Sex With Neighbour Aunty Shwetha

Hi Guys, I am santosh working in IT industry in BANGALORE. I am regular reader of ISS stories and thought let me give my contribution back to the web which has given me so much fun. I am going to share my experience of sex with my neighbour aunty Shwetha which I cherish for life. My age is 28 years and am married (ready to meet n have fun with girls n aunties).Let me start my story without wasting much time.

This story is 6 months back when my wife went for our first baby delivery. I was alone in my apartment and we had very good neighbors and this beautiful aunty Shwetha who is in her 30s. about her she has good assets (36-30-38) slim fair, sexy attractive and about 53′ height. About myself I am 56′ and 64 kg weight (slim and Indian color). I go to office early n come late so didnt had much time to spend with neighbours and know them better. But, whenever I used to see this aunty next door I used to feel I should atleast get one chance to spend a night with her. It was diwali time and her husband who was doing some business used to travel to many cities mot of the time. me n Shwetha (aunty) used to share the smile till one day when her husband was out of town.

I came from office early on Friday evening and I had no plans for weekend but didnt knew that something great was waiting for me over the weekend. I came home n saw Shwetha was watering the plants gave her a smile and started to converse in kannada (she is from karnataka and me too) and we became bit close (no physical contacts just in words). I went in to change the dress in my flat and some one rang the bell I wore my night dress n opened the lock I could not believe it was Shwetha (aunty) in her sexy blue nighty came to invite me for dinner. I was mum for a moment and asked when is her husband coming she told he is out of town for next 3 days.

I was very happy to hear this and without wasting much time i went to her flat and door was still open. she started the conversation again n we discussed about my job n her family related matters and it seemed that she was not having good time with her husband and I could see drops of tears from her eyes I went close to him n started consoling her by putting my hand on her shoulders then her crying intensity increased and I held her closely now her boobs were touching my chest and she was holding me tightly too I kissed on her forehead she did not resist but I was scared before doing something else as door was wide open. I went and closed the door and asked her for some water.

She went to kitchen to get water suddenly dont know what happened to me I also followed her she gave me water I drank n made her to drink too. The moment she finished drinking water I hugged her tightly in the kitchen and locked our lips and started swirling our tongues tightly n exchanged our saliva. My body was touching her boobs slowly I rolled my right hand over her boobs (still nighty was on) and kept pressing very hard she was moaning ‘aaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa with pleasure I held her tightly n moved to her bedroom and pushed her on bed so that she slept on her back I went on top of her and started lickng her cheeks neck lifted her nighty up and remove in a instant I could see her now in only panty and bra wowwwwwwwww what a moment it was I could not believe my eyes.

I started biting her nipples by mouth and pressed her boobs with hands she was enjoying every bit of it and moaning in pleasure haaaaa santu ohhhhhh santu come on make me your sooli (randi) it encouraged me to increase my speed of pressing her boobs and slowly moved my right hand towards down portion her tullu ( chut/cunt/puss) and the moment I touched her sweet hole/pussy she moaned very loudly i started fingering her with right hand and pressing her and boobs with left hand with so much speed. now.

I was speeding the process by removing her bra n panty n made her completly nude she now come in form and started removing my tshirt n was likcing my hairy chest and slowly put her one hand on my 90 degree 7 inch tunne (lund/dick) and pulled my night pant along with underwear down and made me nude completely now both of us were nude and standing in front of dressing mirror in the bedroom what a moment it was she held my dick and started licking it passionately she held my balls in one hand and held dick in another hand and took it in her mouth and started doing blow job I could feel my lund was touching her throat n I was on top of the world what a experience it was. I was playing with her nipples n one hand on her head pushing her fornt n back while she was doing the blow job. I was about to cum n she was not at all bothering to stop th BJ I cummed in her mouth and she drank whole of my hot lava

Now it was my time to give her my best I pushed her on bed and spread her legs continued to press boobs with one hand and my tongue was searching for her chut (cunt/tull) and it found I started licking her pussy with my tongue that made her to moan heavily ohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaammmaaa please do it fast ammaaaaaaa haaaaaaa santu ohhhhh these words made me to increase my speed and that made her to cum it and hot juice came out of her sweet pussy I drank some of it and some dropped on the bed it was bit salty but I enjoyed it and by this time my dick/lund started to gain strength n got straight in minutes she was pushing my head deep in between her legs and was saying eat my cunt ya santu hhaaaaaaa ohaaaaaaaa please eat my cunt. she became eager to have my dick in her pussy so she got up and held my tool in hand n requested me to not to delay n start fucking her pussy as deep as possible.

I made her to bend in doggy style on the bed n she was ready in fraction of seconds and I held my tool in one hand and she also leaned back n held my lund in one hand and helped herself to insert the dick in her cleanly shaven n pink pussy. My dick was slowly entering the sweet pussy and went deep in it now I started doing in out my lund was enjoying and me too such a wonderful hole. my mass was slapping her ass butss and it was making chup chuppppppp tupppppppppp duppppppppppp sound n Shwetha was moaning in pleasure ahhhhaaaaaa santu yes santu yeas fuck me very hard yes still hard fuck your shwetha please fuck ur shwetha aaaaaahhhhhhhha oooooohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss yeeeeeeeeeessss fuck me yeahhhhh babyyyyy I am all yours please make me your bitch. these words were making me to fuck left right centre and tocuh every corner of her pussy both of us were enjoying every bit of it we went to the climax she also cummed n my lund was feeling her hot juice.

I increased the speed with the cushion I got from her juice and cummed heavy load of white juice in her pussy and slept on top of her with my dick touching her ass and both were totally exhausted. we slept for 15 minutes holding tightly and then got up had dinner and we were waiting to continue another 2-3 sessions in the entire night and thats what we did. since next two days were holiday for me we had no other work than doing sex n enjoying the best moments of life. If any comments on improvement compliments or ladies/unsatisfied women/ housewife can reach me for fun on / /