The First Sex With My Wife

Hi everybody this is my first story in this forum. I am from Biratnagar Nepal. This is about the sex that I had for the first time with my wife. Both of us are great fan of ISS and love to read story from it. For any feedback or comment do write to us as / /

We were married (arrange marriage) on 25th November, 2010. I met her only twice before marriage that too along with the family member around me I couldnt clearly observer her body. At the night of marriage I was too tired due to rituals and all other activity round the house. We were not able to enjoy the Sugwatrat properly or it is better to say we didn’t enjoy the Sugwatrat.

At Sugwatrat: She was inside the room and I came. She was willing to stay away from me so I didnt ask her for sex or any other thing. She asked whether I am tired or not and explain how tired was she. She then complained about the long ritual. She was speaking mean while I felt asleep. When I woke up next morning, she was not on the bed. I went to bathroom where I found her. She has finished taking shower. She was looking really hot this was first time when I observed her figure closely and clearly. I kissed her and she responded properly. But we couldn’t proceed further. We were actually going to Pokhara, most romantic place in Nepal for honeymoon. We had breakfast and then took her to some of my close relative’s house nearby. We returned to home at 2:30. She started to pack the bag and we went to airport.

Once I was inside the airport free from my relatives I started to talk with her. During chitchat I found her to be shy and reserved type. She use to give reply to my question and didnt add any further question. We reached our hotel at 6:50.I went to the room and had a shower. Meanwhile Rupa, my wife, opened the suitcase and arranged the cloths in cupboard. After shower I called room service and ordered dinner and a wine. She went to have shower and came out with an erotic dress like a stripper. I was surprised to see her in such a dress, later I came to know that was gifted by her cousin sister from USA for honeymoon. She came close to me and sat on my lap. She started to kiss me and started to rub my dick from the trouser. I was still shocked and couldnt respond to her. When she pulled my trouser I was waken up and then party started. I was sitting on the couch. I pushed her to the couch and then started to strip her stripper dress. She also started to open my trouser.

Within no time both of us were necked. I started to play with her boobs. She was producing erotic sound like aaaahhhhh ahhhhhaaahhh. I pressed her boobs hard she was in full mood. She started giving blowjob. I was very high this is the first time I am getting blowjob. Her soft lips were testing my metallic shaft like licking a candy. I couldn’t control my fluid and vomited inside her face. She drank all fluid. I then started to lick her starting from her earlobes and then her navel and finally came the most testy and most exotic her pussy. She had a clean shaved pussy and balanced lips of pussy. Her hot breath was making me hot even if ac was on. She again started to crease my dick and then played with my balls meanwhile I played with her asshole. I pulled her in the bed. Then we enjoyed the 69 pose. She was totally mad and getting louder and louder with my every new attempt. She started to suck my dick while I licked her pussy. Both of us continued until we chummed in the bed once again.

The room service ringed the bell. I collected some clothes and opened the door. Her dress was in the floor even if she was inside the blanket. The room boy looked at her dress and then. I send him out then opened the bottle of wine. Once the door was close she jumped over me from back and starts to rub her back with my back portion. I made two glass of wine but she made me lay in the floor and poured wine in my body and started to lick it. It was so exciting and she was so erotic at that time I can’t express in words. She licked whole glass and asked me to repeat the same. I poured the wine in her boobs and started to lick. She was just producing louder and louder sound of aahhhhhhhahhh ahhhhaaaa yaaaaa yaaa.

Now the real fun started. I was too excited then I lifted her. I took her to bed and then started to rub her pussy Lips. Then I started to insert the dick in her pussy. Even if juice was coming out it was difficult to penetrate her pussy with my dick. I force it inside and then holed inside for a while. She was in pain and started to cry and requested me to take it out. But I started to move it inside and finally took out when she was calm. Then I took my pace slowly. She starts to enjoy totally. She was asking me to pull her hair. Sometimes I bite her earlobes and doing nuts things during sex. She was fully excited and just uttering ahhhaaaahhh yap fuck me hard harder make my pussy completely red. I was in my pick. To control the vomiting I licked her pussy and played with her boobs. The again I fucked her hard and finally I vomited inside her pussy. We stayed in the same position for a long time.

Next morning we woke up both of us were necked and wanted the same three words SEX so stared once again. I asked her to try something new which she accepted. I was planning for anal sex. I convinced her. This was my first attempt so I really wanted to be slow. I gradually inserted my dick in her ass. But it was really hard to puss it. I applied some oil and pushed it hard again. I was able to continue my to and fro motion she was also enjoying it but couldn’t last long. We both were exhausted by this and went to sleep. Then after lunch we went for sightseeing. Similar sex continued after dinner.

We are having sex in regular manner and our sex and family life is rocking. So I would like every married couple to try sex in different way so as to make it interesting and keep rocking your sex life.