My Nithya Aunty

Hello friends I am Ajay and I have too my true sex experience. which I am sharing with you and I hope you like it. I am from the Raichur city Let me describe you. Aabout my sex partner that is my Aunty my neighbour. She lives in my house for rent. His husband is lecture in diploma college. She had 2 childrens. one is 4 years old and another one is 6 month. This family members are very innocent people.

Let come to the story. when i am in first pu, this family occupied my house for rent. I stayed in alone in first floor. The ground floor rented to that family. The heroin of this story is nithya. She is very thin. but fair and beautiful. She is not tall, i think may be 4.8-5 feet. His husband also very thin. I dont know her body size.

This incident takes place before 4 years back when i am doing my second pu. In my childhood i watched lot of raping scenes in tv. I always imaged that when i get that chance to fuck someone. In my childhood i try fuck my cousins in games. but their pussy not so open to introduce my organ. So i always try to seduce some aunts. Finally i got one fucking aunty. that is nithya. This family doesnt know about my house and nearest shops, temple etc. They always ask about anything they need. First day they invited me to reopening of my house. I attended that small function. There are 4 members in that family. Nithya, his husband, and 2 childrens.

The big child name is sushmitha (sush). sush always plays is terrace of my house. Sometimes sush come to my room to play with me. I liked her. because she is so beautiful and Intel. At first i didnt had any affection on nithya aunty. One day when i visited her house for collecting the rent i watched her left nude breast. She feeding milk her small child. That day i get nervous by seeing that scene. I masturbate 4 times in that day. She comes to terrace to dry the cloths. I couldnt control myself. but i controlled. If i do something, then she complains his husband. This matter goes to my parents. So i controlled myself. But i cant leave the nithya aunty. I became a mad of nithya. I made a plan to fuck her.

I frequently visited her house for some cooking things, watching tv etc. One day when i watching tv one i searched her. But she cant there. I heard the water dropping sound. I guessed she is bathing. I get nervous. After bath she come to the hall. She enquired me about my class. I answered her. Then she moved to his bedroom and feed the milk to his child. I watched her, her right side boob was clearly visible to me. I get nervous. My organ get ready. (sorry i cant explained my body. I am very thin guy. My organ is 8 inches long.) She came back to hall. I come to the original position. She noticed me that i am watching the feeding milk and also she noticed my organ is ful study and gave angry look. I cant handle that situation. So i left her house. After that incident i didnt go to there. But she called me to some help.

When i entered her house she guided me to adjust the geezer in bathroom. when i entered to the bathroom i saw her bra and panties hanging there. I get nervous. I controlled my self but my organ dont control he get strong. I adjusted the geezer and back to the hall. She thanked me. I stayed there to watch tv. She is starring at my organ. I think that she in mood. I saw her she smiled. I continued watching tv. She prepared juice for me, i drink that. After 10 min, her small child start crying. she went to bedroom and back to the batch hall with her child. She sat in front of me and started to feed milk. I can easily see the her small boobs. when i am seeing her boobs, she caught me. I shifted my eyes to tv. but i cant control. After five min my urge exceed my control. I went to near and asked to her, can i drink milk. She get shocked by hearing my words. but she need some to satisfies her.

I think she doesnt had sex after her 2nd delivery. Because she delivered 2 daughters. For this his husband neglected his for 6 months. She kept silence. I thought that this is the green signal. I placed my mouth on left boob. her child eating right boob. She closed her eyes and shouting like ahh.Her child drank the milk and started to sleep. She stopped me and went to bedroom. after 10 min she came back with smile face. I went to her, she stopped me and went to close the main door. when she came back to hall i grabbed her and made to fall on the sopa. I kissed her lips, she respond. I am excited and i cant believe that she is kissing me and my dream came to true. I watched the time it was 11 am. Her husband return for the lunch at 1 pm. I think that i had 2 hours.

We are kissing. Her hand running all over my body and grabbing my hairs and body. I slowly inserted my finger her back and coupled her ass chicks. She then introduced her hand into my Bermuda and hold my organ. She started to squeeze my organ. My organ starts to rise.I broke the kiss and lift her nighty. Now she is in only bra and panty. Only disappoint in her body is small boobs. They not able to coupled. I opened her bra and start to bite those. And simultaneously put my hand in her panty. I inserted my finger in her pussy and massaged.

She start to say ahh ahh ahh ahh, She stocking my organ. She stopped me and made me nude in front of her. She took my organ in her mouth and start hand-job. I am in heaven. I never imaged that she became my. After 5 min i cummed in her mouth. She swallowed all my cum. Then i made her sleep on the sofa and opened her panty. I slowly liked her wet pussy. It taste bad. I removed back. She told me she doesnt washed before one week.I watched the clock the time is 12. I get up and made my organ to strong. Then i introduced my organ in her pussy. It cant go to inside. I pushed it hard. She shout loudly. I fucked. her to about 20 in that position. Then i made her on my top and i sleep on the floor. She started to fuck me on my top. After 5 min she cummed. I feeling good. I also cum within a minute.

She fall on me in the same position keeping my organ in her pussy. We relaxed 10 min in that position. Then i watched the clock the time is 12.35. We moved to bathroom. In bathroom we had another fucking section. we come out from the bathroom and i went to my room. After his husband going to the college she called me. In afternoon i had 3 cum in her. This will continue to the next two months. Now i left the my home for higher studies. But we continued our secret relation. when i get chance to go to my home i wil fuck her. i think that you enjoyed my story.