Unplanned Ultimate Sex With Swati

Hello Readers. I have been reading stories in this forum since last 3 yrs and finally decided to share my story with you all. About me, I am 24 yrs with avg height of 5’8’’, fair complexioned and athlete body. Currently I stay in Delhi and working for an MNC. Please do share your feedback with me after ready this on / / This story is about Swati (name changed for obvious reasons) and me. It all started when I was in std 12(2005). It was winter time and all schools were closed for Christmas. After scoring high grades in 10th, I moved to the capital city and was staying in a PG. My fathers ex colleague and his wife were my LG and were the only people I knew in the city. It was family of 4 : Husband, wife, daughter Swati(23 yrs) and son sanju (20). Lemme tell you about Sonam. She is 52″, fair with a figure of 36,28,36. She is the sex goddess that occupies the fantasy of a man.

Coming to the story, one winter morning I was invited by aunty for lunch. As it was vacation time I went happily.After lunch I was feeling too cold and hence I promptly got inside a blanket. Soon I was joined by all the members. All 5 of us were inside one big blanket. Uncle, aunty, sanju were sitting while Swati and me were resting with our back on the bed support. Every one of us was talking about different things. After some 10 mins uncle got a phone call and went to his room. At the same time sanjus friends shouted for him and he too went away. While going he told me don’t go until I return. He told Swati not to let me go. Now only three people were inside blanket aunty, Swati and me. After some time while turning side, by mistake my hand touched Swatis curve. Since we both had blanket till our neck, aunty didn’t noticed.

Although Swati was wearing sweater, I still felt the boobs effect. I had an appetite for her since the say I saw her bare milky thighs, coming out after bath with only her Top on. I quickly removed my hands. And for the next 10 mins didnt even looked towards her. But my mind was still stuck there. After few minutes I put my hand on her stomach, kept my hand idle for 2 mins and than started rubbing her stomach gently. She didnt react. It gave me more courage. Then she adjusted herself a bit and it so happened that her sweater went up a bit and my hands were on her bare belly. I literally froze at this hot touch. Kept idle for some time and then started moving my hands slowly on her silken belly. Who said the softest part of a woman is her bums, its Swatis belly. Meanwhile the normal talk was on. Aunty started feeling tizzy and went to her room to sleep.

My mind started getting intoxicated with the thought of having fun with her. I decided to take chance. Then I started to move my hands up her belly. It was so silky that that it kept slipping, moved around covering her entire belly area. Swati kept her eyes closed and appeared to be sleeping. But my Junior was awake now and restless inside. I moved my hands a bit more and met a tight fitted cloth, tried to put my finger inside it, but failed. Realized that this peel that is obstructing my hands, covers the luscious mango and is called bra. Unable to put my hand within, I started to rub her boobs on top of her bra. It was making junior too desperate. It wanted to come out and show its seniority but it was not the time. I was trying my best to squeeze the mangoes but her bra was coming in between. Then she made a movement and turned her back towards me.

Now my hands were on her back which were so silky that I got confused regarding which is more silky- her belly or back. I unsuccessfully tried to forced her top upwards but couldnt. She then lifted her body a bit and I did it. Now I cud see her bare back completely. I understood that she wants me to unhook her bra. How could any man on earth would ever miss that. I unhooked it in a flash and started to move my hand on her back and kissing her back. Her breadth has gone heavier and faster. I wrapped my hand over her and clamped my palm on her right boob. She made a moaning sound “uhhhh”. I started to press them with more power. Her moans increased.

I put my hand on her other boobs and pressed it hardly. She got super excited. She brought her one hand back and put above my junior over the pant. I increased my intensity to kiss her back and pressed her boobs more vigorously. She slide her hand under my jeans, undies and hold my junior. I was in different world altogether. She wasnt able to grab my junior with one hand and started to rub her hand over it. I took her nipples into between my index finger and thumb and sweet twisted it. She hmmmed with sexitement and started to shake my junior. We both were breathing heaving and I was nearly to explode when we heard aunts footsteps. We separated at once.

We both were under blanket till our neck. I turned side facing away from swati and started to look into newspaper kept beside. Aunty came to the room all dressed up and told swati- Me and your dad are going to a distant relatives place. Will be back in around 2 hrs. Dont let Aman go till we are back. Swati pretended to be in semi sleep mode said Ok. Aunty asked me to lock the main door. As she moved out of room, I temporarily adjusted my pants and rushed to lock the door. Returned in a hurry and with a flash turned swati towards me and planted a kiss on her rosy lips. She didnt respond.

Now for the first time I was looking at those 36 sized boobs and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to play with it. I started to press them harder and her moans grew louder. Entire room was filled with sex moans. After pressing her juicy mangoes for more than 5 mins I started to kiss on her neck, shoulder, cleavage. As soon as I took her semi pink nipples in my mouth, she left a moan that spread across entire home.

