Sex With My Girlfriend

Hi, this is Arun,(not my real name) from  Bangladesh. I am a regular leader of ISS. I love reading this site very much. I am going to share sexual encounters with my ex girlfriend who became our wife later on. However, we are divorced now.

I had made love with my girlfriend when i was 25 years old. I lost my celibacy to her. We had our first sex two months after our relationship. Aroni, not her real name, was black complexioned and medium sized woman. She had a breast size of 36 inch. She was also on the chubbier side. Aroni lived in a mass with her roommates. Her parents lived in a remote place. Quality education was not available there. AS a result, she came to the capital city for higher studies.

There was no one in her house one day. She invited me to her house.I was afraid of getting caught by her neighbors. I did not know many things about sex back then. Even if i knew about sex, it was very vague confined mostly to fantasy. After my office had ended, i went to her house feeling very nervous. She was not a virgin. She also did the same thing wit her previous boy friend. They broke up because her ex boy friend was caught cheating on another girl. They had sex once only. I trusted her back then. I went inside her room. The room was dark in the evening. The Electricity was gone.  It was hot too. We were beaded with sweat. She came to her room with only a black petticoat on top of her. I felt hot seeing her.

Then I started kissing her frantically. I planted my lips on her neck, mouth and ears. She was also responding in the same way. Then I moved on. She was covering her breasts with the petticoat. I uncovered the petticoat. I started sucking  her breasts. I was licking the nipple of one  part of her breast, and squeezing, molesting and smooching the breast of another part. I was enjoying my moment. I was using my tongue and lips on each part of her body.

After that, she was urging me to put my dick inside her. I dont have a big sized dick. It is around 6 inch in size. I put my thing inside her for the first time. I was very excited. For that reason, i ejaculated after 4-5 seconds. I was ashamed of it. I requested my girl friend to wash my cum and suck my penis. Following my request, she started sucking my penis. I was very excited. I got aroused again. I put that thing inside her once again when it got bigger again. Now I had fucker her for 3-4 minutes. She was moaning very loudly. though she was not a virgin, still her cunt was very tight. She was screaming a lot. I enjoyed hearing her screaming sound. I ejaculated again and laid my head on her breasts. She said, it was wonderful.

But i wanted to fuck her once again. She sucked my penis once again. My dick got aroused again. I started thumping her in the missionary position once again. I was fucking very hard. She later said,” you gave me a heavenly fuck. but you could have gone deeper while penetrating your penis”. I ejaculated for the third time within 45 minutes. After the triumvirate of  ejaculations, my head was swimming a lot. We laid on each others body for some time. She brought in a glass of lemon juice for making me feel refreshed.

I left the house then. After that moment, she was requesting me to get married to her  as early as possible. We got married 2 weeks later. She had her first orgasm 4 days after getting married. Since then, she has had orgasms for 90 percent of the time whenever  we made love. Despite all that we went our separate ways 2 years after getting married. I dont know whether i am good at sex or not. I can tell that if i make love with other women.