Sex With Neighborhood Girl

Hi this is Karthick from Chennai, this is the story happened in life.

It was happened few years back, i have completed be, when i was studying don’t have habit to read stories and all. After completion i have used internet a lot for searching job, when i get boring i was started to search like sex stories, at the moment i got many stories and reed n masturbated a lot, i feel to expect it in real, it was happened. I like mostly incest and couple stories, i ll rad mostly aunties sex stories only. When i was searching job stayed in bro home and did it, at the moment my brother constructed own house, so i was helped him for material safely and like etc. New building near there is a married woman named Hema. When starting of construction i was stayed hall in her home, her husband has working in Mnc Company, routine shift for every week, she’ll speak casual and helped me during the process, during the time raining season too.

Her husband was in night duty, me n Hema alone her home, heavy raining outside, we woke up in the midnight due to raining. We chit chat few things, then finally planned to have sleep, she asked to me to sleep with her bed it has huge size can lay two members easily. First i refused then laid corner of the bed. Now the game has started. I didn’t sleep but acted like sleeping bcoz of new place. She was in nighty didn’t put anything inside view looks like so i have notified in that small lighting. She put her hand into my bro. I was acted like sleeping and didn’t consider it. I too rotate her side like sleeping put my hand into her boom.

I realized that it was very huge size (36 32 34). She has started to massage my cock, bro got woke up. Then we were massaging each other for some time. She has moaned a lot, the room full of her sexy voice. I couldn’t tolerate i have started to kiss her. Start from neck and ass etc. etc., when two of them in lip to lip for 15mins, when lip to lip i was massaged her boom, she too massaged my cock n bottom of cock, then i have kissed her neck n moved down words, when kissing i have removed her dress through my mouth didn’t use my hands, she liked a lot at the moment.

Finally got undressed both, when i seeing her nude i was stun with her big assets, she has little bit hair in her pussy, liked it. We have grabbed each other, started kissing each other, i have started kissing her from top to bottom, she has heavy mood, i forget to tell, i am good ass sucker, i sucked her pussy for half an hour, at the moment she liked a lot she had 3 times organism, i didn’t waste her liquid eat everything, she hugged my head with her thighs. She couldn’t control herself turned me sucked my cock. So we sucked each other, finally i have sucked half an hr, she was very much satisfied in it, then we have started the session. After sucked her pussy she turned me and hugged tightly said love dear a lot. I never had such organism in my life, thanks dude.. I too kissed her lips, then she massaged my cock and asked to insert into her. I tried to foreplay from her love hole, and then inserted my 7” cock into her, little tight; i pushed twice so entered full length into her. She cried her pain n then hugged me. Asked to do slow, i have started slow then increased my speeds. She too enjoying it, she cooperates my pushes, she makes sound like ah ah ah oh ish ish fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me more fuck me more i need it fast fast fast fast….Plz hard fuck plz hardly do it yar, fuck me fuck me fuck me dude fuck me dude tear my pussy plz da, plz fuck hard, plz fuck hard, fuck me hard fuck me hard fuck me hard fuck me hard fuck me hard fuck me hard. Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck more darling, fuck me darling……………………She tied me in her legs and making moans heavily… It goes ten minutes; finally i have ejected my sperms into her vagina.

When my ejaculation she too had her 3 organism, she hugged me tightly and locked with her leg, at the moment i was in heaven. I was enjoyed a lot with her whole night.. We hugged each other for 15mins, then i have cleaned her pussy used my mouth; she too cleaned me with her mouth. Then we plan to have cool drink, got pulpy orange, i drank the pulpy orange and feed her used my mouth, i didn’t gave bottle to her, fully feed through my mouth only. I beat her face with my cock she enjoyed it and sucked my cock again. Whole night didn’t sleep enjoyed each other, four times we had it. It was awesome feel and experience for me. After words day time also she played with my cock when no one there. Me too kissed her pressed her breast up to she crying, she ll like my every movements. Whenever we have chance never missed it enjoyed each other, i fucked ass hole and gap between her booms etc. etc.. We bathed together for several times, when took bath we fucked many times. I ll remove her hair in her private places too. She too will remove hair in my private parts…