Making With Friend In Love

Hi guys. This is Raj (name changed). And this story is how I and my friend Bani (name changed) made out with each other. We were studying MBA in college. This was back 4 years from now. We were good friends. We use to spend lot of time together in classes, dining in mess and hanging out but with friends group. Let me tell you about ourselves. I was 22 back then. Normal built body. No fats but not thin. Just fit. Use to play badminton and jog. My friend Bani on a bit short of height but she is very sweet and cute. She had a face like Preity Zinta type. The best part of her was her breasts and her ass. Although been on a bit of a short height, she had massive breasts one you can die for. Maximum times she use to wear tight t-shirts because if which her tightness of the boobs use to show out.

And fuck, what a cleavage. When she wears a shirt and keeps tops 2 buttons open, all I try to do is peek in very meekly. And fantastic ass, u come to know of its tightness by only seeing the shape of it. Lets come to our story. We were a group of 4 friends; me, Bani, Chetan, and Trisha. Chetan and Trisha was a couple. And we 4 use to hang out a lot together. I told Trisha that I liked Bani but then she told me that Bani would never be in a relationship. Later I found out that Trisha had already said Bani of our conversation and Bani knew I liked her. But then this never affected our friendship but she use to get more comfortable with me. And we also use to flirt a lot. And both would enjoy these naughty flirts. Once we were studying in a room; public room like a trading room in a college (many people use to study there). She was a bit tired and she put her head down and went to sleep. She was wearing a t-shirt with a bit deep cut and when she bent her cleavage was showing with a white bra. And people were watching. Obviously her fault; her irresponsibility to an extent and guys were trying to peek in.

I did not like that and got up, stretched her t shirt up. She asked me what am I doing and I showed her an angry face and left. Later she called me and asked what had happened. I told her everything and that her body was visible to others and scolded her. She liked my possessiveness. After that we were bit close now and I even use to flirt with her by saying Miss Whity (for her white bra) and she used to say she will kill me for that. OK now lets come to the real story. As how did we make out with each other? We all 4 friends made a plan to go out in Goa and chill. I was a 5 day holiday period for us. When we reached Goa, Chetan and Trisha requested us to take a double room and asked us that they wanted to be in 1 room and can me and Bani adjust in the same room. And they winked.

Obviously it was clear to both of us that they wanted to fuck each other. I was on my top of the world to hear from Bani that its ok for her to share a room. We all went to our rooms to get fresh. First I went and then Bani. She came out wearing a short t-shirt and shorts. Age was looking beautiful. I said to me to stop staring like that and I said I cannot resist saying to you that you are looking marvelous. She blushed to that. The door was open of the other couple and without knocking we went in and were surprised to see that they were smooching on the sofa. When they saw us, they said us to go and enjoy the beach and that they shall join us in an hour. We giggled and said enjoy your honeymoon and left to the beach.

I and Bani spent some quality time with each other. We were also holding hands and walking the beach. We all made plans to go clubbing in the evening. Omg she was wearing a black dress which would show ample of cleavage and her white thighs. Omg she was wearing a dress which would show ample of cleavage and her white thighs a black dress which would end half way above the knees. Show her ample cleavage and my god she was looking a bomb. I complimented her throughout the way. We would also hold hands in between. All went there as a couple. The best part was taking selfies. We would be so near to reach other while taking selfies. Stand sideways where her boobs would touch my arms and I use to keep pushing myself towards her. We all reached club.

Ladies stole glances from many and we were feeling so proud that they are with us. We ordered drinks and 1 after the other kept going down. Chetan and Trisha went for dancing while we were at the table spending time. I too then asked Bani for dance and we went on floor. When we were searching for Trisha and Chetan they are at the corner of the wall busy kissing each other. We both saw, I told to her let them enjoy and we hit the dance floor. The drinks also started to show effects now. We both became high. We started to dance and then slowly and steadily we were dancing very closely. I put my hand around her waist and she put her hands around my arms. No words were spoken.

Then the DJ started some loud music. She turned around. My penis was already hard and can be felt thru my denims. I was kind of hugging her from behind and dancing. She also had her hands up in air and my hands were touching a bit up from her waist. We were dancing to the tune of music. I started getting more and more close to her from behind, it went beyond hugging. I was literally punishing my penis in her ass. She also started responding to my rubbing there and she also started supporting me. No words were spoken. We both started enjoying each other in the name of music but we both knew what we were doing. Her skirt had almost lifted up now.

I blew hot air near her bare shoulders. Then I said in her ears that Bani you look very beautiful today. There is something very special in you today. She just looked me in the eyes and then she kissed. It was like a 1 sec kiss; just bruised my lips. But the next one was a special one. We started smooching then and there and that happened for at least 5 min as of today I remember. Then we went back to the seats back there with our friends. They both were giving us suspicious smiles and we knew that they saw us kissing.