First Time Sex With Girlfriend

Hi Everyone!! This is my first story. This is Roy (name changed) from Gujarat, Rajkot, 20 yrs. and Average looking boy with 511 tool size 6′. This is a story which happened before 1 year. My Gf Anjali (name changed) is 55 Amazing boobs for her height, her stats are 34-30-32. Now i am directly coming to the story…

It was a party where we both met it was a party from my cousin bro who has passed in Higher Degree and when i saw her i was shocked how beautiful is she was looking like celebrities and then i asked to my bro that who is she.. Then my bro told me that she lives near their homes. we all dance in party and then after we all taken dinner and she also joined as in dinner after completing the dinner we all were playing hide and seek and my bro has to find so i and she was together in hiding where there is no one other then she so i started talking to her by saying Hi and she also replied back by saying Hi, and then we started talking after 10 to 15 min all were out except me and Anjali and then we also out. t hen all were tried by playing so I and Anjali where siting on Grass and i asked about her and then i asked her can we be friends so she accepted my requested so i have asked her number & she gave me her no. & i gave her miscall so she also got my no.

After party over we all moved to respective home but i have to go to my bro home so i was waiting for my bro to come and then we will go. when i waiting for my bro, Bro suddenly towards me and told that you and Anjali go towards due to late night she is girl so i told ok bro, i was so happy that i and Anjali were going Alone so i asked to her is she comfortable with me and then she told me yes. we started talking on general topics likes hobbies and interesting etc. by the time we reached her home and i said good night and then i moved to pick up my bro and his friend and we all moved and finally we reached home and then i gone to room i changed the clothes and when i have seen my there is a 1 unread mgs so opened and seen there was her mgs by saying thank you and nice to meet you… i also replied by thanks. On next i moved to my town and when i was doing my work at 7 pm and suddenly mgs came of her that are you free can we talk? So i told we will talk tonight 8 o clock then she replied okay..

At 8pm i goes for walking for 2 hours and met to my friends and then returning home 10 to 10:30 pm this was my regular schedule. When i gone for walk i called her…..

Me: Hello!!
Anjali: Hello!!!
We started talking about 15 to 20 min were over suddenly she asked
Anjali: do you have any gf
me: no, why & do you have bf?
Anjali: just asking i don’t have any bf?
Me: will you be my gf?
Anjali didn’t replied and so changed the topic….

We started chatting by mgs and it goes for late night.. After two to three she agrees to be my gf and she said i like her & i told i want to say something to you but i should not affect our relation and she agrees i told that i love you she didn’t replied for 10 min and then after call came from her and she asked what u like in me i said ur eyes ur body structure and etc. and then she also replies back i love you too.
Then we started sex chat and phone sex daily. but After 2 month she told me that she want to meet me i told i can’t come there due to bro if he she me it will be trouble for me then she told she is coming to my city i was so happy that she is going to come next day..

I waked up early and get ready for her because i wont wakeup early in morning and i was waiting for 9 am and she will come i taken my bike and gone to bus station to pick her and she came out of bus, she was looking like a sex goddess, we have hugged there and we moved on my friends Farmhouse. i have told to my friend that is ur farmhouse is free i and my gf want to stay alone there so her replied that if dad (my uncle & Friends DAD) is going out then no problem, my Luck was with me his daddy was going out of station for 3 days so i have no problem for that day i have taken his farmhouse key we (I and gf) moved there. We reached there and i opened the door and she directly jumped on me and hugged very tightly i also hugged her. i have closed the door and taken her in my arms and moved to bedroom and threw her in bed and i came over her and started kissing her she was very good in French kiss and then we started exchanging saliva to each other and i was pressing her left boobs after 15 mins we broke the kiss and then i removed her top and then she has wear netted bra & i was pressing so hard. She was moaning aaaaa hhhh then i removed her pant she was just in bra and panty in front of me and she also removed my shirt and pant. I was in my boxer then again we kissed and i removed her bra while kissing after 10 min she remove my boxer & i remover her panty we both were nude in front of both and she starting giving me blowjob i was in Jaanat; she was giving a just pro blowjob after 15 min we started 69 position and then again she started to give me blowjob after that i started fingering her pussy which was wet she was a virgin also i started to give 2 fingering her pussy and then after i started my tool rubbing on her pussy she was moaning like aaaa hhhh mmmmmmmm Roy fuck me please fuck i can’t wait put ur dick in pussy….
she has very tight pussy i tried and after 4 to 5 strokes my full dick was in her pussy and she was crying and telling pls take out otherwise i will die and some blood was coming out from his pussy but i haven’t listen her bcoz i want to fuck her and after 5 min she was enjoying the session we fuck almost 30 to 40 mins and when i was about to cum she told me that put it in mouth she drank all sperms she nt left even one drop and she also 2 twice cum during the session.

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