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I am sharing one of my sexual experiences. It was April and the vacations had already started. My wife had gone to my in-laws place alongwith my daughter. My parents had also gone to native place to attend a marriage. I was alone at home. Even two of our other neighbours had gone to their native places. Only the Marwari jeweller family staying next door had not gone. Surprisingly, the two brothers and their wives had stayed back. The marawari family was a strange one. The elder brother was a obese family with a huge girth but his wife was a sexy lady with wheatish complexion. They had two children. The younger brother who was recently married was a short and dark man whose wife was very beautiful with a milky complexion. Both the couples were mismatched. One day at 8.10 a.m., there was a knock at my door. I was preparing to go in for a bath and was only wrapped in my towel. I opened the door and saw that it was the elder marwari lady, her name is Sushma. I was emabarrased to see her. I was in minimum of clothes. She also got bit embarrassed by my condition.

But she came in and asked me to give idli utensils. I went to the kitchen and climbed the kitchen platform to take out the idli utensils from the rack. Sushma Bhabhi had also come in to the kitchen. When I was stretching to remove the utensils, to mu shock my towel gave way and fell down. I was shocked. I was standing utterly nude before Sushma bhabhi. Sushma bhabhi also looked shocked and there was a blush on her face and she immediately covered her eyes and immediately picked up the towel and gave it to me. I wrapped it around and gave her the utensils. When she was leaving, I called her “Sushma bhabhi, aj jo hua yeh kisise mat kahiyega, please”. She said ” Ji nahi, koi baat nahi, apne jaan bhuj kar thodi giraya tha.”. But I was surprised when she further said ” Main aapse ek baat kahoon, aapki body bahut sexy hai”. Saying this she closed the door and left.I was dumbstruck with her words.

But then I ignored them and had my bath and went to the office. The next day at 8.15 a.m., I heard a knock at my door and it was Sushma again who had come to return my utensils. But I was properly dressed today. She came in, went to the kitchen and kept the utensil. She came out and told me that she wanted to speak to me about her personal problems. I told her to sit down. She was hesitant to speak but I told her to be free to speak to me. Then she told me about her problems. She told that ” Aap to jaante hain mere pati kitne mote aur bhari hai. Mujhe unse koi sharirik sukh nahi milta. Kal jab aapko dekha to mere dil mein hulchul mach gayi hai.” But I said ” Lekin main aapki kya madath kar sakta hoon”. She told ” Kal jab se aapko dekha hai mai aapke baare mein hi soch rahi hoon. Agar aap meri sharirik bukh mita de to main aapki abhari rahoongi”. I said ” Lekin aapki devrani ko to pata chal jaayega”. She said. “

Woh mari majboori jaanti hai. Woh mere bachpan ki saheli hai, woh mera saath degi.” I thought for a moment. I was afraid to indulge in these sexcapades in the house. But she got up an came close to me and enbraced me. Then she palced her hand on my cotch and said “Jyada sochiye nahi. Meri pyaas buja dijiye”. Then she gave me a kiss on the lips. I couldsnt hold myself back.I also embraced her tightly. My prick was hard in the shorts. And she was slowly massaging from the top. Soon she pulled my shorts down and took my penis out. She removed my shorts and undies and my t-shirt quickly. I could see that she was desperate for sex.

I started caressing her boobs from outside her blouse. She started moaning. She said let us go to the bedroom. I went to the bedroom and put all the curtains. She in the meanwhile had removed her saree, blouse and petticoat. She was only wearing a black bra and black panties. She had a slim figure, not so great but quite attractive. I caught hold of her and pulled towards me and gave her a deep kiss. I kissed her for a long time and opened her bra hook and removed her bra. Her boobs were exquisite shaped. Small but rounded with black nipples. I tweaked her nipples in my fingers and she cried out in pleasure ” uuuhhhh..ahhh, haan aise hi, jor se, ooi maa”.

