Hardeep Introduces Me To The Amazing World Of Sex

Hi friends, my name is Preeti and I am a 48yrs old woman with a very sexy figure (38-28-34) of mixed race basically my paternal family from Haryana and my maternal from kottayam. I have been a very big fan of this website because it gives me a lot of pleasure to read all the stuff posted here irrespective of whether it is reality or a piece of someone\s fantasy because I being a single woman have my own share of physical needs. Yes you read that right that I am a single woman and never married by my own choice. While I have had my fair share of boyfriends and lovers in the past and also in the present I just was not in the mood to get permanently hooked in marriage to anyone of them because I also observed that the only thing that mattered to all men at the end was having sex and nothing else after.

I was 15yrs old then when this life changing transformational episode happened. We stayed in a one bedroom house because that is all that we could afford at that time coming from a lower middle class family and all we had was a two wheeler. My parents used to sleep on the double bed and I on a single mattress on the floor beside them till I was 16 and I got caught by mom watching them fuck after which I was moved out to sleep in the living room, however I still continued to watch them thru the key hole every night.

Till I was there sleeping in the bedroom I used to see my parents making it out every night in various positions making funny noises when their bodies hit each other and also equally funny sounds (which I later understood were moans) seemingly deriving ultimate pleasures with whatever they were doing which at that time I did not understand. I also had seen mom do it by herself enough times with a big carrot or brinjal every time dad was out on tour. While I did not know what they were doing I surely knew that it was something very enjoyable and it remained the biggest unanswered question in my head. Because of the curiosity I was desperate to find out more about it so I could also experience those pleasures.

Let me come to the main episode which dates back when I had just stepped into high school. I went into puberty way ahead of my age at that time and my body was showing transformation to a woman right from when I was in middle school. I started having my periods at the age of 12. I already had big breasts and a not so big butt but my breasts were equal to or bigger than most of my lady teachers also. I was also very active in sports due to my height and built already in most of the school teams with the seniors and was very popular in the entire school due to having won so many trophies in various inter school tournaments. I was always in the company of boys mainly elder to me and I too considered myself no different from them (just like Kajol in that old Shahrukh khan movie).

We were at that time based in a very small town in Haryana where my father was a manager in a private company and my mother a bank employee. Whenever I played various games my breasts used to shake a lot because of their size and that was causing me a lot of discomfort and embarrassment because none of the other girls even older had breasts anywhere close to my size. My biggest embarrassment even though I did not mind or express it was, while playing games like kho-kho, kabaddi or volleyball because inadverntly someone mostly boys would end up grabbing me by my breasts since due to their size it was the easiest thing to grab to pull or stop me. While every time anyone touched my breasts it triggered strange pleasurable feelings in my body and I liked it but still it was a problem for me because I felt it was retarding my sports career.

I went to my mother and complained about my problem of my breasts shaking so much all the time and even more while running or jumping. She too thought about it and then after getting me to strip my top and looking at my chest proposed that it was high time I started wearing a bra below my usual slip to contain my breasts and then gave me one of her own (size 32C which I read on the label attached to it) to try. She helped me wear it but while it surely held my breasts more firmly in place it also made them project further more outward. Well this was the only option I had at that time and so I accepted it quietly. It felt great now while I played sports because they didn’t shake as much as before but now it became even easier for everyone to grab me by my chest due to the projection made by the bra cups. In fact from the day I started wearing the bra I could feel a lot of eyes on me from both men and women.

There was a guy in the 12th standard in my school, Hardeep who was very close to me living in the same colony a few houses away who used to accompany me commuting to and fro from school. He was from a very rich family and was also my best friend and meant the world to me. There was nothing hidden between us since we have both grown up from when I was a toddler and no one knew me inside out as much as he did even more than my parents. He told me on day one when I wore my new undergarment to school that I was looking much better than before and my chest was looking much bigger now and how was it? I causally told him that since my breasts had grown so big and used to shake so much while walking or playing so my mother gave me her bra to wear and it happened to fit me good. He seemed curious but didn’t talk anything more about it.

