The Sex Encounter

Hi ISS readers, I am a long time reader of ISS and this is my first story based on a real incident happened in my life. My name is Ranjith, a student in Chennai. I am basically from Kerala. The story is about me and Priya. She was my classmate in Undergraduate course from Kochi, Kerala. She is working in a private company in Chennai. She is a real beauty queen with nice shaped boobs, big round ass and all together look like a model. During our college all students go behind her and masturbate everyday thinking about her. Since coming from a city she also showed all characteristic of a modern girl such as exposed dresses, multiple boyfriends and dating etc. Now about me, I am an average looking guy with shy character. I always had deep sexual thoughts but never showed it outside. I used to watch lots of porn movies but no one knows about it.

Even though Priya was behaving very close to all boys in my class, due to my shy character I could not be one among them. So I just had hi-bye relation with her. But I always had a sex desire with her and masturbated so many times thinking about her. Now we both are in Chennai. She has lots of mallu friends in Chennai. I used to call her once in month or twice.

One evening I was busy with assignments and projects in college. That was a day before biggest festival in Kerala, ONAM. Due to some urgent work I couldnt go home. That was the first time I was not attending ONAM at home. So I was cursing my work and professor. Suddenly I got a call from Priya. First I got wondered. Because last time she called me was around 2 months back, that is even to clarify a technical doubt. I took the phone, on the other side she was in very low voice. She asked me ‘Am I free now? Before replaying she told that, she is suffering with high fever and headache. And all her room mates and mallu friends have gone home for Onam celebration. She could not get a leave because her current project is going to release on next week. So she had lots of work in the previous days and got ill because of that. And she asked me whether I could come to her house and take her to some hospitals.

I didnt think anything and said yes. I felt that as a friend it is my duty to help her in such a condition when nobody is there to help her. Immediately I went to her house, it is about an hour from my place to her house. She lives in big rented flat with 7 of her friends but all went home. When I reached there, she was very tired and sleeping. I called a taxi and took her to the hospital. She was not even able to walk properly. I supported her all the way to the taxi. At that time I felt her nice boobs pressing against my chest. That made a sensation in my mind. But I controlled myself and thought that it is more important to take her to hospital.

So we went to a nearby hospital and met a doctor. Doctor told that she is having high viral fever. Nothing to worry but should take proper rest and should put iced cloth on her forehead at night if fever continues. Doctor gave some medicines and took an injection. Then we reached back to her house. There I was in a big confusion. Doctor told someone should stay with her and take proper care. But I didnt feel it is right to stay in a house with a girl alone. At that time I didnt have any other intentions on her. While I was in confusion Priya requested me to stay at her home at that night. I couldnt reject that because of her bad condition.

So I made her to sleep in her bed and covered her with a blanket. Then I went to main hall and started watching TV. After some time I heard a call from Priya and I went to her room. She told that she is feeling very cold and could not sleep. And she requested me to sit near her. Then she holds my hand and told that my hand is so hot and she could feel the heat in her hand too. Suddenly she pulled my hand and holds it tight to her chest. That made spark inside me. She was pressing my hand very tightly on her big boobs. That was a great feeling for me. She could feel the heat in my hand and she tried to sleep. She was almost in an unconscious condition. Nobody will believe that I sat near her in that condition till next morning. Her well-structured body made so many thoughts in mind. But since I was very shy, I always thought how she will think about me if I did something wrong. And I didnt think that she holds my hand for some pleasure, because of fever she did so. She slept after some time, in-between I too slept in that sitting position.

Next morning she woke up first. Till that time she was holding my hand over her boobs. She called me, when I opened my eyes I saw her smiling face. She told that she feel very much relaxed now. And in great emotional feel she told she never considered me good friend during collage days, but I did her a great help at the most needed situation. I felt very happy by hearing that and told her that it is my duty as a friend to help her in such a condition.

Before completing my sentence something much unexpected happen. She pulled me towards her planted a lip kiss on my mouth. She started to chew my lips. I was very shocked and I didnt even know what to do. I didnt have such a chance in my life and didnt even know how to respond. But she was an expert in that and she very well chewed my lips and started exploring my mouth with her tongue. I was in heaven. What a feeling. It lasted for about 5 minutes and in between I gained courage and started chewing her lips and exploring her mouth too. That really turned me on. My dick is started to tear of my pants.

When we separated there was a silence for a minute. I really couldnt speak anything. But I thought this is the opportunity I searched for my entire life. What I had is an experience of so many porn movies. But I didnt want to waste this opportunity. I made her to lie on the bed and came over her and started the lip lock again. In between I started to remove my shirt and pants. Then I moved to her ears. I licked it and it made a hot sensation in her and she started shivering. I thought it is time. I made her to sit and started removing her top. Oh my god, now that sex goddess is sitting in front of me with a black bra on her white body. Her huge boobs are trying to come out of that little bra. I couldnt wait, I immediately removed her bra and started playing with her boobs. It was two soft big hills. I started sucking one of them and pressing the other one. I liked that very much. I found that she is also enjoying it very much. She was pulling my hairs all these time. Suddenly I gave a hard bite on her left boobs. She made a loud scream because of pain. I liked that very much. So I repeated it two three times. I could really see the mark of my teethes on her boobs. It became red hot.

