How I Had Sex With My First Love

Hello guys thanks for your precious appreciation and comment for my previous experience. I will not call it story because its not a story its my real experience which i had shared with you guys. For new readers if you interested in my previous experience can read my experience “How I Met My First Love”.

Well going forward in this i am going to share my experience of my life which i cannot forget its still as fresh as a blossom flower. I hope all readers who are non virgin still remember their first experience i will just you one thing guys just share it you will feel great.

Our first love making experience in a movie this was first time when i had felt a girls body and i say that time i really felt very good and it was awesome after that i use to dream all the time about her body my prospective of looking at her completely changed after that incident as you all know in teen age guys and gals hunt for such pleasure so as i got that pleasure from my galfrnd i was really happy.

So after that movie we came out of the theater we didnt speak to each other for some time we were just walking to bus stop we boarded the bus as Banglorains know ladies seat is in front part of the bus she sat with ladies and i was standing behind and was remembering all those sweet moments which i had spent few minutes back. Once we reached our destination i asked her what happen how was the movie she dint reply anything and was just smiling later we returned to our homes. Next day she asked me one question that what we did was right or wrong i just answered if you thing its wrong then its wrong if you think its right then its correct no one better than us can justify that. She was convinced by my reply and we had gone to many movies after that.

Later on our 2nd puc board exams got over after that she joined an degree in same college as i was a science student i got an engineering seat in Bangalore so now we were not meeting daily and not spending much time we were missing each other i then asked her can we go a bit further and make love to each other she hesitated a bit and said its enough to enjoy what we are enjoying now we will see it in feature she replied. I told her that now i am out of control i cannot control i need to make love to you. she was laughing and said okay make me love and like before i was embarrassed i was not having a place to make love with her as i was studying with my family and house was all time occupied and she too was the same and we fear to go some hotel because police may raid or something even bad can happen. I was totally upset and she too was; we dont a perfect place to enjoy and make love. Use to plan and make different ideas where to make love but nothing got executed.

Later one day we meet after 2 months and decided to go to movie as we were waiting for bus to come she said that today she can spend some more time with me as her younger brother board exam have began and her mom has gone to school with him. So i asked her who is in home she said its locked and she will return in evening after her brothers exam and her dad usually goes to office. I got an idea i asked her y dont we go to our home she got scared and said no! No! no!, if some neighbors notice us she will be in trouble or her mom came soon it will be problem but i convinced her we have to take risk lets go her home and see if situation permits we will enter your home or else we will go movie so we crossed the road boarded the bus towards her house we reached her area she was walking in front of me and i was walking with consistence distance behind her so no one can doubt on us. She saw her home was locked it means that her mom was out with her brother. She had another key with her she entered into her home than i went to an STD and called to her house number. She received the call and told me she will keep door open see if any of her neighbors are not out and get inside. It was an independent house in ground floor i went near her gate looked around nobody were there soon i entered her house.

We both were shivering because we had never attempted any such thing before so we were a bit scared. So as we were alone in her home i asked her to get a glass of water she bought and i drank just to relax it took 10 min for us to came to normal condition as your hearts were beating fast so after i thought lets not waste to much time and finish everything as soon as possible before her mom or dad comes back house we had maximum time but i dont want to take any chance. So i started to talking with her i asked her to show are room she took me to her room and i sat on her bed and i raised my hand towards here she caught my hand i pushed her towards me she came near to me i made sit her on my lap and was about to kiss she turned her face and was smiling i knew she was shy so i turned her face towards me to went close to her to kiss she closed her eye and kissed her. Hmmm it was amazing again we kissed for some time then i broke the kiss and made her lye on the bad then i got up and closed all windows and door of the room then i came and slept beside her facing towards her and was playing with her hairs and was looking into her eyes she too was looking into my eyes directly we were just looking we didnt speak any thing for a while then i said your are such beautiful and i really love you a lot hearing this she came close to me and hugged me and told even i love you a lot please dont ever leave me she was hugging and i started kissing her neck and back area below her hairs her grip was getting tight she was hugging me hard her boobs were pressing my chest and i was kissing her ears and neck. Then i resumed her hug and looked into her eye she closed her eye and i kissed here and was pressing her boobs wow it was amazing after kissing i removed her top she was on her bra than i removed her pant and i myself removed my t shirt and pant we were on only undergarments.