Life went on and even before I completed my first year wearing this new piece of underwear I had to go back to my mother telling her that I was finding this bra extremely tight and painful to wear. When she took a close look she saw red marks all around where the band of the bra sits and also my shoulders and exclaimed that I had outgrown the bra and immediately needed a bigger one. She seemed very troubled at the rate at which my breasts were growing at such a young age and decided we meet a doctor to see if there was something wrong with me. Next day was a Saturday and both of us had half day so she decided to take me to a doctor in the afternoon after lunch and then shopping as appropriate. Being a small town it was impossible to find a gynaecologist in those days so all you could find was a general physician.

We reached the clinic and both went inside to meet him. He was quite an elderly man and mother explained to him the problem and her concerns. Since his consultation area was the same as the patient examination area he asked mom to step outside and wait till he did a through check-up on me and mom stepped outside. He bolted his door and asked me to sit on his examination table. I was wearing a traditional Punjabi kurta and salwar without the bra but with panties, as soon as I sat on the table he came up to me and asked me to remove my kurta. I felt shy at first when he reassured me that he was a doctor and this was a part of the examination if he needed to diagnose my problem correctly. I felt better now and removed my kurta and sat topless facing him. He stepped closer to me and said softly that I definitely had very huge breasts and started feeling up my breasts thoroughly (similar to what is done today when examining for lumps or cancer in breasts).

Then he also squeezed my nipples and told me that he was doing so just to be sure that my breasts didn’t have milk by any chance because of their unusually large size. I told him that this big size was a curse to me but he comforted me by saying when I grow up later in life understanding everything completely I would understand that this is actually god’s gift and I was really lucky as one in thousands to have it. He was constantly talking to me in a very sweet tone and his touches on my breasts were driving me wild with pleasureable sensations making me squeal softly. Then he told me that everything was normal and just ahead of time I was already a full woman. Then he made me lie down and asked me to remove my salwar so he could examine me down there also and I just nodded yes to him.

Then he pulled the strings of my salwar loosening it and along with my panties pulled it down to my feet but not removing it completely. Then he spread my legs wide and touched my vagina lips with his fingers and I could feel myself wet down there making me embarrassed ever more thinking I had probably urinated on his table but he didn’t say anything. He just spread my vagina really wide and then pushed a finger slowly inside. I jerked at this and he comforted me saying he was checking for my hymen and after he had pushed his finger all the way in and out a few times looked at me surprised and asked me if by any chance I had ever done some hanky panky things with anybody. I was very tensed now not knowing what he meant and was scared like shit thinking something big was wrong and I might get reprimanded by my parents if they found out.

Mustering some courage I asked him what did he mean and then he explained that normally girls have a hymen which also proves virginity and if I had let anyone touch or do anything to me down there and I told him no way has anyone ever touched me there and other than my mother he was the only person to have even seen it. He seemed convinced and now he wiped his fingers and began to help me put back my dress. Then he asked me if I was active in sports and I very jublitantly told him that I was into every physical sport accessible to me like running, jumping, kho-kho, kabaddi and hockey and the number of trophies I had won. Now he gave me my top and after I got dressed had me sitting back on the chair at his desk. Then he told me that not having an intact hymen was due to this only and nothing to worry and I was absolutely normal.

Then I asked him why did I have such a big chest even bigger than my mother and he said because in my case my hormones kicked in early and my body was already fully grown like a woman in her 20s. He called my mother back inside and told her very reassuringly that I was completely normal and nothing to worry about. He also told her to get me a right size bra because whatever I had been wearing was biting into my flesh and any further use could make things worse. He assured her that my body had just grown ahead of my age and it does happen in some cases. Then he told her almost whispering that because I was a lot into physical sports because of which my hymen was gone and that too was normal. He told her that when I went for physical activities there is something called a sports bra which I could wear to support my breasts normally used by athletes but he was not sure if we could find it here in this small town but could try in the metros if there was a chance.

