Honey Moon

Hi im Rupen (if u like my story please mail me even if ne female like to have real fun with well built 28 / m / Mumbai mail me at / / )This happened on the second night of my married life with my wife Asha. If you are wondering what happened on first night, well both of us were too tired from the rituals and reception that run till late night and although it was an arranged marriage we did have the chance to meet and get to know each other.

We also had discussed on sex and decided that we will not rush into it but will do it when we are comfortable. So on the wedding night we didnt go any further than just few hugs and kisses and then had a good sleep after a tiring day. Then next night we decided to get more intimate but didn?T have any specific plan, just getting intimate and closer and then going from there wherever it takes us. When she entered the room and locked it she was blushing, little smile that was both shy and also bit naughty. She was wearing a light blue satin gown, looking very sensual and romantic unlike last night where both of us were in traditional attire and tired. I knew mood was setting up for some exciting moments. She quietly slept by my side and asked if she could switch off the lights? I decided to tease her a bit so replied why are you in a hurry? Can?T wait any longer? Asha was blushing and said that she didnt mean that and was trying to explain .

I decided to make my move now .I told her u don?T need to explain and there are better things we can do with our lips than that and then kissed her lips .Our lips were locked for few mins, dont know how long but it was my most passionate kiss. Initially she was passive and just letting me do things but slowly started responding. I hugged her as our lips were still locked and just let my fingers move through her long hair slowly and then touching her upper back gently massaging her back with my palm and fingers over her soft satin gown .Now I started kissing her cheeks and neck slowly and my hand running all over her upper and lower back.

I could see she too was getting excited but trying to control herself. I was slowly kissing and biting her lower neck and ear lobes and lips while my fingers running all over her back from neck to waist and then slowly moved my hands to her butt. I placed my hand over her butt and gave it a gentle squeeze and she moved towards me involuntarily.

I pulled her closer and could feel her breast covered with her bra and gown touching my chest. I could feel her nipples getting hard. I just moved her a bit and made her lie on her back and now stopped kissing her and started moving my fingers and palm on her tummy and slowly moving the fingers up until she knew I was going to touch her breast. Before I could place my hands on her soft breast she just moaned and said a soft ‘no and held my hands. I tried to touch but since she held my hands I didnt push further although her resistance was mild. I just let her hold my hands and slowly pushed down sideways to pin her hands on the bed. I bent down closer to her and kissed her lips again. This time she too opened her mouth and I just pushed my tongue inside her mouth. That was a wonderful feeling.

She was slowly losing her control and was responding to my moves. Still holding on to her hands pinned down to the bed on either side I moved my lips to her ears to bite her earlobes and whispered in her ears “.. What happened? ..Why did u push me? “. She didnt say anything, but just moved her head to the other side, smiled and closed her eyes.

I moved down and put my lips on her right breast over the nipples kissing it softly over the gown. She moaned but didnt resist this time. I went further and opened my mouth to take her breast in my mouth. It was wonderful but still the barrier of the gown and bra was between us. I moved the other side and did the same with the left breast. Now she moved to bend knees and tried to free her hands that I had pinned down to the bed softly. I saw the buttons and knots of the gown that I had to get rid of.

Slowly I moved my mouth to the gown button and tried to open them with mouth and in process my lips touching her chest and upper stomach over it. Managed to remove the knot and 2 buttons and then bite off the other 3 and first time kissed on her bare upper stomach. She let out a sound like crying. I stopped to see if she was ok. Her eyes were closed and she moved her head sideways. She was fine, so I again went down and kissed the upper part of her stomach and slowly went down dragging my lips on her till her belly button and then planted a kiss there. I think this was too much for her. She let out a moan and held my head pulling my hair. I went further down till her waist and kissed there both sides and then pulled the gown apart on either side .Her gown was fully open now and I could see her in bra and panty, both matching in color with the gown i.e. Light blue. The gown was still on though fully open and hands still in its sleeves. Now I moved up slowly again with my lips still touching her all the way up and then when I reached her bra, I kissed the breast over the bra .

Wow , that was so nice feeling ..Then I slowly removed her hands from the gown sleeves and threw the gown off. My beautiful Asha was lying there in just bra and panty, looking at me with a smile on her shy face and just waiting for my next move. I would have expected her to hug me or kiss me but that didnt happen so I went ahead and touched her soft thighs and moved my fingers over them in a sensual way. She was shivering, I then lay over her without applying much weight on her body and held her in my arms slowly kissing her neck and lips again and running my fingers all over her back and sides and in the process unhooked her bra.

