Rocky Encounter With Married Neighbor Woman

Hi this is Dhruv Desai. I am software techie works with MNC in Mumbai. I am married.

To be very frank with you all since childhood its my desire to do wild, aggressive and innovative sex with married matured woman.

Finally I got that opportunity one fine afternoon. I was alone during that weekend due to my wife\s visit to my in-law\s place. It was around 2:30 in the afternoon when I was at the ground floor in my building. I saw beautiful gorgeous stunning ravishing woman with waist height hair standing near to lift with so many grocery shopping bags around her. She was looking tensed and I understood that lift was not operational. She was looking so damn sexy. Rose petals like lips; long hair till waist. Nice shaped boobs and nasty ass with a good height. I lost in her at first sight but then recovered soon. I am living on rent in the building so never seen her before.

So I politely offered her help but she sweetly said thank you. I said no matter I can help u as lift might not work at all. She said I live on 6th floor so I said no problem and I took few bags in my hand and started climbing stairs. We exchanged casual introduction of each other. Her name was Bindu. We reached to her floor and dumped all bags in her home. She invited me in. I sat on sofa and she offered me glass of water and apologized at the same time for putting me in trouble. I replied I see this as a wonderful opportunity to become your friend. She smiled and said sure.

She went into the kitchen I looked at her from behind. I imagined to have sexual encounter with you but was wondered how I can seduce her.

When she returned we asked about each other s family. When I asked her what you do; she said nothing, I am just house wife. I said never say nothing being housewife itself is big job and she felt so good about it. Now I started to praise her. I said how beautiful she looks. She liked my praises.

She told me you are alone for few days so you enjoy? I said married people dont enjoy alone and she said naughty boy.

I said we both are alone at the moment and she gave naughty smile and said yes my husband is also out of town and daughters at my brother s home for vacation.

She went in kitchen again and I gathered courage and went after her. She turned towards me and said hold back boy we have lots of time with us. I said if you are in front how can one control. She came bit close and rolled her fingers on my cheek and said dont control but close d door before.

I closed the door and we had wild sex desires in our eyes. I lifted her and took her in bedroom. I pushed her to wall and wrapped her one leg on my ass and started licking her lips sucking her tongue. I turned her and I started rubbing my dick on her ass and she started moving her ass on my dick. I cut her ear n shoulder. She brought her hands on my back and scratches my back with nails in excitement. We quickly undress each other. I took her on dining table made her sleep on it. She asked me to bring strawberry n choco syrup from kitchen. I brought it dipped strawberry in choco n started rolling it on her lips cleave. I licked her lips. Her boobs were round n tight. I rolled strawberry on it n around her nipples. Den madly pressed and sucked her boobs n nipples. I dipped her toe of leg in choco n licked it. She moaned so madly calling me oh naughty boy u r giving wild pleasure. I came to her pussy which was sexy and filled it with choco sauce. I started to lick it madly. She held my hair n lifted her belly in excitement.

We went in sofa. She set in sofa n I stood in front of her. She had wild looked at my 7 inch hard long thick hungry n naughty dick n looked it in my eyes and said I wanted such dick. She rubbed choco on it and started licking it. I held her hair and said you are a wild sucker. I bent n rolled erected dick around her nipples. She loved it.

I took her now in bed. She wanted to start in doggy. We took position in such a way that so we can see each other in mirror. I came behind her held her long hair and pumped hard dick from behind into her sexy pussy. She screamed and then I started to give her hard and long strokes. She started to mover her ass nice n fast and started telling me to fuck harder. She said you are true man to fuck me so nicely. I rolled my dick round and round inside her pussy.

Then we changed position and I took both her legs on my shoulder and pushed dick deep in and started to give wild shot. She was moaning and I was licking her boobs. I held bad to give strong shots.

We again changed position. I sat in chair and she sat in my lap. Took dick deep in. She bent towards back and rested her hands behind on table to create arc. Then she took dick back n forth in arc for wild pleasure.

Next position in sofa where she sat in my lap with her back rested on my chest one leg on sofa and I pumped dick from below.

I took her on dressing table and spread her legs in v shape and fucked her madly.

She wanted to fuck her in standing which I did with taking her one leg in hand.

Finally in bed she sat in my lap and legs crossed on my back and she jumped holding her hair wildly. We both got excited and I loaded my cum into her cunt.

After about half an hour we chatted in bed. She said I love wild sex and you gave me that.

We become friends and try new innovation when we get chance.

I feel sex is all about innovation but with feeling not just for fun.

Hope I can get some response on dhruvisinnocent at gmail dot com

Im waiting for warm replies.