My mother was happy hearing everything was normal with me and we paid him his fees and left from there relieved and straight to the shop selling ladies undergarments in the main market street. Since this was a shop dealing with all women stuff a lot of women staff were around. Mom went to the bra section and told the lady at the counter that she wanted to buy some bras for me but was not sure about the size. We also enquired about the sports bra which she said they didn’t have but we could try in some metro cities. Then the lady took me to the trial room and took my measurements and asked me how old was I and I said 15 and she was very surprised. I asked if there was something wrong and she just smiled and said that even at this young age I already had the body of a full grown woman and that was god’s gift. I told her too that I wasn’t sure about the god’s gift thing but I hated having such a body because it caused me more embarrassment and enough difficulty in sports.

She said wait till you grow up and understand things well and then you will know what I mean. After she got my measurements she took me back to the counter where my mother was waiting and told her that my measurement was 34D. She asked my mom as to when did I start wearing bras and what was the size then and mom answered slightly less than a year ago and it was 32C. She proposed to my mother that either she could buy the right size now and buy next size again when required or because I was growing too fast buy a size larger to last longer. Mom thought quickly and agreed to buy one size larger and then it came to choice of color and shape. Mom looked at me and then told her that my school uniform was a navy blue kurta and white salwar and most of my clothes were dark in color so black would be the right choice and it should be full cup to cover everything with light padding to provide cover in front.

Looking at me the lady proposed that we should atleast buy one or two front close ones just in case I had back pain during some special days and could not manage to hook it behind. Mom saw logic and we quickly bought some of either variety and while we waited to bill the stuff we had bought the lady asked me to go to the changing room and to wear one right now signalling to mom with her eyes. Mom understood something and asked me to do it and I went to the trial room and put on one and looked at myself in the mirror and I felt I was looking very good in the new bra but the only problem was my chest seemed much bigger now protruding even more than before because this was also a uplifting bra and saw it as a bigger problem while in sports. Nevertheless I put my top back on and went to the counter feeling more confident than before for some reason. The lady asked me if it was feeling ok or loose or tight and I said I was feeling perfectly fine. Then we billed and proceeded towards home in an auto.

While travelling in the auto I softly asked mom what did she mean when she told that lady in the shop about “padding to cover in front”? Mom told me to wait till we reached home and she would tell and not in a public place pointing at the auto driver. We reached home soon and as soon as we entered the house I asked her again and she told me that we women have nipples and in my particular case they were also quite big already so in a normal bra without pads they still show thru the clothes as two pointed tents which are not considered decent. Then she pointed to my breasts and said see now they are not visible. Well today was too much learning for me for one day and my head was buzzing with a lot more unanswered questions about my body than before. I asked mother what did the doctor mean by “hymen”? Mom seemed too irritated by my questioning and told me that in due course I would find out and to stop bothering her now. She also said that now I should wear the bras she bought me at all times except while going to sleep.

I looked at the time and it was my playtime now so I didn’t bother and headed out to play after changing into my house clothes with the new bra still on. I again met Hardeep playing with the other boys outside and when I joined everyone everybody kind of just stared at me for a moment quietly before resuming the game of lagori that they were playing. I didn’t know why but I didn’t waste any time since I was more interested in playing. After we were done playing around 7pm when both me and Hardeep were sitting alone chatting near my house I asked him the reason behind everyone’s silence when I came to play and he firstly kept quiet but I kept insisting and because we were both so close he told me pointing at my chest saying it was looking so much bigger today suddenly and it was simply not possible to ignore for the boys.

I argued almost ready to pick up a fight that every girl or woman has it so why was I being singled out and he trying to calm me down said that in my case it was unusually large. Then he asked me if I did not feel that my chest was surely bigger than the other girls in my class or even my teachers (which I had told him earlier) and I agreed. Then he said I was too young to understand some things and as I grow up I will find out what all this means and why do people especially men stare at me. Knowing very well that I was not going to get any more answers from him I just dropped the topic and we started discussing other things. Then Hardeep caught me by surprise when he told me that today I was looking very nice and he just could not stop staring at my chest because there was something different about my chest today, it seemed to look much bigger and full projecting much more than before.

