A Beast Within A Silent Woman

Hi folks, well coming to the intro, am a 511 25 yr old guy with quiet decent body and my name is Sameer (fake name). I have been working for the past 2yrs in Chennai (well basically from Chennai) in a software mnc company and a bachelor.

In this story I will explain you all about how I met this 29yr old divorcee woman named Dhanya (fake name) and had an unexpected encounter and an unexpected response from her on bed, well unexpected response is because she is very quiet, shy and reserved type of a woman. She happens to be my family friends daughter and I never had a chance to speak to her face to face until last year may. It was completely coincidental; I used to help Dhanyas brother in his academics, so there were very less chances that we spoke face to face. Later on when I got my job I was completely busy and had no time for other stuff, as days went by I completely forgot the very existence of Dhanya until she messaged me out of nowhere on Whatsapp.

I was completely unaware of her phone number nor was her picture good on Whatsapp but the curious child in me wanted to know who it was and so I replied back that very instant she replied back “hey its me Dhanya remember? “But I had no clue of who it was, after a prolonged thought it struck me with her face pale but fair and her vital stats 34-28-36 damn I could never imagine her face but her figure was mind whooping until I saw her naked. And so the chat started, I was being very formal with her and never had any thought about freaking around. as days went by I was only being dead formal with her and later she provoked me saying “I never thought you would be this formal and decent, dont you even know how to flirt “I was dumbstruck because this was completely a new phase in my life and I never ever thought in my wildest dream that she would be expecting such a thing from me, so I replied back “well you are elder to me and I never thought of flirting with you” and she replied “age is just a number honey” and there goes my green signal.

I started off sending her some non-veg jokes and stuff but she jumped straight to sex and positions. we used to share sexual position pictures on Whatsapp, she was never interested in sex chat or call sex all she believed in was reality and until then I never met her in private. The day came when she invited me to meet and we did in her own apartment in the park. As we sat down we spoke for like 15 min max and there in the dark I could feel her hand crawling on my thigh and slowly under my shorts, guys and girls I reached to my max, my shaft was hard which is 6.5 inches length and 2.5 inches wide. She noticed my crotch and slowly freed it from my shorts I knew this would come. She started giving me a hand job and slowly bent down to give a blow job, she was amazing at blowjob as she took my cock in her mouth I felt a warm feeling around my cock with slimy saliva all over it. With her tongue rolling over my cock head as she goes up; it was warm and very slimy but that feeling was amazing its still fresh on my mind.

As she went down she would massage my ball sack and nibble with the sack like it were some cotton hmmm yeah that was amazing. I later slipped my hands under her top and started feeling her boobs, god they were so soft and perfect in size that I was melting. as I kept doing it I never realized about the time it was more than an hour and equally I could feel that I was about to climax because the way she was giving a blowjob blew my mind, I was trying to tell her that am about to climax, she came up smooched me putting her tongue in me and whispered ” am thirsty let me quench my thirst just be quiet and enjoy “I was dumbstruck and astonished the moment she took my cock in her mouth again within few seconds I shot my cum into her mouth, she drank every bit of it and slowly came upto me and smooched me like very passionate rolling our tongues like snakes and sucking each others lips like it had the nectar in them.

Later on she stopped and said ” its time that you go; its too late now ” now the fun part is I just wouldnt leave her top and pull her again grabbing her boobs and squeezing them, she again says “hon more coming for you, I need you to quench my thirst completely” now I figured it out how it is when you are sex starved for more than 3 yrs. I went back home and was waiting for her message. She directly messaged me to the point “Sameer, I need you to fuck me and leave your seed in me I need to be filled and have more sessions with you” I had no clue what to reply because fun and sex yes but unprotected sex? Seriously? I raised a few doubts about it and she was a dare devil to reply back “Dont worry am healthy and I dont carry any disease” see thats the advantage of a person in a biology field (she was into medical). Being a little hesitant still wanted to see whats inside her I accepted and asked her when and where. She said “well in 4 days I will reach my safe day” and I fixed the venue that is my house.

