My Experience As A Gigolo

Hi this is Arun 26 years of age from Chennai. This is my first story on ISS and I decided to post this was very excited and wanted to share you people about my experience. I came to Chennai for my studies. During my college time I was athlete so I had a good physic. I still remember when girls and aunties stare at me at my physic as if they want to feel my body. I use to stay in a rent house with 2 other portion with tenants and the house owner. I had sex with the 1 aunty who was my neighbour; also had a discreet relationship with my land lady. Life was awesome as I had sex any time I wanted and was happy satisfying the 2 mature women.

Let me come to the story which I wanna share with you all. As I was interested in sex and giving satisfaction to aunties I decided to help the unsatisfied aunties who are craving for sex. I am happy that all my client were satisfied with my service and they ask for more. This is an incident which happened some 6 months back.

I got a call from an unknown number one morning. I attended the call and the other end was a lady voice, her voice was so soft and sweet. I love her voice and was impress talking to her. She asked me if I could meet her this afternoon. I was not willing to but I felt good talking to her and decided to meet her. She said she will again call me in 1 hour. I got ready soon and after some time she called again and gave me an address and said to be there as soon as possible. As it was near to me I reached the address and found it was a flat. I rang the bell after little moment a woman opened the door and said me to welcome. I was amazed by seeing her. She was wearing a yellow saree with black sleevless blouse. I could see her cleavage and her navel.

When she turned back, her butts were awesome to watch. My dick was hard by seeing her asset. She asked me to sit on the sofa of her hall. We spoke for some time; her name was Ragini name changed. She was 34 years old and was staying alone in the city as her husband and her kids were out of station. Her husband was a business man and was always busy and never finds time for her. She got me some juice and came near me and sat on the sofa. I could smell her fragrance which was turning me horny. We both chat for some time; I hold her hand and started caressing. She was enjoying it; slowly I started kissing her hands and then caress her legs and thighs. She was having pleasure and I place my hand near her butt. Gave a gentle press on her butt she was enjoying by this time. She was not comfortable on the sofa. She got up hold my hands and lead to the bedroom.

The bedroom was decorated nicely with good scents and dim light. I took my shirt and pant and was in underwear only. I hold her from behind and kissed on her neck, ear back and removed her saree and blouse. I discovered her back by gentle press and kissing and licking all around. Then hold her tightly from the back rubbing my dick from her behind and kneading her boobs. She was also now initiating moving her ass in round motion and feeling my dick. We did this for some time when I thought it was enough I laid her on the bed and started kissing her fore head, eyes, nose, chin and neck. She was jumping in excitement, so slowly I went toward her breast. I kneaded and played with her boobs she was moaning by this time. I suck her boobs like drinking milk from her.

Her tits were hard I wet them with my tongue and licking her tits and for excitement I bite her boobs and nipple she was in heaven and she took my hand and was pressing her boobs. I went down toward her naval gave smooches she was moaning like hell. I kissed and licked her naval and made sure that she was enjoying every moment.

Went down towards her feet massaged her feet with gentle press; slowly approached towards her pussy. Kissed her thigh she was moaning like anything. I see her enjoying I never stopped. I licked all around her thigh and placed my fingers on her panty caressing her pussy. Removed her pussy was wet and her pussy was clean shaved. With no time I dig my tongue inside her pussy and stated kissing and giving light stroke with my tongue. She was in cloud nine and was stroking her pussy near my mouth. I took my dick and rubbed near her pussy it gave her a sensation and was moaning aaahhhhhhhh wowwwwwwww tear my pussy Raja. I got excited with her moan and tap my dick gently on her pussy she was jumping in excitement.

She then started telling please put the dick and fuck me. I was happy to hear her. I make her legs apart and pushed my dick inside she was shouting ooohhhhhhhhhhh. Aahhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmm. Fuck me. Fuck me hard, tear my pussy. I gave her strokes and she also came and after sometime I also came. I lay on top up her for some time and then came down.

We both laid down for some time and after 10 min she hold my dick and my dick again stood up. She holds my dick and rub against her hand and said your dick is so awesome and kissed my dick. And I felt warm there as she put my dick in her mouth and started sucking and licking it. She was licking as if she was having a lolly pop. She kissed and licked my balls I too was enjoying. After some time I was about to cum. She asked me to cum on her mouth. I cum again in her mouth she drank all the juice and wipes her mouth. I also gave her another fuck and then we rested for some time. We had 4 sex session that day. As it was becoming evening I left her place. She placed a kissed to me and thanked me for the time and enjoyment. She complimented me and she calls me 3 or 4 times in a week. And I make sure she has great time on my every visit.

Mail me your suggestions and feedback on my story. And any girls, aunties, bhabis for service and sexual satisfaction please mail me at / / Till then wait for my next story.