I started sucking them as a child. She skid her hand into my pants and got hold of my junior. As suction pressure on her nipples increased her shaking of my penis too increased. One of her nipple was in my mouth, my hands pressing her boobs, one of her hand fingering my hairs and others shaking my penis. All of a sudden she grabbed my hair tightly and drew me towards her and planted a deep, luscious kiss on my lips. The kiss fired us both and for next 10 odd mins we both were in saliva dipped, tongue twisted kiss.

After we broke kiss, she went down, asked me to lie and removed my pants. She was awe struck when she saw my 6′ or may be 7′ penis that time and kept gazing. Then she hold the penis between her 2 palms and started sliding. She said it was the first penis of her life and she hadnt had its pleasure yet. Saying this she kissed on tip of the lion and took it into her mouth. Though she was a rookie at giving blow jobs but within 5 mins she was making me fly. The way she was shaking and sucking the penis made me sex-conscious. I was enjoying dick licking. She was great. I was enjoying a lot, when I looked into her eyes with my dick in her mouth, all I cud see was happiness, lust and greed for sex.

Finally, without giving her any notice I exploded in her mouth. Omg!! I havent ever exploded as much. It seemed more than half a cup. Since it exploded inside her mouth, she gulped the most and spit the rest. After 2 mins, she licked and cleaned my dick again. I told her its my turn now but she pleaded to let her suck my dick once more till it get back to its shape. This time my lion woke up too early and within 2-3 mins was ready to roar. I forced her down on bed and removed all her clothes.

While removing her lower, looking at her milky white thighs, I got mad and started kissing them. She sent a loud moan. She was hiding her pink pussy behind her red panties. I moved to remove it. I removed her panty and was on 6th heaven when saw her rosy den. I Started kissing her from navel to thighs to legs. Entire room was Sexful. Her moan growing louder as I neared her love hole. Looking at her clean shaved pink pussy, My junior was desperate to have a tour of the pink pussy. I kissed on her clitoris, rubbed it gently with my fingers and the “Uiimaaaa” came out of her mouth. She was all wet. I kissed all around. She was now desperate for the ultimate fun. So was me.

But I wanted to have a bit more fun. I separated her pussy lips and touched her hot spot with my tongue. She moaned the loudest and shook her body. I did it again and she started begging:: plz dont make me wait. I am desperate. Get inside me. Make me yours, show me your manhood, fuck me, fuck me, plz fuck me fast. Cant wait more. Her words made me very horny. I went between her legs. Put 2 pillows below her lower back. Rubbed my penis on her pussy to lubricate it enough and was ready to penetrate her.. Put the penis head near the entry gate and gave a strong push. She shouted loudly. I waited for a minute. She wanted me to withdraw my penis, I didnt.

I pushed a little harder, tear came out of her eyes, I pushed more and the lion went into its den. I waited for a minute and started stroking gently. She was enjoying it now. I increased the speed, she was enjoying more now. Aaah, uhhh, yaaa, oohhh, hmmm, yess, aaahh, isshhhh was in the air. I was going on like there is no tomorrow and she too was in mood to play a marathon inning. As the force was building inside I decided to give it a pause to start strong. I thought of changing position. I asked her to ride over me.

She was in pain but was in mood to enjoy. She said she enjoyed my thrust a lot. She too wanted a change in position. I asked her to come over me. She told that Entire bed sheet was fill with blood. This made my lion feel proud. She ride over me, inserted my penis once again, she started jumping. Kept saying more, fast, aaahhh, isshhh, more, yeah, fassstt fastt, I increased my speed, both of us were sweating. The entire bed was matching rhythm with both of us.

We were on the uppermost layer of pleasure. I said, I am cumming, she said she has already cummed thrice and nearing fourth. We both increased our speed. The moans grew louder, so was the thrust from top and bottom. And with a big jerk I exploded inside her. For next 2 mins the shots kept firing at her inner walls. I was amused at this performance of mine. She bent, gave and kiss on my lips and hugged me. I Lied their hugging her and licking her nipple.

After 30 mins we had our next stormy session which was in the most pleasurable doggy style. After that we both cleaned ourselves and she changed the bed sheet. 20 mins after we were done with everything sanju returned, followed by uncle and aunty. Swati was unable to walk freely. She told aunt she is not feeling well due to cold so wont leave bed. I was relaxed and thanked her for all this.

We had four more encounters after that within next 3 months, including one on her birthday. Will tell about that in other story. But only when you all mail me your feedback at / / It was a true incident of my life. Any female between 18-30 interested in having friendship, casual talks and fun with no strings attached are most welcome.