I shyly told him that mom had bought me new bras today and I was wearing one right now. I was feeling so elated at his compliment though I did not understand the underlying reason. Then he told me that he wanted to see it if I did not mind. While I did not see anything wrong in showing it to him I still had a lot of unanswered questions buzzing in my head from the events with the doctor and then the shop etc. Because everybody told me that I would figure things out once I grew up more So I decided to go for barter trying to get my answers from him in return for his wish. Actually in the past there have been enough times that he has seen me in my underwear especially when I used to come back from school with him while my parents were away at work and I casually changed my clothes while grabbing something for both of us to eat and jumping around the house at the same time but something about his today’s request felt different because till date he never asked me such a thing that too directly.

I suspected something exciting was going to happen today and had butterflies in my stomach and infinite curiosity in my head driving me mad. I went with him to his house after informing my mother as always that I was going to his house and he had a room to himself on the first floor where I had spent the last few years of my life while with him with complete privacy and no interruptions whatsoever but just playing video games or watching cartoons on his vcr or discussing the happenings of our day. When we got there I told him I wanted to discuss serious stuff today and he as always comforted me by saying “Preeti how long have we known each other and is there anything about you and me that we have not discussed yet?” This is actually when we broke the ice because till now we were very good friends but we had never discussed such stuff till date ever. I slowly very cautiously started with saying that I had been to a doctor because my mother was worried about the way my body was growing and the way he examined me and Hardeep seemed normal and continued listening to me giving me all his attention.

Then I told him as to how I had to get topless there after the doctor insisted and how he examined my breasts by feeling them and squeezing them for a while and then pinched my nipples repeatedly to check if my breasts oozed any milk by any chance. Now Hardeep seemingly as serious as he could be and as serious as the discussion was asked me to remove my top. Even before I could react or say anything he just grabbed by kurta from the sides and pulled it off me and kept it on the bed where I was sitting next to him. He exclaimed that my new bra was just looking great and making me look really sexy. I honestly never knew the real meaning of the word “sexy” but felt it might be something really great and felt good but nevertheless interrupted him and asked him what did the word “sexy” really mean? He casually replied that when you come across a person who is physically very attractive equal to or more than the one person whom you fantasize about all the time then that word is used.

Listening to his definition I was like on cloud nine already thinking that he considered me more beautiful and physically attractive than Madhuri Dixit (I knew he was mad about her) and I literally asked him if he considered me more “sexy” than Madhuri Dixit? Without a seconds delay he answered “yes”. This was all I could have ever wanted in my life that is to be admired by someone who placed me as more beautiful physically than Madhuri dixit and I was just elated and basking in glory on cloud nine. Then he interrupted me bringing me out of my thoughts saying that most men and grown up boys always fancy a woman with huge breasts and always dream of getting to touch and see them. This is every man’s dream come true if he can do it. Now this made sense as to why everyone preferred to grab me by my breasts rather than anywhere else.

Then I told him how the doctor felt up my breasts and squeezed my nipples and what heavenly pleasures it sent thru my body. He added telling me that a woman’s breast is one of the erroneous zones and just touching and squeezing them can make any woman experience pleasure like crazy. I told him that while the doctor examined my breasts I felt really great and wanted him to continue doing it but sadly he stopped too soon. Now Hardeep cut me short asking me if I could remove my bra so he could understand what I was trying to say. Now this caught me by surprise but I thought that in the past while I changed out of my school clothes he had seen me topless a few times. So while I was still coming to terms with my thoughts he reached out under my arms and unhooked and removed my bra and kept it by my side.

I was now sitting topless besides him talking to him. Then he grabbed my breasts and started rubbing and softly squeezing them sending waves after waves of pleasure similar to what I experienced when the doctor did it to me. After a few minutes he stopped and asked me if this was what I was talking about and I nodded in affirmative. I was right now falling in love with Hardeep for what he had just done to me and wanted him to go on and do more. I told him that whatever he just did felt out of this world and if he could please do it again? He pushed me on the bed and got on top of me and without speaking a word got busy with my breasts while he continued speaking to me. He was rubbing and squeezing my breasts so nicely that I never realised when I was surfing heaven in my head.