Later i made here lie down and got on top of her and started kissing her forehead and kissed all part of her face with my tongue i licked her face and moved towards her neck then i raised her a bit and unhooked her bra and removed my goodness first time in my life seeing a bare boobs wow so round it was i couldnt take my eyes from it for few seconds then i pressed both with hands and she closed her eyes and i was pressing her boobs and i kissed her she was moaning i came down and kissed her boobs her nipples were erect i softly bit her nipples and licked her boobs as i was licking my hands went towards her pussy the final destination as i was touched her pussy over her panty she crossed her leg so that i cannot touch it but it was time of final submission a just touched it she shivered a bit and was saying no dont touch please. I was in no mood to listen to her i moved her leg and pushed my hand inside her panty ah what a feeling i couldnt say you guys at that time that soft pussy with little hairs and was leaking with juice i went mad i just wanted to see the sweetest place of the world so went on my knee to her bottom caught hold of her panty and started removing she automatically raised her back and i slide down her panty hmmmmm what a view what a view; i cannot describe my first live experience of seeing a pussy. She covered her pussy with her hand i just removed her hand and was looking at her pussy then my dick was hard rock so i removed my undy and we both were nude in front of each other.

She saw my dick for the first time and was looking at my dick i took her hand and placed on my dick she was just holding it nothing else then i folded her legs and made widen it and started licking her pussy initially she hesitated and was pushing me away later when my tongue started playing with her pussy he was moaning and caught hold of my hairs and was pushing towards her pussy i licked it for a long time and her juice was flowing out i was drinking it then i got up went close to her and kissed then after thn i made to lye upside down and was pressing her ass i kissed her ass and was kissing her back and caught hold of her boobs and lied over her top and my dick was between her ass.

After that i lied down and she came top of me she was kissing my chest and lips i told her to take my dick into her mouth but she refused then i told just told it and kiss it she did then i told her keep my dick between her boobs she did that and i was making motion as if i am fucking her boobs now i wanted to enter her so i made her lie down in missionary position and parted her leg and kept my dick onto her pussy it was a small busy yes she was a virgin and me too after keeping my dick on her pussy i came on top and pushed it hmmmm it was tight she had a pain i applied little force and made entry she screamed a bit i took out my dick and saw it was stained in blood her hymen had broken and it was bleeding i took a cloth and wiped out organ and asked her to give some oil she told its on cupboard it got old apple on her pussy and little on my dick and i again entered my dick it went a bit inside she screamed again and with full power i pushed inside it was complete inside and i was a man new wow her hot pussy feeling was great and i kept like that for few seconds then i removed it she was crying a bit with pain and pleasure i again entered it and this time it entered little easily then i started making strokes she was moaning i made some stroke and i felt that i am cumming so i stopped stroking it and i took it out of her pussy then i touched her pussy and she was relaxed a bit i gained control and again i entered after 5 6 stroke my pressure built and i took it out of her pussy and splashed my cum on her stomach hmmmmmm after using my hand first time a pussy was used to get out my cum i was exhausted and lied next to her she was also exhausted we were lying there looking top sealing then she got up cleaned herself and went to bathroom i was still lying after some time she came back with towel then i went to bathroom cleaned my dick came out dressed myself she too was dressed by that time now we were not virgin i asked her how is she feeling she was smiling and said she is really happy. Even i was happy that i eventually made with her after that i had some snacks and got out of her home before her parents came.

So guys this my first experience of my life with i have shared with you hope you guys have imagined us both so guys I have tried to convey all my feelings so let’s hope i will get feedback. I am not a professional writer but i tried my best to put all my emotions and convey my experience; i hope readers will imagine what all happen in real please give your valuable feedback on aamirzain4u at