjoying the armpit fuck with my tongue… We kept at it, she kept on moaning and I kept on licking and I got so excited by the entire act and her moans that slowly the sperms began to course through my penis and I realised it was too late for me to check the flow, wear a condom and fuck her in the cunt. I let go off the sperms and they spurted out. I positioned myself on her and my sperms spurted out in jets all over her stomach and thunderous thighs as my tongue dug dipper and dipper into her armpits which was wet with my saliva… Then I collapsed…. She gradually went limp…
That was one of the best armpit sex that I ever had….