Then he asked me what did the doctor do next and I told him that he pinched my nipples for a while trying to see if they would ooze any milk and without a second’s delay Hardeep started pinching my nipples. I just can’t describe how much I enjoyed whatever Hardeep was doing to me it was like magic to my body. Then he suddenly started sucking my nipples and the pleasure I experienced just multiplied making me forget what I was saying and the entire moment altogether.

After he had squeezed and sucked my breasts for a long time he stopped and asked me how did I feel and I replied saying that it was out of this world and if he could please do it again? He dived in and over the next few minutes drove me mad with pleasure that I had never experienced before. Then he stopped but still had a firm grip on my breasts with his hands while he lay on top of me and he told me “do you now understand why it feels so good when guys happen to grab your breasts on any pretext?” and I just nodded a yes to him. Now I was getting clearer about what was really happening around me and why all the senior guys in my school were so much eager in grabbing me by my breasts rather than anywhere else.

While I experienced pleasure they were also experiencing the same. Then Hardeep told me that what I was experiencing right now is because I was aroused and this is exactly what it feels like and what he was doing to me is a part of what is called “having sex”. While I had loosely heard this word now I knew more of what it really means. Then he explained to me that this is one of the main things married couples do to get each other to get each other ready before they go for the final chapter which is called “fucking”. To me right now Hardeep was not just an encyclopaedia of pleasure but also my teacher in addition to being my best friend and I was ready to let him do anything he wanted to do to me. Now while he kept softly rubbing my breasts and squeezing my nipples, he asked me what the doctor did next.

I told him that the doctor now untied my salwar and along with my panties pulled it to my feet. Without a seconds delay Hardeep got off me and did the same to me and he removed my salwar and panties completely and even before I could react he got back on top of me and he asked me what did the doctor do next. Rather than worrying about what Hardeep just did to me rendering me completely nude lying on his bed I answered saying that the doctor spread my legs and then touched me on my pee hole. Hardeep as if trying to simulate the whole thing got off me and spread my legs apart and touched my vaginal lips with his fingers running them along the length of my entire crack. His touch on my pee hole sent shivers of pleasure thru my body. Then he brought me back to the present asking me what the doctor did next.

I said that the doctor separated the lips of my pee hole really wide and probed inside with his fingers. Now even before I had finished saying this Hardeep separated my vaginal lips and pushed his finger inside. I jerked up a bit at the feel of it which was exactly what I had experienced when the doctor did it and Hardeep asked me how I was feeling. I just managed to whisper to him that it was just great, just out of this world. He started probing his finger deeper pushing it in and out and in no time he had two fingers going to and fro in my pee hole and very soon he had three. He fingered my pee hole for a while and I experienced a huge tsunami of pleasure hit me at once which literally blanked me out. When I recovered Hardeep was again on top of me staring me smilingly in my face and asking me how it felt. I told him I was in love with him for my entire life to have made me experience such wonderful unimaginable pleasures.

Then he told me that other than the last part which is also the main part we both literally just had sex and this is how enjoyable it is. I was dead curious now and asked him what the last part was and when was he going to show me or do it to me and he said that the last part was also quite dangerous since any mistake could result in me getting pregnant. I still insisted that he at least tell me about it and then he got of me and inserted a tape in his VCR and played it. He said the movie he was playing was called a blue film and it is all about sex in various ways and from start to the end. He told me that the only part left was called fucking and I was going to see it now.

He fast-forwarded the movie and played it from a point where the lady lay on the bed with her legs spread wide apart and the guy with a huge banana like thing was climbing on top of her. I asked Hardeep to pause the movie right there and asked him if he too had such a banana between his legs. He answered yes and now I got really stuck on wanting to see it and he pulled down his pants along with his underwear and revealed his banana.