She was very particular and took every step in not discussing anything as she feels it kills the show and we waited for 4 days. Then came the d-day, I took an off and stayed back home mom and dad are employees so had no issues. She came straight to my house and ringed the bell and there she was. She came in and just hugged me casually, we didnt have to rush so I just went to take a shower, and we had the whole day for us. I took bath wrapped my towel around and came out, to my surprise she was on bed with her bikini and g-string lying on my bed welcoming me. I just stood there like a statue, my shaft was a little awake, I went straight to the bed and started smooching her she slowly removed my towel. We were exploring each others mouth completely and playing with each others tongue, by then I had removed her bikini and started feeling her boobs with my bare manly hands.

Well am very macho with my features so you could imagine two bodies soft like a cake and hard like a rock slithering on the bed smooching and squeezing her boobs and she holding my ball sack like it were some cotton, later she went down and started giving me a blowjob. She went up and down running her tongue on it like it were some chocobar and the unexpected happened she started sucking my ball sack and giving small bites over it, oh god that was an amazing feeling and I loved it. She kept meddling with my ball sack now I took her in a 69 position and she was clean shaved and hairless skin felt more like a baby skin, and I started to suck her deep and sucking it like a vacuum cleaner and I later put my tongue deep into her and tongue fucking her for a while but the deeper I went she went moaning and shouting very loud.

I just touched her g-spot, she started flowing juices and it tasted real good, I was about to climax but I turned her up and I went on her and slowly started sucking her boobs, one boob in my mouth nibbling her nipple with my tongue one hand on her other boob and pinching her nipple and one hand on her pussy fingering it. I kept doing it slow she went wild and started scratching my back and pulling my head even closer and digging it deep in her cleavage. I kept doing this for 10 min because I had to cool down so that I dont climax and get her to the peaks so that she gets her orgasms, as I kept doing this she kept moaning like a wild animal and unable to control. She kept saying ” ahhhh Sameeeer I love the way you do thatttttt eat me up; am all yoursssss. Yes yes yessss. ” saying these words she kept flowing and as I felt the peaks I kept changing and sucking her boobs one after the other and slowly coming up and kissing her neck and biting her neck as I did this she equally gave me love bites on my hairy chest and neck.

I sucked her neck and slowly came to her arm pits (guys remember arm pit sucking sounds disgusting but if u do it properly women will love it) and sucked her there she went bonkers and started moaning my name “Sameeer Sameeeeeer ahhhhh yes I never felt like this beforeeeeeee ” and then came time for some real fun, I was hard enough now with all that foreplay so I was ready to fuck her.

Now for a start I wanted to go for a missionary as thats the place where you start and end with, as I started to enter her pussy she was tight trust me tight as I slowly entered her inch after inch she kept moaning and shouting loud ” ahhhhh Sameeeeer I have been waiting for this; oh my god ahhhh ” her shouts were uncontrollable so I immediately smooched her so that she doesnt shout much. As I smooched her I could feel my cock slowly entering in and out inch after inch with her grip on my back I could figure out that she needed more time to settle and later she loosened her grip and I started fucking her in slow pace as I kept fucking her she had tears in her eyes and she said “yes Sameeer yes fuck me love me like I have never been loved before ahhh”. With each stroke she moaned and slithered and arched her back with every orgasm she would moan loud and her pussy would grip my cock that was really hot, it was like your cock is in a warm but pleasurable place like a honey pot.

I kept fucking her like this for 5 min. I felt it was time to change the position I took both her legs on my shoulder and started ramming her hard , each time I ram her hard she would say ” god you fuck so goodddddd than my ex hubby. Yeah baby fuck me hard fill me; fill me with your semen. “Her words were turning me on so much, each time she would say that I would bend down and smooch her and say it” yeah baby you are mine.”. I felt like I was on a climax I literally lifted her up took her to a corner of the room and rammed and fucked her on the wall this way I delayed my climax. She later couldnt bear the pain and said “baby please fuck me on the bed” I took her to the bed and fucked her in a missionary position for another 3 minutes and I said “baby am going to cummmmmmmmm.” She said “ohhh yessss fill me in yessssss “. I spurted my semen completely inside her and stayed in that position, we were sweating a lot and our bodies were slippery.

We just laid down there for a while and later I heard a pop sound I felt my cock come out and her pussy leaking with her and mine liquid. We slept like that for while, and later after an hour or so I felt a warm feeling on my cock I woke up n saw Dhanya giving me a blowjob and we had another session which I will share with you in upcoming part.

Readers hope I have made you excited and sexually aroused with my story for feedback or any other queries feel free to mail me => / / newguy90. I will be really obliged and please just ignore any mistakes in the text.