After around 20 minutes of play with her boobs I slowly moved down to her navel. That is one of the part in female body I like very much. Her belly and navel was too beautiful. I licked it for some time and started pinching on it for some time. That made her wilder.

From there starts the second level of exploration. She was wearing tight jeans. I started unbuttoning it and tried to pull down. It was really tight but somehow I could pull down that and throw away. There lies the real beauty. A beauty queen is lying in front of me with a pink panty alone. What a beautiful sight it was. My 7 inch tool started to come out of my underwear. I removed my underwear. Now I am completely naked in front of her. She was really staring on my tool. She came forward and hold my dick without my permission. Her touch on my dick made a burning sensation inside me. I thought I will explode now. But due to my long masturbating experience I could hold that for some time. She started to move it to and fro. I stopped her and told not with your hand with your mouth. She hesitated. She told she never did that. Even though I requested so many times she didnt do it. I thought I will get a chance for it and should not spoil her mood. So I agreed and allowed her hand work. She increased the speed and at last I exploded. The greatest ejaculation in my life I guess. But she quickly turn my dick so that all my sperms wasted on the floor. I didnt like that but I didnt tell anything.

Now it is my turn. I pulled her panty down. Saw her beautifully shaved pussy. It is a beautiful sight which will stay in my mind forever. I couldnt wait. I started eating her pussy like ice-cream. She was moaning loudly. Then I opened her pussy wall and looked inside. As I expected she is not a virgin. Then I started finger fucking her with my middle finger. Even though she is not a virgin, it is a less explored pussy. It is very tight and even when I put my middle finger she felt pain. I continued it for some time but I understood that she didnt have an orgasm till now. So I decided to take my real tool out which was ready after an explosion.

I made her lie on the bed on her back and I wide spread her legs. I sat in between her legs and pointed my tool towards her hole. I knew that it will be difficult job to enter my thick dick inside her small hole. But anyway I started my job. I placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I started to push it slowly. Only an inch went in. But she started to bounce in pain. She said no Ranjith no, it is paining so many time. But I didnt mind it. Instead I made a strong push. Half of my dick went in. But she made a loud scream. That scared me. I thought some of the neighbors would have heard that. I quickly bend forward and locked her lip with mine. She tried to push me away. But I hold her tightly so that she couldnt do anything. I understood that this is right time. So I made another strong push, my dick completely went inside. This time also she started to scream, but my moth completely covered her and my strong hand didnt even allow her to.

I hold that position for some time and slightly released my mouth from her. She stopped screaming but tears started coming from her eyes. Then I made some small jerks inside her pussy. Which again cause pain to her. But I didnt mind, I slowly started moving my dick in and out. Initially she was crying but later she started enjoying it. Then I slowly started increasing the speed. After some time like a machine I entered inside her pussy in very fast. But she enjoyed it very much. After sometime I identified that she is going to have her first orgasm soon. Because inner walls of her pussy got contracted, her body is started shivering. But I know that I am too much away from ejaculation.

Then an idea stuck in mind. She hesitated to put my tool in her mouth and wasted all my cum. So suddenly I pulled out my tool from her pussy. She was at the edge pleasure. When I did so, she really shocked and pleaded to continue it very badly. But I didnt agree to her. I asked her to put my tool in her mouth. Otherwise I wont continue this. She was helpless and couldnt resist my offer. So by hesitating she opened her mouth and I put my tool inside her mouth. I pushed my tool such that it touches the inner wall of her mouth. She felt some discomfort with that, but I continued fucking her like that for a minute. She was not so good in mouth fucking. But she started enjoying it. Soon I withdraw my tool from her mouth and continued fucking her pussy again but in doggy style.

I gained the speed quickly and started drilling her hole. She was enjoying it very much. Suddenly she had a great orgasm. She was at the peak of pleasure at that time. But I continued my ramming. She had another orgasm very soon. Immediately I was about to come, I withdrawn my tool from her pussy and put it in her mouth and started pushing it too and fro. Within two push, I exploded completely in her mouth. My juice started oozing out from her mouth.

We both tired very much. So I put my dick inside her pussy and hold her tightly and remain like that for some time. We slept like that for an hour. Then we both went to bathroom and had a bath together. During bath also I fucked her. Even after bath we remain naked throughout the day. We watched TV such that she sat on my lap with my dick inside her for about an hour. All these time I was fondling her boobs. We had food like that and had two more fucking session in the afternoon. At evening when I was leaving, her whole body was red in color and had marks of biting. While leaving, she told that yesterday she had her worst day in life and today she had the best day in her life. Its all because of me. But I told her that I should thank her to full fill my life dream.

This relation did not end there. Many vacation times, when her roommates go home she remained there and we continued this relation. We took all the possible positions and places in the house. And we explored the ultimate pleasure of sex. That I will explain in next story.

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