It was very big and standing straight and I daringly touched it and felt something like this for the first time in my life. Hardeep told me that this is what a man’s penis is called and this carries the seed to make babies in women. He made me hold it firmly in my hands and he resumed the movie. I could see that the hero got on top of the lady and was now rubbing the tip of his penis against the woman’s pee hole and the woman was going crazy screaming with pleasure. I asked him if this was just acting in a movie or such pleasure is possible in reality. Hardeep told me that whatever I had just experienced till now was nowhere compared to this.

Then the man started slowly pushing his penis into the woman’s pee hole and the woman seemed to be going wild screaming with pleasure. Within the next few seconds he was inside her with the camera giving a good view of how deep he was inside her and now he started going to and fro into her hole. I asked Hardeep why was the man going to and fro while he was already deep inside the lady and he said this is exactly what is called “fucking” and to fuck means to insert the penis deep inside the woman and then to go to and fro pulling out and then pushing back in and to keep doing this till the man’s penis releases his juice.

Hardeep looked at my confused face and while left the movie running turned towards me and sat removing his pants completely and also his t-shirt. Now we were both sitting stark naked face to face with each other. I was sitting facing him with my legs still spread wide and I asked him that was he sure that his big banana was supposed to go inside my tiny pee hole and end up giving both of us a lot of pleasure? He said yes and also mentioned that he had been lucky to get a chance to do this once with his maid back home in his village just because he got caught playing with his banana by her and the pleasure he experienced was out of this world. By now the guy in the movie was ramming his penis inside the woman at a furious pace with lots of force and she was just screaming as if in heaven. I was getting really eager looking at the action on screen and told Hardeep that I wanted him to do the same to me right now.

Hardeep told me that I was still a kid and had a long way to go before I could even think of something like this and more importantly if I did this then I would lose my virginity and if anything went wrong then I could also get pregnant. I beamed with joy and told him that the doctor confirmed to me and my mother that my hymen was gone because of my sports activities and just as we were talking the hero in the movie pulled out and a lot of white liquid shot out of his penis all over the girls face and chest. I asked Hardeep to rewind and pause the movie to where the hero begins to leak the white liquid and asked him what that was.

Hardeep said it was called sperm and it comes out only after the penis gets very excited inside the woman’s hole or you use your hands to excite it and this is what makes a baby when released inside the woman. Then he began stroking his penis with his hand and showed me how to excite it without the need for a woman and said this was called masturbation. Then he made me hold his penis in my hand and stroke him for a few times which I found it very exciting.

I caught up on the last sentence and asked him again that if the penis even though excited pulls out at the last minute and does not release his sperm inside a woman then will she get pregnant? He answered “No” but he added that in the heat of the moment since the pleasures are so great that by mistake mostly the guy ends up releasing his sperm inside the woman only and in a rare case gets lucky enough to pull out at the last minute. Now I was already dreaming of enjoying this “fucking” so I was now trying to convince Hardeep to show me how it feels to fuck. He was not so confident and kept making excuses but I still knew in the back of my mind that how good a friend he was to me and remembering the number of times he had come to my rescue I knew he wanted it as much as me and he would give in.

Then as if to threaten him I told him that if he was not going to help me then I wouldn’t think twice before going to the other boys knowing very well how much they took liberties touching and squeezing my breasts. Now I seemed to have hit the jackpot with this one and Hardeep now commanded me in a stern tone to just not think about doing anything so stupid. I cut him off saying if he couldn’t help me then he had to let me go get help from someone else who was willing. Then he agreed to help me provided I followed every instruction of his and remained patient. I agreed to everything he said.

Then he got up and made me lay back on his bed again and spread my legs wide apart. Then he got on top of me and held my face with his hands and brought his lips very close to mine. He asked me if I observed how the hero kissed the girl and I told him I did see but need a little practice to do it as good as in the movie. Then he stuck his lips to mine and darted his tongue in my mouth. Remembering what I saw in the movie I too darted my tongue inside his mouth and tried to copy his sucking action. My one hand was down below stroking his penis while his hands were rubbing my breasts making me even wetter between my legs.

