My Hot Neighbour Aunty

I am arjun from hyderabad and this is true story. Im doing my final btech and always busy with my projects. Well about me Im 21 with 6 feet height fair looking and a friendly person.i had sex with my neighbour jyothi aunty. Wowww I never ever imagined that I would have sex with such a beautiful lady.

During those days jyothi aunty family came to our apartment from delhi to our city. She was married lady, and had 2 children. Her Husband was a contractor and was such a shit. She was in her 30s and looked very beautiful, with big boobs, shaky ass and having height of 5 feet 6 inches. She was of very easy going nature and always uses to wear saris. Now Mrs. jyothi was frequently visitor to our house and she befriended me quickly. Now she was my neighbour as well as my best pal too.She moved to my neighbourhood when I was 20. She being in 30s was elder to me obviously, but that had not affected our friendship in any way.

Not let me not waste your time. I will get into the story directly. Her husband and I had some silly clashes. So he ordered his wife not to talk to me. We used to be friendly earlier but suddenly we stopped talking to each other.

One fine day my parents went to my beloved cousins wedding. I was left alone in Hyderabad with my bloody exams. Jyothi auntys husband went to a meeting in delhi. On the same day we met each other in the lift and started to talk and later we came to know that neither of our families are home. She invited me to dinner. I readily accepted her invitation and went to her house @ 7PM.

We were talking to each other in the mean time the dinner was served. She wore a red sari and she looked gorgeous in that normal sri too. Every time aunty serves me she bends over the table and her pallu falls down. Her low cut black blouse showed much of her beautiful cleavage. Her black bra was visible through the fabric of her blouse. I had a immediate hardon. She was talking to me and I was admiring her body and I had been having fantasies of her for the past many months since her arrival to our neighbourhood.

I shifted myself to get comfortable when I looked at her and her sari had fallen off fully giving me a good view of her sexy navel. Her fair smooth tummy was a view to behold. I was having the treat of my life. I was creating a picture of her gorgeous average sized breasts 36C.

Our dinner was up and we sat on the sofa. I asked her if I can give a compliment. She accepted and I said that you look very beautiful and attractive today. She blushed and smiled at me. Slowly our conversation took its roots about bfs-gfs and obviously sex too.

Jyothi asked me if I had any gfs. I said no bt I have a friend who is a girl. I also told her that I always cherished to have a girl friend. I asked her about her married life. She told me that her husband is a workaholic and is not at all interested in sex.

I thought of testing my luck and asked her “be my girl friend darling, I will satisfy you”. She blushed and said “Im ready honey”. Actually I was kidding but it turned out a big day for me. I asked her can I hug you once. She got up from sofa and I hugged her. Her smooth huge boobs crushed my chest. I had a immediate hardon and she could feel that heat in my hug.

Slowly I started kiss her neck, my hands slid to her boobs. I slowly started caressing her boobs and she started making shhhh… aaaaa… haaaaa.. sounds. I assured myself that she is in and we can have a sex war tonight.

she started responding for my act & she started sucking my lips. I removed the pallu of her saree and moved my mouth to her huge boobs. I started licking her nipples over her blouse. She was moaning uusshh…aaa…hhaahaa haaa hhhh mmmmhaa… I slowly removed her blouse, she was in a red lacy bra. She inserted her hands into my pant and started stroking my dick.

I was in heaven 9 and could no longer control myself. I lifted her sari to her thighs and started massaging them and slowly made my way to her pussy. She was aleady wet there and her panty smelled very very sexy. I started licking her pussy and she couldnt manage to stand any more. She sat on the sofa and removed my buttons of my shirt and pant.

I inserted my fingers into her pussy and she moaned haaaaaaaaaa… abbaaaaaa… haa haa… lick it up eat my pussy… suck it baby… its all yours tonight… I cant wait any more plz fuck me… I was tickling her with my fingers and she was moaning…

She literally begged me to fuck her. I asked her to free my cock first. She did it and started to suck it. Ohhh!! She was such a good cock sucker. I started caressing her hair and she started stroking my dick. After some time I was about to come and I told her the same. She took it to her mouth and started sucking it.

Her daughter just came home from tuition at that time. She is a kid and she didnt understand what her mom was doing. Then jyothi told sweety (her daughter) that she lost hair pin and she was searching for that. Sweety said ok mom and went into her room. Jyothi stood up went to the door to close it and we went into her master bed room and continued.

I told her that I want her to fuck desparately. She readily agreed and slept on the bed. She widened her legs and invited my cock into her heaven. I kept my cock on her pussy and moved it in. it was tight I could make it in 3 more thrushes.

She was shouting aahaah… no…no… ah…aaahh…plz..stop..I cant bare aahh…plz arjunnn…plz…stop it yaar… I was in no mood to stop it and was thrushing her. I was totally in now and she had tears in her eyes. I licked her tears and started to stroke her slowly.

She started enjoying it and made erotic sounds… aaahhh… ooohhhh… baby you a great fucker… fuck me fuck me… harder harder… ahhh… break my pussy… crush it… her sounds made me excied and rammed her pussy.

I had my orgasm and came in her pussy. I was too tired. She got up and put her pussy over my tongue and asked me to suck it. I sucked her in such a way that she almost screamed… she came in my mouth.

We got up cleaned each other and had bath. I slept in her boobs that night. Even now Im enjoying with her and for you guys Im going to fuck her tonight… wish me all the best and love you all… aunties above 30 this is for youuu… ummahhh!!!