Passionate Sex With Landlords Wife

Hello again Is readers. This story is about yet another amazing sexual experience that I had when I fucked my landlords wife. I was taken to another level of happiness by her. Actually I had been living in that house since my childhood. I used to be close friends with her son who was a bit younger than me. I never had any wrong intention towards her.

I was 25 years old then and she was 48. My parents had shifted to our native six months back. However I chose to stay in that house itself since I was well adjusted with it. My landlords son had gone to study in college and he stayed in a hostel. So whenever my landlord was away, we were the only ones in the whole building. My desire to have sex with her had aroused when once I was helping her to keep some boxes on the ledge. I had climbed up the ladder and she was handing me the boxes. When I looked down, her saree had slid down a bit and I could see her milky white cleavage. I tried not to look at it but I couldnt help it. She didnt notice me staring.

From then on, I used to grab every opportunity to go to her home and watch her. Sometimes she would lying on the sofa and watching TV wearing a nighty. I purposely used to go and sit on the chair ahead of her so that I could get a glimpse of her cleavage. Sometimes while she would be hanging clothes to dry and when she stood on her toes, her navel and hips would become visible. I was plotting how to get her to bed. Then I came across a story in which a guy had placed a spy can in a ladys bathroom and blackmailed her that if she didnt agree, he would post the video online. I thought if doing a similar thing but instead of bathroom I chose her bedroom.

I placed a button camera in one of her husbands shirts and started watching the video through the receiver. She came and as expected, removed her pallu. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat. Her deep cleavage was seen. She just sat for some time and then went to the bathroom. I thought that my plans were foiled. But after sometime, she came out wearing a towel. The towel was small and I could see her ass.

Suddenly she just removed her towel and stood in front of the mirror examining her naked body. Her pussy looked so soft and tasty. Then to my surprise, she licked her tongue and began rubbing her pussy. I was shocked but I was happy as well. She did that for a few minutes, and then fondled her breasts and then she clothed herself. I realized that she wasnt sexually satisfied.

After sometime, I copied the video to my pen drive and went to her house. We had a casual convo and then I suddenly asked her since when was she doing this. She asked what. I told self pleasuring herself. She looked speechless. I showed her the video. She asked what I wanted. I told her I want to have sex with her. She was speechless. She told me that she was like my mom and all that stuff. I said I dont care and all I want is to fuck you. After some time, she agreed. We sat on the bed. I placed my hand around her waist and pulled her closer to me. Then I began kissing her.

First I kissed her cheeks and dimple. Then I began biting her lips. She started responding and we lip locked. Then, slowly I slid my hand and removed her pallu. She was in her blouse. I placed a hand over her boob and gently squeezed it. She was enjoying it. My squeeze became harder. Her nipples went fully erect. I unhooked her blouse and removed her bra. Her two soft melons were hanging and she placed my head in between them. She then squished her boobs. I was in happy heaven. Then I started to suck on her nipples.

Meanwhile, my other hand was untying the knots of her petticoat. She undid it and threw it away. Now in her black panties, she looked as hot as fuck. I began rubbing over her panty. Then, I inserted my hand inside and rubbed her. Two fingers were inside her love hole and playing around. She had orgasm. Her juices were all over my hands and I went down to lick it clean. I began tongue fucking her. Every time I went deeper with my tongue she would moan louder. Her pussy was pink and tasty inside.

She went completely mad by then and immediately pulled down my trousers and took out my dick. She stroked it for a while and then began sucking on it. I pushed it deeper and she was gagging. Very soon, I came in her mouth. We could hold it no longer and she asked me to fuck her. I brought my dick near her hole but did not enter yet. I rubbed some saliva on my dick head and on her pussy. Then, very slowly I entered her. I would take time to go in completely and then bring it back all the way out. I kept doing it that way and she was begging me to pace up and fucks her harder and faster. I declined and kept going in slowly. By now she was horny as hell. Now I began pacing up. I increased my strokes and began pounding her faster.

To make things hornier, I bent down so that there was less friction and then lip locked her. I kept fucking her for twenty minutes. Then, I emptied my load inside her. Now, I made her sit on all fours and fucked her from behind. I made her my whore and fucked her for a long time. She told me to stop. But I wasnt done yet. From the dressing table, I took some body oil, rubbed it on my dick and in one go, penetrated her ass. She let out a huge shout and was crying in pain. I fucked her harder and her pain transformed to pleasure. I kept fucking her harder for another hour.

Then, we stopped since her husband would be back anytime now. Finally, she gave me a blow job and I came all over her. Then I kissed her and left. She went back to clean up herself. Then, she came down at night. I was surprised. I asked her what. She told me that her husband was going for a business trip for a week. I was overjoyed and to celebrate the happiness, we had quick oral sex and she went back. The next day, her husband left early in the morning. I grabbed a few stuff, applied for leave and went to her house where I stayed for a whole week, fucking her all day long. We fucked everywhere; in the hall, kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom. It was amazing fun.