Good Times With The Hunk

“I will miss u honey”. I heard Nishanth saying as i entered the airport. I was traveling to Goa to attend my best friend Sandras wedding. What a place to start your life together. Sitting on the window seat as I saw our flight passing over the clouds my thoughts drifted to the days I and Sandra spent best days of our lives together in that tiny hostel room. Those late night talks, bunked classes, first show movies, crush on the physics lecturer, valentine days running away from guys, raksha bandan running behind guys, flirting with those lovely creatures in the class. Right then a face flashed in my mind. I had this big crush on this guy Steve; he was our classmate and Sandras cousin. He was tall, good looking and full of life. Even though most of us girls in the class thought he was hot, he never used to talk to us. I started thinking if he would be attending the marriage. Of course he would be Sandras cousin reasoned my mind. What would I talk to him? Is he going to recognize me? How would he be looking? Questions started racing through my mind. I woke up to the announcement from captain about the landing.

Sandra had told me she would send someone to pick me up from airport. As I came out of the airport I saw a familiar face waving at me. I was surprised as well as excited to see Steve at the airport. While I was admiring his now masculine face he came close and planted a kiss on my cheeks. This took me by surprise since that was not expected from the shy Steve that I knew. “Were u this beautiful in college was I blind not to notice” he asked. All I could manage was to blush. It was hard for me to even talk to him. Finally I managed to ask” how r u doing”. “Not so well until this moment but after meeting u i have started feeling a lot better” he answered. I blushed again. Are you the same shy guy from the college? I asked him. He answered “yes. But then my curly hairs started growing” even though I was a little shocked to hear this. I told him “I hope its not only the hairs that grew” and felt guilty instantly. This was the first time I was enjoying flirting with a guy after meeting Nishanth. We reached the resort; I was given a room next to Steves. I crashed in my room after having my lunch. A party was organized in the evening for the 2 families. I woke up from the nap around 5 and went to have bath. There was a strange excitement I was looking forward to spending time with Steve. I was thinking what all could happen tonight and my hand slowly went between my legs. My fingers making circles on my clit was making me crazy. Just then sound of door bell brought me back to my senses. I cursed the person on the door, finished my bath, came out in my casuals and opened the door. It was Sandra, she wanted me to check all the arrangements in their honeymoon suite, also insisted me to take the help of Steve.

I went to Steves room to see if he was there, so that we can go check the place before getting ready for the party. When he opened the door he was standing in a towel. I guess he had just come out after taking bath. He looked so sexy with his wet hair. He had a great body. I couldnt take my eyes off his body. Am sure he noticed it and asked “dont you think I would have made a great underwear model”. “I have never seen you in underwear, then how can I comment” I said and regretted immediately. Without a seconds hesitance he dropped his towel and there he was standing only in his undy with a semi hard on. He looked big. I was wondering how it would look in its full strength. “Am sure u would have made a great underwear model. Especially thongs would have looked great on u. He said. Continuing “Would you have asked me a similar question if I wanted to know if I would make a good porn star” he asked me. I blushed. Thought about it for a second and said “u never know” it was twitch between my legs talking now. Somehow i managed the situation without letting it too far. We made our way into the honeymoon suit. It was decorated beautifully with balloons of condoms hanging everywhere; an awesome looking waterbed inviting to be rocked on. Few flowers and it would be complete. Steve asked me if Sandra asked us to only have a look or do a test drive. My face turning red now… I could feel the twitch returning again. He moved close to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I enjoyed it for a moment then pushed him back and reminded him that we were getting late for the party.

I was slowly losing control and I dint know how long I could control. We went back to our rooms to get dressed. I wore a thong and looked into the mirror. Steve was right it looked great on beautiful cheeks. I wore low cut skirt and was looking good. I knocked on Steves door and was waiting to see his reaction on seeing me. He opened the door. He himself looked handsome in the suit. He stared at me for a while and then said. Do we really have to go to the party or can we have our own party here. I was pleased with his reaction. “Shut up” I said and took him to the party venue. Party had just started and we sat in a far corner away from the crowd and started having some wine and started talking. He told me how he had a crush on me and afraid to tell me and how he used to admire my body. I was feeling good. Even the wine felt so smooth that i lost count on how much I had gulped down.

After some time the floor was opened for dance. Steve pulled me to the dance floor. After a couple of quick numbers, a slow number was being played. Steve pulled me real close. I could smell him. My heartbeat had gone up. His hands were roaming all around my bare back and feeling my soft skin. It then slowly moved to my butt and stopped there gave it a firm squeeze moving my body closer to his crushing my small but soft breasts against his chest. His hands moved around as if it was looking for something. Am sure he was pleased to know I was wearing a thong. I wanted the dance. To continue in fact I wanted to be close to him, touched by him. But the song was finished. Right then Steve came close to me kissed on my neck and said in a soft voice “I would be waiting for you in the honeymoon suit. Will u come? I said “yes” in a low voice. He squeezed my but harder and asked me “where will u come”.

“To the honeymoon suit” i said this time a bit louder. When the song was finished and the light came back on I was standing alone. All I wanted was to make love with Steve. And my legs automatically started moving towards the suite. When I entered the room Steve pushed me to the door and stated kissing me. It felt so perfect. Slowly his hand moved to the strings of my skirt and pulled it down making me stand in my bra and the thong. Women interested in sharing their experiences, tips or feedback can mail me at / /
He turned me making me face the door, took a step back. I guess he was admiring my thong clad butt. His hand came down giving it a tight slap. My whole body shuddered at that. He turned me towards him again and started kissing me. His hand went behind and started unclasping my bra. His hand moved my nude breasts and started squeezing them. His rough hand felt great on my smooth skin. He then slowly lifted me and took me near the bed and dropped me over it. He then stripped his suit to the joined me. We were wild animals in control of lust biting, scratching each other. His tongue doing the wonders on my clit and his fingers were moving smooth and easy. It was the fuck of the century. Best night of my life. All I can say finally we were done my cunt was soar but still wanting more.