Then with slow movement rubbing her legs and thighs with my feet I moved my lips to her lower neck and slowly to her chest in between the two milky breasts and just pulled the bra off her sleeves .Wow. The sides of her breast were touching my cheeks. It was a very sensual feeling. Asha was responding now. She hugged me tight and started caressing my back with her hands. With my face still in between her soft breast I moved my legs along hers and tried to part her soft legs.. She didnt resist, in fact moved her legs along mine and bent her legs with knees upwards and I was lying over her in that position. I slowly moved my face side wards and gave a soft bite to her left breast, she moaned in ecstasy. I moved further and kissed her now hard nipples and she shivered and tightened her hold on me. With me lying over her and her legs slightly apart and knees upward. I opened my mouth and took her breast fully in my mouth. Wow it was incredible!

The soft milky ball was fully in my mouth and me slowly tasting them and enjoying completely. She too was enjoying it now. She moved her hands to my lower back touched the sides over my waist and then with her fingers slowly moved up touching the side from waist upwards till my arms.

Both of us were totally aroused we knew its going to happen soon. I took my mouth off her breast and took the other breast in and sucked it for some time and both of us touching and caressing each others bodies freely now. My hard on was about to explode in my boxers. With her breast still in my mouth I pulled my boxers off and threw it away.. Now the only barrier between us was her pantie. Now I pulled her hands up and started kissing her armpits slowly and sometimes biting it and teasing her. Asha was unable to bear this so tried to get off from my grip by trying to move away. I stopped and started kissing her belly again and this time slowly moved downwards…She pulled my hair trying to stop my lips from reaching her panties. I went down bit and gave a smooth kiss on the light blue soft panties just above her pussy. She was moaning and just letting me do anything by now. I went further down and kissed in between her thighs and my hands reached out just below her waist on both sides and pulled down her panties and all the way down. Wow. It was a wonderful sight; my beautiful Asha was lying in front of me fully naked with shaved pussy and nice milky breast.

She was not shy anymore and pulled me towards her slowly. I stopped and instead went down and kissed her naked shaved pussy. She cried out again, I had to stop again to check if she was ok. Yes my sweetheart was fine and enjoying our sensual intimacy. I slowly moved her legs further apart and kissed her pussy lips and she let out the cry again but this time I didnt stop, I knew she was fine and enjoying it . I started eating her pussy and then slowly inserting my tongue in and moving back and forth and my hands squeezing and caressing the upper part of her body. Dont know how long it went on with Asha moaning and screaming and me eating her pussy and my hands playing with her breasts. Then suddenly she let out a loud scream and pushed my head.

I could feel her cum flowing out of her pussy to my mouth. Now I didnt waste any time. I got on top of her with her legs in same position and locking our lips together I placed my cock right over her pussy and gave a slight push to get the head in. Now she let out the cry again but this time it was different, I could see pain in her eyes and face. I took it easy and started whispering some romantic things and assuring it will be all right while I kept the pressure on her pussy and slowly moved in inch by inch. There was both pain and pleasure in her eyes. I wanted her to relax and enjoy it along with me. With all the foreplay she was wet so although it was painful it wasnt that bad for her. With major part of my cock inside her pussy, I gave one jerk and pushed it in fully. Allowing her to relax a few seconds and then I began to move back and forth and her soft tight pussy griping my cock with right amount of lubrication.

Wow it was wonderful experience. She was responding freely now as pain subsided and she was getting the pleasure. I continued pumping her for about 10-15 mins and then I realized that pressure was building inside me. I knew I was about to cum but I didnt want it to happen so soon, so I slowed down and pulled it out. Both of us were sweating. I asked her to get up and lay on 4,with her knees and hands down on bed. She did it and I went from behind and started squeezing her breast and slowly positioned my cock at her pussy entrance from behind. She suddenly said no! I cant do it. She thought I was going to do anal. I had to go closer to her ears and tell her that I am not going to pop her anal cherry too, its just doggie style and then she agreed.

Then I entered her pussy again and started pumping her from Behind. It was getting in deeper now and both of us were enjoying it. It went on for a while and then the pressure started building up inside me again. This time I didnt mind Cumming, but before I could she screamed again and came. It was her second orgasm, first one from having sex .In her wild movement my cock came out of her. Now I made her lay down on her back and pulled her legs above my shoulders and entered her pussy again. I started pumping fast and within 5 minutes I came. It was like never ending. I was pumping my cum into her pussy while kissing and biting her slowly all over breast , neck and lips . I pulled it out and we lay there whole night in each others arms. This was my best sex experience so far. Nothing kinky but we enjoyed it