We stopped kissing for a while and then he told me that after the first time that we do it I might not be in any position to even walk back home due to the pain and that when doing it the first time could cause me to bleed resulting in more pain. He looked at the time and we both had been at this for one and half hours now and I had to head home now. Hardeep suggested that for the next one week he would help me get prepared and then next Saturday instead of going out to play we would both get started right after we get back from school giving us at least six hours for me to recover and get back to normal after my first time. What he said made a lot of sense and I readily agreed with him.

Now he was still on top of me and I could feel his penis touching my vaginal lips so I held his banana at my hole and asked him to push it in just once to help me understand what to be prepared for during the final assault. All this while I was still stroking him and now I went wild kissing him not giving him a chance to say no and while I had positioned his penis at my entrance and seeing that he was not doing anything I myself started pushing my bottom up in all eagerness of trying to get him inside me. He realised that I was too desperate about trying it out right now and not patient to wait for another day so he started pushing into me very slowly while he continued kissing me.

I was confident that he wanted to give it to me as much as I wanted it and he held my face firmly with his hands and continued kissing me wild while his penis slowly burrowed into my tiny virgin hole. I felt pain but it was very tolerable because I was clear in my mind to take him inside me no matter what I had to endure and without much difficulty he was soon all inside me stretching my vagina beyond all unforgivable limits. My eyes were full of tears due to the extreme pain I was silently enduring without complaining just because I was eager to feel the final thing, but when he broke the kiss and looked at my face very worried because of my tears I just made an excuse that these were tears because of the ultimate pleasure he was giving me and he seemed to buy it.

He remained motionless inside me for a few minutes and as if by natural instinct he slowly started pulling out a little and pushing it back in. He made it a point to do it very very slowly taking utmost care not wanting to hurt me and within the next few minutes all the pain was gone and I was experiencing a heightened level of pleasure. Now very soon he could feel that I had adjusted to his penis and started pumping me faster. He went on for a minute and whispered in my ears that he was getting closer to his release and that triggered an alarm in my head due to fears of pregnancy and while his thrusts got faster and faster signalling me of his approaching climax I whispered in his ears to pull out again and again.

Almost like at the eleventh hour he pulled out of me and sprayed my tummy all over with his sperm. He lay down by my side panting. I saw that his banana was now growing soft and losing its rigidity and asked him what was happening. He said after the penis leaks it goes back to a flaccid state which is much more smaller and will again grow back to standing straight and hard once excited again. Out of sheer curiosity I picked up all the slimy liquid he had sprayed me with my fingers and I don’t know why but I felt like tasting it so I brought it to my mouth and tasted it. It felt kind of tasteless and salty but surely gave me a great sense of accomplishment. While Hardeep lay beside me panting I was relishing everything he had done to me and how much fun it really was.

He requested me to please keep this as my deepest secret not telling anyone including my parents and I assured him I would do so but provided he did this “fucking” to me whenever I wanted it. He readily agreed saying he really enjoyed it with me and wanted it as much as me. Now he helped me to my feet and strangely the pain between my legs was negligible and I was able to walk normally. I looked back at the bed and did not find any blood stains there. He took me to the bathroom and helped me clean up properly and then we came back and sat on his bed. I still had some time left before heading home and I asked him to resume the movie he was playing. We both sat together watching it very carefully and I saw that his penis was beginning to grow.

He saw me watching it and asked me to hold it in my hands and to stroke it just like the lady was doing on the screen. I asked him if he getting hard again meant that we could do it again and he said yes and this time the main fucking part would be much longer because the penis always takes much longer to release when doing 2nd time in a row. I continued stroking it while he spoke to me. He asked me to spread my legs again and to touch my pee hole myself with my fingers and tell him what I felt. I did so and could feel myself very slippery and wet. I asked him why was this happening to me and why was I urinating unknowingly.

He laughed and said that this was not urine but some kind of stuff that the woman generates as she gets excited lubricating the entire passage so that when the penis is inserted it goes in smoothly without causing any discomfort and making it all very enjoyable. Then he asked me to insert my fingers inside my own pee hole and I simply did it and it just felt great. Within no time I was pushing my fingers to and fro in my slippery hole and also stroking his hard penis. He told me that what I was doing to myself was called masturbation and all men and women did it to satisfy their own urges when alone or without a partner. He also said that sometimes women also use small objects typically vegetables like carrots to get the kind of pleasure a real penis gives.