Slowly I started massaging her boobs fiercely and she was out of control with pleasure. She was yelling “Ji haan, jor jor se dabaiye, bahut majaa aa raha hai.” I kept on massaging and kneading her boobs. She led my hand towards her panties and I removed her panties. When I kept my hand on her pussy she gave a cry” oooh maa, ooh maa”. Her cunt was fully wet and was oozing her cunt juices. I started fingering her clitoris and she started grinding her hips to my fingers rhythm. I picked her up and laid her down on the bed. I immediately inserted two fingers in her hot-wet cunt and soon she started grinding her cunt on my fingers and she reached a noisy climax. I could see that she was a very sexy lady who had not been given a good sex experience by her husband. She started kissing me fervently all over the body. She licked my nipples and was nustling her nose in my hairy chest. She said ” aap to bahut sexy hai. Sache mard hai. Aapke chaati ke baal mujhe bahut uksa rahein hai”. Soon she reached my penis and to my utter surprise she took the whole length of my prick in her mouth. She started givimg me a vigorous blow-job. I was soon moaning.

She was bobbing her mouth on the entire length of my cock and twirling my balls in her hands. It was exquisite. I was arching my hips to meet her rhythm and soon I came in her mouth and she gulped my entire cum. She said” Aaj zindagi mein pehli baar aisa lag raha hai ki mai kisi mard ke saath hoon.” I said ” why, your husband does not satisfy you. She answered ” Nahin, unke wajan ke karan, woh mujh par chad nahin sakte. Main hi unke upar chad kar lund andar dal ke chudwati hoon. Par usme mujhe kuch jyada anand nahin aata”. I then held her down and spread her legs. Her sexy black cunt was inviting me to put my prick deep into her. I placed my prick on her cunt lips and rubbed her labia and vulva from outside. Her cunt was dripping her cunt juices. I had no difficulty in gaining entry. I gave a firm push and my penis was inside her cunt to the hilt. She immediately wrapped her legs to my waist and started bucking her hips.

I started a slow rolling fucking motion without removing the penis. She was moaning with pleasure and guttural sounds were coming from her. Her eyes were closed. I kissed her on the lips and began a slow fuck. I slowly increased my speed and soon we were fucking at a feverish pace. She was giving good company to my shots. She was bucking her hips to meet each of my deep thrusts. She was screaming “”Ji haan aise hi chodiya. Aaapka lund to jaadugar hai. Kya kmal ka chodte hain aap. Mere pati ko aapse training leni chahiye. Jor se. haan jor se uuuh. Oooi maa, meri choot fat jaayegi legin fat jaane dijiye. Aaj barson ke baad mujhe ek lund ka ssokh mila hai.” She was shoiuting”jor se jor se…kariye na, jor se dhaka lagayiye. Haan aise hi. Mariye jor sae mariye, chodiye mujhe. Haan meri choot aapke lund ke phatke sah legi.”. I ignored her screaming and kept up with my pace. Soon I realised I was going to cum .

I cupped her buttocks in my hands and started fucking her fast. Soon I arched my back and shot my load into her cunt. She was also climaxing. She screamed “Ooooi maa, main mar gayi. Yeh kya ho raha hai. Aaoi maa. Aaaaah aaaaaah uuuuuuuuhhhh, maaaaaaaaaaa”. We held on to each other. Her cunt was dripping my cum juices and her own juices. We lay there for quite some time. She then got up, kissed my penis and went to the bathroom to clean herself. I was relaxing on the bed. She came and kissed me and told me ” Aaj zindgai mein pahli baar pata chala ki chodna kise kehte hain.” I said ” Aap apni devrani ko kya kehengi.” She said “use pata hai main aapke paas chudwane aayi hoon. Woh meri rajdar hai”. Then I said ” To aap apni devrani ki choot ka bhi hamein majaa dilwayiye” She said” Koshish karoongi.who abhi nayi dulhan hai. Uska pati acha chudakkad hai. Meine unko chupke chodte dekha hai. Lekin main aapke liye ussse baat karoongi” Then she wore her saree and left. Later we enjoyed daily sex for two weeks till my parents came back. I also fucked her devrani. But about that later.

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