My Journey

Hi friends. My name is seema . I am a housewife. I am sharing my experience that happened 4 years back. Before that i will give you my brief introduction i am 36 year old. My figure is 34b 32 38. I am a mother of 1 kid. The incident happened when my hubby was out of station due to business purpose and i was starving for sex. I was staying alone with my inlaws and 2 servants. One day when my inlaws went to attend a marriage ceremony to mumbai, i was thinking to do something to ease my urge. I went to home took bath cleaned my underarms and my pussy. I went online and after few mins i got a ping from a person who started chatting with me. Soon the chat turned hot n spicy and guy offered 3k for a night to me once he saw.My pic. I acted as i was a call girl. It made me wet in my legs. I started to negotiate he said will pay 10k but will have 1 more friend and showed his cock on cam. I agreed for the night.

I dressed up wearing my hubbys favourite lingerie and wore saree and drove to the delhi gurgoan road. He texted me to reach sikanderpur where he will pick me at 9pm. I went there and parked.My car in parking area left all d valuable stuff under the seat and waited for him. Soon a car stopped and door opened someone said 10k is waiting. I sat in the back seat. My saree was giving a glimpse of my low cut blouse and the guy started to talk he said we will drop you back at 6 in d morning back as we have they both were call centre employees i guess. They took me to some bunglow where they told me relax and have drink. They asked me about.My life. I said i am married and i ak in need of money due to some personal issues. One guy was taller whose name was viki said that we will help you suddenly the other guy vivek said would u like to earn more 5k then i will call my 2 friends.

I remain quite for sometime then i said ok. He called someone and said randi chodne hai to 10k leke ajawo. Vicki said have some food. We had dinner and some vodka later they told me to take off saree. I was bit hesitant soon the two guys arrive. They handed over cash to vivek. Vivek gave me 16 k and said here is our part. Now its ur turn. I stood up soon the guy slapped my butt and said mast.Maal hai kaha say uthaya.Soon the guys took off their shirts n trousers ans started to drink. The guy said go and change and wear one thing of our choice. I went behind d curtain. I said what i have to wear. Vicki said the carbon glasses of mine vivek said your manglasutra. The other siad your high heel sandals and the last guy said a hat.

I reached to the table i was told to ly down.And start sucking cocks. Vicki cock was the biggest. Soon the.Last guy stood up stretched my ass crack and spitted in it and put this thumb in. I moaned soon vicki said dont worry love you will he treated like a wife tonight. I started to suck again and i was fingered in cunt soon i got a big shot of cum in mouth and later all guys cummed in my mouth. I was exhausted but ready for the best part. First it was vicki who humped me and fucked me like anything. I bursted out and said fuxk me harder after hearing this he slapped.My ass till i cried and said bitch.U r a real whore. I said yes fuck me harder rest 3 were watching. After vicki finished all 3.Guya started to fuck me ass.Pussy.And.Mouth. The last guy put a finger in my pussy then fucked it was a hell of pleasure but ass was treated roughly by them. I was about to scream but they stopped and made me.Lie on the floor and pee on ky face and slap my face with their cocks and i.Was.Enjoying it. Thy tied my mangla sutra on their cocks after all finish 3 times..

I was on floor n i slept i woke up at 4 found vicki inserting his cock in my butt again. He gave a big thrust and said bitch you won 15 k tonight wont he that easy and fucked my ass brutally till i started to scream and i was about to cry he shot all cum in my ass again.. I was on couch i could feel the cum oozing out of my holes and dripping through legs. It was now 4 30 all of them got up and said will fuck separably and started to fuck again.. I was fucked around 17 times that night 8 times in pussy 6 times in ass. They took my panty as a gift and said chante in the car walk naked till d car that was near d gate i went a sat in car and they dropped.Me t chattarpur.. How was it guys. Please feeo free to comment and if any questions contact me on / /