Making Love To My Love In Ooty

Hi guys! This is Aaryan. I am from Hyderabad. I work for an MNC in Pune. I am a cute looking guy. No doubt about that. I am 22 years old. I had 4 affairs out of which 3 eventually lead to sex but I fantasize having sex with elder women but never got a chance. So I am waiting for someone to ping me through this site atleast.

I love this site a lot. I have been reading stories here for the past 2 years.

Atlast I made up my mind to submit my own story. The heroine of the story is Harika (name changed). We are college friends and we have been in love since 3 years. The incident took place in the most romantic place of India (Ooty). We always smooch, hug, cuddle, and play some fore-play whenever we get a chance. But the real pleasure was missing as we did not privacy. Atlast we decided to give ourselves some time. We made up a plan to visit Ooty. We cooked stories in our respective homes, saying we are going on a college tour. The final day arrived in the month of December. I was waiting like crazy for the day.

We took a flight to Coimbatore. We landed there and then moved to R.S.Puram. I booked a hotel there. I held her hand and took her in. I could not wait more. I threw my bag aside, bolted the door and caught her from behind. She said “cant u wait baby, we have three days”. I did not listen to her, instead started kissing her neck and caressed her boobs from behind. My dick already was rock solid; it started to poke her ass. I then turned her towards me, smooched for some 5 mins, in between pressing her boobs. Then she said “baby I am hungry”. I stopped after giving her another smooch. Then we went out, had dinner and came back. Nothing much happened that day, as we were tired. We slept hugging each other. It was awesome. Your love in your arms!

The next day in the evening, we had our dinner and took a cab to Ooty. We reached there in some 2 hours. I already booked a nice cottage. We checked in. We got fresh. I was awestruck when she came out from the washroom. She wore a nice transparent top and a loose mini skirt. She started teasing me.

I could not control much, I kissed her on her lips. She kissed me back. This went on for quite some time and I started smooching, she reciprocated well. We were too horny to stop smooching. We were literally playing with our tongues.

In between, I held her on her hips and slowly tried to lift the t shirt off. She caught my hand. I smooched harder and however managed to take the top off her. That was the moment of my life. There stood a goddess of my life. She was standing in her black netted bra. She has an awesome figure 34-28-36. I pushed her on the bed and started to kiss her boobs from above the bra. It was enthralling. I started pressing her boobs from above the bra. She was moaning and calling my name.

I turned her to the other side and unhooked her bra. I threw the bra away. There they were, they stood stiff oh her chest. I was staring at them. She was feeling shy. She had a very fair skin tone. The boobs were quite big, with two brown circular nipples. I pressed her right boob and sucked her left boob. She was moaning like hell moving her body like a snake. I was biting those mangoes. When I bit them, she was shouting with pleasure. I took my t shirt off.

I sucked her boobs for 10 to 15 minutes. She caught hold of my hair and was pushing me on to her boobs. I started sucking them more vigorously. I then moved a bit down and was playing with her stomach. I kissed her whole body. She was moving her legs so much. I slowly put my hand in her skirt on her panty. It was totally wet already. I was sucking her boobs and at the same time rubbing on her pussy above her already wet panty.

I slowly pulled down her panty and skirt in one go. She then circled her legs and closes her eyes out of shy. She was laying like a sex goddess all nude in front of me. I slowly rubbed her thighs. She started easing off a bit. She slowly started to relax her legs. Then I saw her pussy, those vertical pink lips. They were too cute. It was wet leaking out juices. I then moved her legs apart, got in between. I gave a kiss on her cute vertical lips. A loud moan escaped her mouth. The smell of her juices was scintillating and was driving me crazy. I started licking her pussy. I slowly inserted my tongue in to her pussy and started playing with my tongue. She was saying “baby please dont tease me anymore. I cant wait anymore. Please put yours in”. Then I asked her to take my pants off me.

She sat on the bed, pushed me back on to the bed and started my dick on my Shorts. Those hands were perfect. She slowly unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them off. My dick was struggling inside my boxers. She then removed my boxers also. She held my dick in her hands and started giving a hand job. I asked her for a blowjob. She said no. I said please baby. And she accepted. She kissed my dick. It was oozing pre-cum. She gave so many kisses and slowly started taking my dick inside her mouth. Oh my god it was just awesome. She took half my dick into her mouth and was blowing me so well. She sucked me for 5 minutes and it was too much for me. I told her I am gonna cum. Then she took the dick out of her mouth and was giving a vigorous hand job. I had cummed in her hands. She cleaned the cum with a tissue and again put my cock in her mouth. She was sucking so well, that it stood up to its full length in no time. She said “oh baby its dying to go into something”.

I then pushed her back on the bed and bit her boobs and I inserted a finger in to her pussy. She started moaning. To control that, I started smooching her. I slowly inserted another finger into her pussy. She could not take any more and I removed my fingers and started licking her pussy lips so as to lubricate them. She asked me to put my dick in.

I wore a condom on my 6 inches dick (which she measured later) and took my dick near her pussy. She was pushing her hips up so as to take my dick in. I was rubbing on her pussy but did not insert to tease her. She begged me to put my thing in. I then slowly relaxed and rubbed my dick over her pussy and slowly pushed my dick in. Her hole was too tight, I somehow pushed my dick inside and the head of my cock went inside. She started screaming. I put my lips over hers and started cooling her down. I was smooching her hard and pushed my entire dick in to her in one go. She really screamed out loud. She asked me to take it out. I asked her to relax and smooched her. She started relaxing with my dick inside her.

I started moving my dick slowly inside her pussy. She put her legs around my hips. She was moaning loud calling my name “oh baby its soooo nice, go on fuck me hard”. I slowly increased my pace and was fucking her real hard. She was moaning aaahhhh ummmmm aaaaahhhhh babbyyyyy lovveee uuuu soooo mucchhhhh dig me more. I fucked her vigorously for around 5 minutes. She could not take it anymore and she cummed. I then took my dick out so as not to cum quick. I pulled her to the corner of the bed and I stepped down and stood beside her on the floor. I slowly put my dick inside her and fucked her harder this time. I was in heaven, so was she. I fucked her vigorously for some 3 or 5 minutes and cummed inside the condom. I took my dick out and licked her pussy till she cummed on my face.

She had a satisfied look on her face. I was quite happy that she was satisfied. Then we moved to the washroom and went under the shower. We were kissing and licking each other. My dick started to grow again. I then slowly made her rest against the wall and rubbed my dick on her pussy. I was not able to insert properly. So, we came back to the bed all wet and I made her kneel down doggy style (ours favourite position). I inserted my dick in her pussy from behind and started giving her strokes. It was awesome. I caught her boobs from behind for grip while fucking her. I fucked her for around 5 minutes and I told her I was going to cum. She said she too is nearing her orgasm and asked me to fuck her harder.

She was moving her hip in rhythm to my strokes. I fucked her real hard for another 2 minutes and we both came at the same time. We both fell on the bed all tired. She slept after some fore play in each others arms. Another 2 days in Ooty and we had the time of our lives. We still are in love and we make out whenever we get a chance.

This is my first story and comments awaited. Please do comment. You can mail me at / / Any girls or aunties around Hyderabad or Pune can contact me for real fun or fun on mobile. Privacy maintained because even I am from a conservative family. Your privacy is as much important as mine.
Thanks in advance.