I thought in my mind that whenever dad was out on tours mom used to always go to sleep carrying a carrot or slender brinjals with her and under the blanket she always was doing something and now it made complete sense to me because I knew what exactly she was doing. Then Hardeep asked me to remove my fingers from my hole and to lick them to taste my own thing but I refused saying I did not like it. Then he insisted that I should atleast try once since it might be tasting the same if not better than his juice that I had. So I reluctantly put my fingers in my mouth and surprisingly liked the taste of my own thing. Then he asked me to grab both my breasts with my own hands and to rub them and squeeze them just as he had done it and I tried and I again found newer pleasures.

He said that because of the big size of my breasts if I tried a little I might be able to reach my nipples with my own tongue and should try it and I was able to do it without any difficulty by lifting my breasts with my own hands. Again this felt just awesome and now he made me lie down back on his bed and spread my legs again. I thought he was going to do that “fucking” thing again to me but he surprised me by bringing his mouth to my pee hole and started licking it with his tongue. I told him that I found it very dirty and to stop but he ignored me and continued now also pushing his tongue inside my hole sometimes. His mouth was like stuck hard on my pee hole and he was liking me like mad sending waves after waves of pleasure thru my body. Within no time I was actually holding his head with my hand and pushing it hard against my abdomen while I was nibbling on my own nipple with my other hand.

I was feeling ultimate pleasures now and just did not want him to stop and asked him if he could please put his banana into me again. He just ignored me and continued working his tongue deep inside my hole sending me crashing into another tsunami of pleasure. I was quite exhausted now after this and Hardeep got up and sat next to me and told me that we would do the last part of fucking some other time otherwise I might not have the energy to even walk back home normally raising unwanted suspicion and getting both of us into trouble. I obeyed what he said and he was still stroking his rigid penis now. I got up and took over from him and started doing it to him and very soon he was whispering that he was about to shoot his juice and I just opened my mouth wide and brought it close to the tip of his penis while I stroked him faster and he shot his juice straight into my mouth and some on my chest.

I liked it and swallowed it and also picked up the little fallen on my chest and lapped it up too. Then he asked me that if I liked it so much then why did I not lick his penis and take it into my mouth directly. This was new to me and he pointed at the TV screen and the lady was kneeling in-between the man’s legs and licking and sucking on his penis taking it deep inside her mouth. He was again losing his hardness again but I just wanted to try taking him into my mouth once so I quickly took it in my mouth and sucked it like a lollypop. This particularly felt strange to me but I seemed to like doing it and I continued and after about 5 minutes when I stopped and took it out of my mouth and saw it he was hard again. Hardeep told me that this is what he wanted to teach and show me and this was called oral sex and is generally done at the beginning to get the man ready for the main action of fucking.

He reminded me about the time and I quickly got dressed up with his help and just before I pulled up my panties I felt my pee hole and I saw that I was still very wet and slippery. Hardeep took me to the wash room and helped me clean up properly and after I got dressed up as before he walked me back to my house till my door. I was feeling so great with my new found knowledge and pleasures that I just wanted to experience it again as soon as I could. I thanked Hardeep once we were walking inside my house compound for everything he had done to me and he stopped in-between the trees pulling me under the cover of the leaves and darkness and just kissed me again and rubbed my breasts once again quickly and pushed his hand inside my salwar right inside my panties and pushed one finger inside me and told me that he was not able to wait to do it again to me and would surely do it tomorrow. He kissed me good bye and he left leaving me sailing in my new found pleasures.

I will end this episode and tell you more in my subsequent posts since this is already too long. However it would be great if you could all leave me your comments to tell me how you found my experience which I know is quite an unconventional one. I don’t find anything wrong here since I was the main culprit to make this all happen. Anyways bye till the next episode… Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing this down.