My First Sex With My Gf

This story is abt 2 years back when i was 18 on my birthday i invited my all frnd for a party at cloud9 pub all my frnd brought there frnd n gf one of my frnd gf brought her frnd Rozy with her she introduced me her she came from Goa last week n she din had any frnd so she joined her as she was hot n gorgeous n was stun to see her we enjoyed a lot n exchange our numbers that day n we all left

After 1 week i got a msg from Rozy that she was at Secandrabad she lost her purse n all cash so i went on my bike to meet her n it was raining a lot then i received her n while i was driving she was keeping her distance from me but suddenly a dog came in front of my bike n she came near me n my devil grown up i said sorry n dropped her at her home she thanked me n asked me to stay at her home till rain stops i said i love to be in rain n went away to my home

After half n hour i got a call from Rozy she said I’m happy to have a friend like you i said that nit enough for me so she said what you want i said cup of coffee she said ok n next day

I pick-up her from Banjara hills n we had a cup of coffee at necklace road she asked me abt my past n gf n all i said i don’t have any i asked her abt her bf n all she said she had one but left her n we went back n we chat for few weeks n i proposed her she said yes then

I invite her to my place she sat near me n said why you love me i said ur different from other n bla bla bla i asked do u really love me then let me kiss you she said ok i kissed her on her chick then i said let me kiss ur lips she said no then i said need proof if u really love me then let me she said ok i kissed her on her lips we got lips lock for more than 5 min n i slowly put hand on her left boob she removed my hand then she got call from her mom so i took the opportunity n directly put my hand inside of t-shirt n took her boobs out n started sucking her boobs she was in heaven n she was still talking to her mom she was out of her control she said her mom i will come soon bye still i was sucking her both boobs n she was pressing my head on her boobs after sometime she said its enough for now she need to go to her home i said ok n gave kiss on her lips n said love you n she went at that night i not able to control myself n masturbate for 3 times that night next day i called her again

She came to my home at 6 pm i lifted her n took her to my bedroom n started kissing her forehead chicks n lips then i started pressing her boobs then i said her i want to suck ur boobs she said ur a bad boy i said yes I’m n removed her dress n she said u cant remove my bra so i just tore it she shouted me as it was new one i started sucking them n slowly i removed her jeans n her panty n she started removing my cloths n she was shy as i the first person to see her with clothes she said I’m feeling shy let’s stop it i said ur all mine n pointed my cock at her pussy hole n my tip enter in her pussy n she was crying n pleasing me to stop i hold for a min then gave her a big stock n my cock was fully entered in her pussy she started to shouting so i placed lip kiss n hold my cock in her pussy after few minutes i started fucking her fast she closed eyes n after sum time she started saying fuck me more harder aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaa muhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kareem im ur bitch fuck me harder aaaaaahhhaaaa muhhhhhhhhh yesssssss o my godddddd yes i abt to cum i took my cook out n all my sperm was on her stomach n i lied a side she was bleeding from her pussy she went to bath room n cleaned herself n said I’m going back to Goa after 15 days n she kissed me n left home

After 2 days i meet her again at my home i took her to bed again n i gave her a gift i brought her n pair of bra n panty; i said her to suck my cock. She said no then i said ok n started kissing n sucking her boobs n went near her pussy n started to suck her pussy n started tongue fucking her she took her head n started pressing my head on her then she cum in my mouth the juice cum was to good she came twice in mouth then i again asked her to suck my cock then she started sucking my cock she was amazing i cum in her mouth she drank it all the again i started sucking her boobs suddenly bell rang so i went near the door n look from the key hole.

It was my dad i got scared n send her to my room n locked my door he came n shouted me why din i open the door i said i was at bath room so said ok n he went to bathroom i open my room door n send her i thought today my dad is going to kick my ass but i got safe it’s my first story if it has any spelling mistakes then I’m sorry n any girl or aunty can mail on / /

Guys my next story will be abt my Goa experience with Rozy n her elder sister :p