Sex With My Old Classmate

Hi this is Rahul from Delhi 5 Ft 6 Inch having 7.5 Inch penis, body average and colour fair .; I am a regular reader of ISS and it made me crazy to pen down my own story here also so i am sharing my first story with u friends so if there will be any mistake please forgive for that and also please comment on the story so that i can share other romantic sex happenings with you people. Now let us start narrating my experience in the form of a good story for u people.

This is my real story and it happened before one year at Dehradun in the month of December when i dated her second time outside her hometown. She was my classmate from the starting till tenth but till then we were so simple and did not ever think about love and all. but when we reached in eleventh class and went to separate schools and i began to miss her and finally i proposed her and she replied that it is not time to love but to build our careers and i took this sentence seriously and i worked very hard for complete two years and luckily i also got a job ……….. without wasting time i will come to main theme of the story that after several years from our separation from school as now we were reading in different colleges at two different places and we began in touch only via phone or sms,

One day i told her that i am missing you and want to see you

She replied that she also miss me

Then i said i am going to Delhi for my new office and i have four days rest to get ready for new place Delhi . As i was living alone there and i was free and i decided to visit her in these four days. i called her and said that i am free for three days and want to meet you and she agreed as she also was missing me. that time she was in dehradun for her studies and i boarded the train same night without any confirmed reservation . i was very happy that i am going to have fun. i slept in the train and was dreaming whole night about her and how to fuck her and finally i reached dehradun in the morning.& she came to railway station to receive me and i was not knowing any one in dehradun because it was new place for me .so i decided to take hotel to have more fun with her and we directly went to a nearby hotel.

After reaching hotel i first got some how fresh and sat down on the bed and she sat on a chair and we began to have talk for some while and then i said her that why are u sitting so away she came on bed and sat adjacent to me and we continued to talk each other and during our talk i kept my right arm on her shoulder and she did not say any thing for that and i began to move my hand around her back and then i took my hand towards her boobs and began to touch her and then began to press them over the clothes. let me tell you her size was 36, 30, 38.

Then i pulled her towards myself and began to kiss on her lips and she began to respond quickly and we continued for 20 minutes and she became hot. i removed my clothes like jacket sweater as it was very cold in December, she was also wearing sweater and i also removed her sweater too because we both were becoming hot ; i removed her top also and began to suck her boobs then i removed her bra and began to kiss her naked boobs and she was also responding we continued for one hour like this pressing boobs kissing boobs . she hold my penis and began to rub it with her boobs .

Then i removed her all clothes and began to kiss her pussy and she was so excited and then we took 69 position and i was sucking her pussy and she then began to suck my penis and we both got discharged then we began to talk again and after five to ten minutes i again began to press her boobs and rubbed her pussy. and she also made my penis to wake up immediately and made it hard like a burning iron rod and she told me Rahul now dont make me more mad and please fuck me then i put my penis in her pussy first time she cried loudly stop stop stop Rahul, u tore my pussy and she was in pain

Then i slow down my action and after some time when the pain went off then she began to respond and then we made several positions and we also mad sex in bathroom while having bath…….. i was then going on every saturday to fuck her and now a days i am not in touch with her and if she read it so contact me i am always ready to fuck you baby…….. if u like my story comment on / / and i will be waiting for your comments so that i can share my other stories with you ………..