Me And Aunty In The Train

Hello everybody(/ /).  I am Rajesh from Chennai (Name and City changed).
I am aged 21, 55 tall, little dark, athletic body, 7inch cock. Im doing my 3rd year engineering in a reputed college in Chennai. Without wasting much of your time, Id like to get into the story straight away.

Our house is the highest building of our area and it was easy for me to go to the terrace and sight the aunties around. From my teenage I was not interested more towards girls, but towards guys and aunties. There was a neighboring aunty Rani (Name and City changed), around 45 years of age. she was 55 tall, dark complexion, with the structure 32-28-38. Her ass was the best feature. She had a daughter married in Mumbai who was suffering childless for long years. Her husband was running some construction company. And so he used to be out of town all the time. Of-course both our family are quiet close to each other. And shes is our distant relation too.  I used to stare at Ranis body from terrace when she used to wash clothes on her terrace. Her saree and jacket would be completely wet with her sweat.  I used to stare at her wet and black boobs and her hips.

One day in the morning around 8 am, while watching her from terrace she noticed me and  I was really scared whether shes inform my mom. The whole day I was roaming around with full of scare. She came home in the evening to have a chat with my mom, but she didnt utter a word about that. By then her vision towards me changed. Her looks on me were really surprising. Whenever she come home she started noticing whether I got a bulge by seeing her. But it won’t be that visible for her and  I got to know that shes noticing.

One day Rani got a call from her elder daughters husband, stating that she has become a grandma. And she was filled with happiness and she wanted to go to Mumbai. But uncle was not in town as-usual and when she called him he told he was stuck up with some work in Hyderabad and told to take me with her for safety and hell reach Mumbai directly.  I actually was really willing to go with her, but when my mom asked me to go  I just showed no interest and acted as if I’m going unwillingly. We somehow got the two-tier AC and boarded the train after two days. It was a One and a half day travel.  I was really getting excited to imagine what all will happen between us, that too in a lonely situation like this.

As soon as we boarded the train by 7 am, we got settled in our respective places opposite to each other. First time in my life  I was travelling in such type of compartment consisting of two people with a lockable door. We started surfing through the magazines we bought with us. Till 10 am we were too silent and then we had a cup tea. Now she started speaking to me. About my college, sports, friends etc. Later when she asked me about my girlfriend,  I told her that  I dont have any.  I asked her about her Childhood and she started sharing her golden memories in her village. While telling so, she said shell return and went out to the restroom. After she returned she came and sat near me by my side and started continuing her memories. Her parents were really loving her so much and took extraordinary care about her but unfortunately they passed away in an accident. And saying that she just rested her head on my shoulder and started to weep.  I just said I’m sorry for revealing about the past and just to leave all that.  I took out the laptop and we started watching a Tamil movie “Bombay”.

That was going really good but unfortunately it had quiet a few romance scenes. She was watching it without taking her eyes away from that.  I didnt take anything wrong. then we had lunch and played chess for some time, again chatted and it was night and had our dinner. She asked me if we could watch another movie.  I told okay and she asked me for a ghost movie. We locked the door and switched of the lights and she was sitting so close to me.  I kept the laptop on the attached stand in the train.  I stared the movie and sat quiet. She was sitting too close to me on my left. Whenever there was a thriller or night scene she was really scared and would hold me tight. As Ive seen it many times earlier,  I stayed cool(but had a little fear inside).

At one stage she was putting her right arm around my shoulders and holding my arms.  I was too excited and the next time when the ghost came  I couldnt realize and  I was too feared and hold her naked waist in fear with my left arm. Oh my god that was really an awesome feeling. First time catching up a womens waist. She moved a little away from me.  I said im sorry and she said that was okay. The next time again same thing happen. Now she didnt say anything. We continued watching the movie at the same position.

Then I realized in-case she complaints to my mom, ill be thrashed away and  I just removed my hand. That night while sleeping she asked me “dear, why u were always starring at me from your terrace?”.  I said “I were just looking and nothing else aunty”. She said “Dont lie to me Rajesh. Just think me as your friend and then speak to me”.

I asked her to promise that she won’t tell anybody and she did. Then  I told her all the truth and she told that she knows everything. she also said that she havent had sex in the past 15-20 years. She asked me if I could satisfy her pussy but keep that as a secret.  I told sure aunty and hold her hand and kissed it gently. Then kissed all over that black face.; and both of us removed each other’s cloths.  I took out a bed sheet and covered over us. Then I started kissing and licking her neck. She lifted her arms and started to enjoy it.  I just started kissing and sucking her boobs. They werent too stiff. Both were hanging down. Just pressed it harder and sucked it for a long time. she was moaning slightly.  I was getting too horny and just went down to her pussy.

With all my plays, it was drenched with her juices.  I just smelled it and started licking it. Was licking it like a greedy dog. She was shouting like hell.  I told “Aunty reduce your voice. people might hear us”. She didnt bother.”You just fuck me harder now bastard “she said.  I just laid on her and put my cock into her pussy but that wasnt too loose enough as it wasnt fucked up for the past 15 years.  I just gave a tight push and it went in. The pussy was really too hot and  I could feel the warmth on my rod.  I just was moving my hip in a increasing pace and she was moaning too louder with the rhythm of the pace.

I said “Rani reduce your sound bitch. Else I’ll fuck your mouth off “. We were fully mixed up with our sweats.  I lifted her arms and smelled her armpits. The sweats were giving a good smell for her armpits and  I started licking it. It was too hairy. But the salty taste of her armpits just was making me damn horny.  I just threw away the bed sheet and made her stand in a doggy position and fucked her so badly that she was screaming in pleasure. The juices were pouring out from her pussy. Then she made me to lay down and she started riding me.

She was shouting “oh… ouuuuuuuuffffffffffff… fuck me harder bastard… Your cock shows me the heaven… This old lady is your bitch now… Addicted to your cock.. Dont stop darling.. pleaseeeeeeee”. Never expected such words from her.  I told Im about to come. She stood up and put her mouth on my cock and started sucking it. She was a good sucker and I just gave all my cum in her mouth and she drank the whole of it.

She thanked me for what I have given her. We reached Mumbai and then saw the baby and she wanted to stay there for 3months. So  I returned with uncle here to Chennai in 5days. After she returned we had lot of sex adventures.

As I promised her  I didnt utter a word about this to anybody. Also writing the story with all her permissions also with name and city changed.  In-case any aunties want to have a GOOD and SAFE and SATISFACTORY sex could just contact me. (/ /). I assure u for all privacy and the relationship will be maintained in a highly confidential manner.